Climate Change Adaptation for                 Florida’s Ecosystems and Infrastructure                 STReSSORS           ...
PBS&J Climate Change Services •   Climate change and sustainability strategy development               • Climate change im...
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PBS&J Climate Change Poster


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Climate change services at PBS&J.

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PBS&J Climate Change Poster

  1. 1. Climate Change Adaptation for Florida’s Ecosystems and Infrastructure STReSSORS Sea LeveL RISe TempeRaTuRe RaInfaLL paTTeRnS HuRRIcane Ocean acIdIfIcaTIOn Sea level rise is expected to IncReaSe Rainfall patterns across fRequency Carbon dioxide from burning accelerate in the coming cen- Temperature increases as Florida may change in response The western Atlantic may of fossil fuels is reducing tury. Increases up to 10 times much as 4.5 to 9.0oF, are to climate change. The direc- experience a lower number of the pH of ocean water. This the present rate could raise expected in the southeastern tion of change, toward more tropical cyclones due to global change has enormous impli- sea level over 6.5 feet U.S. by the year 2100. rain or less rain, and the warming, but the number of cations for marine organisms by the year 2100. magnitude of change is intense storms may double. with shells and skeletons uncertain. Extreme precipita- By mid-century, Florida may of carbonate minerals that tion events are expected to experience more Category 4 may dissolve under low increase in intensity. and 5 hurricanes and larger pH conditions. storm surges. Estuaries Which management strategies are most appropriate for addressing climate change impacts to estuaries? How can neighboring infrastructure be designed to be compatible with a changing estuary? Springs and Rivers: Minimum Flows & Levels Water Utilities Does climate change, or non-stationary climate, The effects of climate change impose require that minimum flows and levels be set technical challenges to both water supply more conservatively? Should water allocations and wastewater operations. Utilities include a “buffer” for climate change? serving coastal communities will face difficulties predicting supply needs as residents move in response to rising sea level. Coastal Bridges Will these transformative The 75-year service life of today’s bridges means climate change impacts they will have to perform in a changed climate. provide an opportunity to How should the design of coastal bridges and rethink the fundamentals roadways change to ensure that they are safe and of how we use water? functional under future climate conditions? Florida’s Reefs The majority of the 356 km Florida Reef tract lies within the boundaries of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Given that climate-related stressors originate outside the Sanctuary’s boundaries, are there adaptive management options avail- able to alleviate the impacts of climate change on the Sanctuary?06089-NV-2010
  2. 2. PBS&J Climate Change Services • Climate change and sustainability strategy development • Climate change impact assessments for National Environmental • Economic analysis of GHG reduction measures • Climate change impact analysis, modeling, scenario development Policy Act (NEPA) documents • Carbon credits in mandatory and voluntary carbon • Hazard mapping and vulnerability assessment • General plan and specific development plan GHG policies emissions markets • Carbon sequestration strategy development • Sustainability policy and strategy development • Sustainability education and training programs • Emergency preparedness and post-disaster response • Local climate action plans (CAP) • Energy and Environmental Block Grant (EEBG) • Structural retrofit and asset protection • Climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation plans funding applications • Adaptation policy development and planning • GHG emission reduction strategies (policy and technology) Niceville Chipley PBS&J’s technical experts provide climate changePensacola Tallahassee Destin Jacksonville services including greenhouse Panama City gas (GHG) emission inventories, Beach climate change impact assess- Deland ments, and comprehensive adaptation planning. For more information about how PBS&J can address your climate Ocoee Orlando change support needs, contact Clearwater Bartow Melbourne Don Deis: Tampa Don Deis Sarasota Sr. Scientist Phone: 904-363-8842 Ft. Myers Email: West Palm Beach Ft. Lauderdale PBS&J Florida Office Locations Miami PBS&J Locations Peter R. Brown Construction, Inc. Locations PBS&J and Peter R. Brown Construction, Inc. Locations