ITGS project extended essay guide
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ITGS project extended essay guide



ITGS project, Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers. Created by Kae Fukushima (BISS grade 12 student)

ITGS project, Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers. Created by Kae Fukushima (BISS grade 12 student)



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ITGS project extended essay guide Document Transcript

  • 1. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachersPage 1
  • 2. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Table of contents1. What is the extended essay?2. Duties of the supervisor3. Writing the extended essay4. Structure of the extended essay5. Process of writing the extended essay6. Subjects you can chose7. Extended essay criterion8. Checklist9. Project timeline Page 2
  • 3. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers What is the extended essay? Most IB In the process of writing the students will be extended essay, you are going to worried about have an opportunity to engage in writing the extended personal research in a topic of your essay. But probably, own choice. With the guidance of a many students and supervisor, (which you may ask a even teachers do teacher in school for help) you will not know exactly be able to follow the right path what the extended knowing exactly what you are essay is! So, this doing. guideline will guide people to get to The essay will be sent off to know more about the the IBO and marked by the extended essay. examiners. And its mark will be combined with the grade for theory So, what is of knowledge (TOK). And then it the extended essay? will contribute up to three points to It is an in-depth study the total score for the IB diploma. of a focused topic, which is Therefore, putting a lot of effort in chosen from the list of diploma writing the extended essay is subjects. Normally, students another way of maximizing your chose one of the their six grade! chosen subjects from the IB diploma course. However, it is In the IB Diploma Program, also possible for you to research the extended essay is the primeabout the topic, which it not related example of work, which you canto their six chosen subjects. show your knowledge, understanding and enthusiasmNote: Actually, the extended about a topic of your choice.essay is quite similar to the IBM i d d l e Ye a r s P ro g r a m m e(MYP) personal project. If youare familiar with the MYPpersonal project, you will easilyget to know about the extendedessay! Page 3
  • 4. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Duties of the supervisor The essential duty of the (Make sure that the essay issupervisor is to encourage the students’ own work).students and guide them withgiving some advice in the skills of When the time studentsundertaking research. Not only that, f i n i s h e d w r i t i n g t h e e s s a y,there are several more works for the supervisor has to mark their worksupervisor. and submit a predicted grade to I B C A . B e f o re s u b m i t t i n g t h e When the time students just students’ extended essay, it isstarted to writing the essay, the required for student and supervisorsupervisor needs to discuss the to sign a document and cover sheetchoice of topic with the student to of the extended essay. Otherwise theclarify that their chosen topic is essay will not be accepted forappropriate and help them to form a assessment and may be returned towell-focused research question. the school. And when the student chosesthe topic, ensure that the chosenresearch question satisfiesappropriate legal and ethicalstandards with regard to health andsafety, confidentiality, human rights,animal welfare and environmentalissues. When the students submit thedrafts of their essay, the supervisorneeds to read and make commentsof their essay based on assessmentcriteria (however, teachers do notneed to edit the draft). And givecopies of the documents withcomments to the student. Always keep the studentsevery work they submit to thesupervisor. It will be easier for thesupervisor to monitor the student’sprogress of the extended essay. Page 4
  • 5. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Writing the extended essay Before you starting to write the But NOT including theextended essay, you have to choose • abstractthe topic you want to research • contents pageabout. The essay topic can be • diagrams or illustrationsanything, which relates to one of the • maps, charts, tables, equations,student’s six chosen subjects. formulas and calculations • citations/references However, you should not • footnotes or endnoteswork with a research question, • bibliographywhich is too broad, too narrow or • appendicestoo difficult. A good researchquestion usually allows you toanswer in 4,000 words. In addition, in writing the extended essay, you MUST avoid And also, you should try to • forgetting to analyse the researchclarify what sources would count as questionevidence in relation to the questionbefore you actually start researching • writing the essay without realizingand writing essay. It must be the assessment criteriapossible to acquire the evidenceduring the investigation. • not using collect material that is irrelevant to the research question If a you do not know whatevidence is needed, or do not know • *plagiarizing*how to find such evidence, it will (If the student did plagiarizing, he/not be easy for you to answer the she will lose the marks for theresearch question. extended essay section. Not only that, the student will be disqualified from the IB diploma!!!) ------------------------------------------------- • repeating the introduction in the There are several things that conclusionstudents need to remind themselveswhile writing the extended essay. • citing sources that are not used.As it was mentioned in the previousparagraph, length of the extended These are the least things thatessay is maximum 4000 words. students need to remember!! Page 5
  • 6. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Structure of the extended essay In the extended essay, students need to include several different sections, which are: Title page Table of contents Abstract Introduction Body paragraphs Conclusion References and bibliography Appendix (if the student use pictures)From next page, I will describe about each pages in more detail by using an example from the IBO. This is very basic stuff! Please avoid from losing marks because you forget to put the bibliography or abstract or whatever!! Page 6
  • 7. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers 1. Title page In the title page, you must include... ! The subject ! you chose! Title of your ! essay ! ! Word count ! Put your • name • candidate ! number • school name • school code *Student name, candidate number, school code, and school name in the image were deleted due to the author’s privacy. Example essay from resources.cfm?subpage=48424. The essay was provide from the IBO. You will find various different example essays on this website. Page 7
  • 8. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers 2. Contents page Essay title in headers. It is not! necessary to have, but it will ! help remind the ! supervisor and examiners about the essay title while they are reading. Well, this may be too much, but you need to at least include the • abstrust • research question • introduction • all different chapters include in the body paragraph • conclusion • bibliography • appendix in the table of contents. You MUST include the ! page numbers ! in your essay...! Please do not forget about it!! Page 8
