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Techno wise business presentation v3 Techno wise business presentation v3 Presentation Transcript

  • Solutions Inc.
  • Invite your friends and get free load for life!
  • Calls SMS MMSInternet ₱
  • Cellphone Load has indeed become anecessity in these days!
  • OVER 2 BILLION TEXT MESSAGES ARE SENT DAILYImagine just how much the TELCOs are earning each day!Assume they are earning 10 centavos per text message 2 billion x P0.10 = 20 Million Per Day
  • Don’t you think it’s cool to be part of this billion dollar industry? ₱ ₱ YOU ₱ ₱
  • Should I become a RETAILER and sell load to my friends and family?Hmmmm….How much load can you sell to your friendsand family?Don’t you think you have too muchcompetitors around you selling load aswell?
  • If you can sell P500 load per day P500 x 30 days = P15,000 P15,000 Load Wallet x 10% Retailer Profit = P1,500 in a monthIs P1,500/month good enough for you? With so much retailers around you that amount is not even guaranteed! RETAILER falls in the category of No-Work-No-Pay! That’s far from earning like the TELCOs!
  • So I need to become a DEALER right?That seems to be the fad these days…So many companies are offering dealershipbusiness, but the question is,are these so-called LOAD DEALERS reallyearning that much?
  • YOU Assuming you have 20 retailers who can sell P500 worth of load wallet daily or P15,000 in a month and a 1% override income for all their sales. 20 retailers x P15,000 x 1% = P3,000 in one monthIs P3,000/month good enough for you? Well that is if you can get 20 retailers!That is if they can sell P15,000 worth of load per month!
  • Becoming a retailer nor a dealer is notsomething you can earn from the loading business big time! ₱ ₱ ₱
  • You have to…
  • Introducing…. Solutions Inc. Technowise Solutions Inc.  is here to bring you an online home-based business with a unique income generating system that will allow you to earn free load for life. On top of that its hybrid marketing system can help you earn up to 1 Million pesos or more at a very cheap investment. It’s online. It’s fast. It’s affordable.
  • We will simply mimic how the TELCOs are running their loading business. KEY ACCOUNT HOLDERS DEALERS RETAILERS
  • So here’s how it’s going to work for us You will earn from the sales made by TechnoWise. YOU You will earn like a TELCO (doing nothing!) and we will be your retailer/dealer who will share the profit We’re good with with you. 1 Million people at least (Just 1% of the Total Loading Population)
  • Nothing to worry because it’s very simple.Simply share this information /opportunity with other people!
  • ARE YOUKIDDING ME?!Well, it might be a bit of exaggeration at this point but in due time, things are going to go that way!
  • LET’S GET STARTED How many people do you know who buy load every month? My friends, co-workers, my relatives… Whoa that’s almost everyone I know! Well then that’s settled.It means earning with TechnoWise will be as easy as 1-2-3!
  • START WITH 3 PEOPLE Share TechnoWise opportunity with at least 3 people you know within one month of joining. (But you can always get more than 3! They will be called your first-generation downlines. And they will get the same privilege, sameincentives and same earning opportunity just like you do!
  • Load Points of Overri NETWORK ding Income PerLEVEL Per Total Load OF USERS Month Commis Level Consumption sion 1st P300 90 PV 20% 18.00 2nd 300 270 10% 27.00 3rd 27 300 810 10% 81.00 4th 81 300 2430 10% 243.00 5th 243 300 7290 10% 729.00 6th 729 300 21870 10% 2,187.00 7th 2187 300 65610 10% 6,561.00 8th 6561 300 196830 4% 7,873.00 9th 19683 300 590490 4% 23,619.60 10th 59049 300 1771470 4% 70,858.80 11th 177147 300 5314410 4% 212,576.40 12th 531441 300 15943230 4% 637,729.20 TOTAL P962,503.20
  • This is under the following assumptions: 1. That your 3 referrals also referred 3 people, and these people did the same down the line 2. That each of them consumes only P300 load per month (P10 per day). Very conservative computation. This is only 3 people that we’re talking about! What if you can bring in more than 3?And your friends can bring in maybe 10, 20 or 30?
  • This is under the following assumptions: 1. That your 3 referrals also referred 3 people, and these people did the same down the line 2. That each of them consumes only P300 load per month (P10 per day). Very conservative computation.Why is this income per month?
  • All your income here will gostraight to your E-Wallet.And you can use your E-Wallet topurchase load which means no needfor you to shell out money for load!You can use E-Wallet torequest for free Technowiseload over and over again!
  • You can also earn if some of your downlines are buying other prepaid load products (internet, phone, game, cable cards) or if they’re purchasing other products like gadgets from TechnoWise!
  • Well that’s just one slice of the pie! Aside from earning from LOAD CONSUMPTION and other products,you’ll also earn during the referral stage through our Double-entry
  • Earn fast and easy with TechnoWiseDOUBLE-ENTRY HYBRID SYSTEM UNILEVEL ₱350 BINARY 50 PV 1 BC + ₱50 DR It’s unique. It’s a first in the MLM history!
  • Why we chose the 2 PLANS?To compensate each other’s weaknesses that will give you a continuous flow of passive income. It’s the Perfect Combination! UNILEVEL WEAKNESS BINARY STRENGTH • Up to a certain level only • Up to infinite level • Income varies per level • Income is the same for all levels • Takes time to earn big • Earning is faster as long as account is balanced BINARY WEAKNESS UNILEVEL STRENGTH • Limited income per day • Income has no limit • Imbalances • Earn even with one leg • Earn only once per entry • Earn over and over again
  • • You will get paid up to 12 levels deep but income has no limit• Get unlimited referrals (the wider, the better!)• You can earn from each entry under your organization based on PV (Product Value) 1st Level Referrals 20% 2nd to 7th Level 10% 8th to 12th Level 4%• All Unilevel entry bonuses will be debited to your E- WALLET.• Your E-Wallet will be used for purchasing electronic load and other TechnoWise products/services.
  • Earn P1.6 Million with the Power of 3!LEVEL Unilevel Bonus UNILEVEL INCOME 1st 20% ₱30 2nd 10% 45 3rd 27 10% 135 4th 81 10% 405 5th 243 10% 1,215 6th 729 10% 3,645 7th 2187 10% 10,935 8th 6561 4% 13,122 9th 19,683 4% 39,366 10th 59,049 4% 118,098 11th 177,147 4% 354,294 12th 531,441 4% 1,062,882
  • Each TechnoWise Account has 50PV (Product Value) Unlimited referrals Unlimited width Get paid up to 12 levels deep!Unlimited width means you can refer without limit! Example if you invited 20 people x 50 PV x 20% = P200 If your 20 referrals also invited 20 then, 20 x 20 x 50 PV x 10% = P2,000
  • Complete the levels within the timeframe. Or simply put, finish the POWER of 3 within 12 months and get exciting incentives!LEVELS REQUIREMENT INCENTIVECOMPLETED 1st Get 3 people within 30days E-Wallet enabled. Plus P150 cash incentive 4th level Complete 4 levels within 4 P1,000 E-Cash (Cellphone months Load or SmartBro Broadband Stick) 7th level Within 7 months IPAD 4 / Samsung Tab 210th level Within 10 months Brand new TOYOTA VIOS 2013 model12th level Within 12 months House and Lot worth 1 Million Pesos
  • For completing POWER OF 3 up to 10th level within 10 months!
  •  Load consumption Product purchases Unilevel entry bonusBinary Bonus!
  • Get unlimited ₱50.00 every time you sponsored or invite people to join the business. 1 Direct Referral (DR)= P50.00 LEFT RIGHTIf you invited 6 people to join the business 6 X 50 = ₱300 6 DR x ₱50 = ₱300
  • In a binary compensation plan, your organization is divided into two groups – Left and Right. And you earn whenever you have a PAIR. 1 TechnoAccount = 1 BC (Binary Credit) 1 BC left + 1 BC right = 1 pair = P50.00If you invited 6 people to join the business this is LEFT RIGHT how you’re going to place them in a binary structure.(normally, although you can place them wherever you want) 3 BC 3 BC = 3 PAIRS 3 pairs x ₱50 = ₱150
  • LEVEL LEFT RIGHT PAIRS INCOME 1st 1 ₱50 2nd 2 100 3rd 4 4 4 200 4th 8 8 8 400 5th 16 16 16 800 6th 32 32 32 1,600 7th 64 64 64 3,200 8th 128 128 128 6,400 9th 256 256 256 12,800 10th 512 512 512 25,600 Infinite level
  • • Maximum of 30 pairs per day• Maximum daily income of P1,500 per day or P45,000 per month!• Binary bonus will go directly to E-CASH (can be withdrawn anytime!)• Every 5th pair will be converted to PROMO COUPONS (PC).• Every 5th pair will be equivalent to 1 PC.• PCs can be used to avail company promos and incentives.
  • • Sodexho GC P1,000 – 30 PC• MyPhone Menu-Based Loading Cellphone – 30 PC• MyPhone Menu-Based Loading Cellphone (Qwerty) – 50 PC• Samsung Galaxy Champ Duo – 80 PC• Samsung 14 MegaPixel DigiCam – 100 PC• Samsung Refrigerator 7 cu.ft. Ra21 – 300 PC• Samsung Netbook 10” – 300 PC• Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 – 400 PC• I-PAD 4 16GB – 500 PC• Samsung LED TV 32” – 500 PC• Samsung S3 – 600 PC• ASUS 14” Laptop i7 – 700 PC• HP Desktop PC i7 – 800 PC• I-Mac Desktop PC – 1,500 PC• Car incentive fund (P200,000) – 4,000 PC
  • • 100% home-based online business• Get full access to our online system 24/7• Get FREE downloadable E-Books valued at P2,500 – All yours for FREE!• Get a referral link you can use for your marketing needs• One year membership
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR BINARY BONUS BY GETTING ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTS. You can get up to a maximum of 30 subsidiary accounts TOTAL of 31 ACCOUNTS Retailer Entry #of Cash- Instant ROI Net Maximum Packs Accounts out Investment Binary Income Per Month Starter 1 ₱ 350 ₱ 350 ₱ 45,000 Tri-Pack 3 1,050 170 880 135,000 3+1 Pack 4 1,400 240 1,160 180,000Advanced Pack 7 2,450 630 1,820 315,000 Pro-Pack 15 5,250 1,790 3,460 675,000Business Pack 31 10,850 4,590 6,260 1,395,000 The cellphone number you can transfer load to will depend on your user accounts. The more accounts you have the more numbers can get free load.
  •  Will let you track your points & commission real-time Will allow you to purchase electronic load & other products/services online Withdraw & get your commission within 24-48 hours straight to your Smart Money or G-cash account Access to company updates /promos / announcements Access to training center (educate yourself while building your passive income!)
  • SIGN-UP NOW FOR FREE & GET INSTANT ACCESS TO OUR SYSTEM!Go back to the person who shared this presentation with you.