  • 9. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers 3. Abstract In the abstract page, you basically need to do the summary of yourextended essay. Therefore, it will be better for you to write the abstract afteryou finished writing the main body of the extended essay. 300 words is themaximum limit for the abstract however, you cannot write more than 300words. If you summarize your extended essay in a way which readers canobtain brief ideas of your extended essay very easily, the abstract does nothave to be too long. 4. The essay structure (Picture from Write Right, 2012) Page 9
  • 10. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers 5. Bibliography and appendixWhen you obtain the information from different sources, you must show the• author of the article/book/website• title of the page, title of the book/website• date it was created or published If you use primary• date you accessed resource in the essay,• Page number (only for books and maybe you have to mention magazines) about it.• url (only for the Internet websites) You can organize the source in alphabetical order according to theauthor. This works the same for the appendix. Are you tired of reading? Then, please have a rest... Page 10
  • 11. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachersProcess of writing the extended essay I t i s a l o n g p ro c e s s f o r addition to that, set deadlines forresearching and writing the yourself that will allow you to meetextended essay. Here are the steps the school’s need to follow when you are 6. Plan a structure (outline headings)writing your extended essay. for your essay. (It can be written in bullet points!).1. Choose one diploma programme subject for the extended essay (it 7. Start researching and reading may be better if you chose one of about your chosen research your favorite subjects). After you question. If you find difficult to chose the subject, read the obtain the evidence and resources assessment criteria and the needed for the essay, you should relevant subject guide. change the research question. This should be done sooner rather than2. Choose a topic you want to later. When you have decided to research about (it may be better change the research question, you for you to chose a topic, in which should go back to the stage 1, 2 or you have an interest). 3, and choose a new one that can be answered.3. Formulate a well-focused research question. You need to came up 8. Start writing the essay! The with a research question based on material gathered should be the subject you have chosen. assembled and organized in a logical order, which links to the4. Find a supervisor and discuss structure of the essay you made in your chosen research question the step 6. and research question. However, you cannot ask a teacher who is Do not forget about meeting not teaching the subject you have with your supervisor! When you chosen (E.g. if you choose to write have a question or need some help, extended essay on Design you may ask your supervisor to Technology, you can only ask make some time and have a meeting your DT teacher to be your during break time, lunch time, after- supervisor). school and maybe during the weekend. In addition to that, you5. Plan the investigation and writing need to show your progress to the process. supervisor therefore, you have toIdentify how and where you want to meet them very regularly.gather the sources and materials. In Page 11
  • 12. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Subjects you can chooseHere are the present subjects at BISS, which you can chose for your extended essay. Art Biology Business Chemistry Design Technology Economics History Information Technology in a Global Society Mathematics Music Physics Language A (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish) Language B (English) Theatre Arts If you want to know more details on the subjects, go to and read the documents provided from the IBO. Page 12
  • 13. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Extended essay criteria This page will help you to take chosen topic. It involves thelook at brief overview of extended arguments and evaluations based onessay criteria. There are 11 sections the information you gathered. Toinvolved in this section, starting obtain maximun point in thisfrom criterion A to criterion K. criterion, you need to relate your investigation to the facts and real lifeA: research question (maximum 2 situation.points) This criterion assesses whether E: reasoned arguments (maximum 4the purpose of your extended essay points)is described in very detail or not. For This criterion will assess howexample, you need to mention your you use the collected informationaim and what you are going to find very well and use them in a logicalin your extended essay in the and coherent manner. Moreover, youintroduction paragraph. need to develop a reasonable argument in relation to yourB: introduction (maximum 2 points) research question. In this criterion, you will beassessed on how your research F: application of analytical andquestion is related to existing evaluative skills appropriate to theknowledge. In addition to that, you subject (maximum 4 points)need to explain how your chosen In this criterion, you will betopic is important for you and assessed on how well you areworthy of investigation. critically analyzing the research question. And you need to write theC: investigation (maximum 4 essay in detail and the contents havepoints) to be very in-depth. This criterion will assess yourresearch stage. You need to show G: use of language appropriate tohow well you gathered appropriate the subject (maximum 4 points)sources or data, which is relevant to In criterion G, you areyour research question. expected to use correct grammar and use technological terminologyD: knowledge and understanding and appropriate notation effectively.of the topic studied (maximum 4 (E.g. If you are writing essay onpoints) biology, you must use scientific In the criterion D, you will terms).need to show your knowledge andhow well you understand the Page 13
  • 14. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Extended essay criteriaH: conclusion (maximum 2 points) K: holistic judgment (maximum 4 In criterion H, you will be points)assessed on how well you write This criterion will be assessingyour conclusion that is relevant to the qualities of your essay such asthe research question and coherent intellectual initiative and how deepto the analysis and argument, which your understanding of your researchwas presented in the body of your question is. If you want to write aessay. successful essay, you need to make sure that the essay includes onlyI: formal presentation (maximum 4 your original thoughts or ideas,points) expresses range of creative and This criterion will assessing innovative well your layout, organizationand appearance of the essay isfollowing regular format. If youwant to obtain full marks for thissection, you must include:• title page• table of contents• page numbers• pictures/photographs• quotations• references• citations• bibliography• appendices (if you have used)J: abstract (maximum 2 points) In the criterion J, you need toclearly state• the research question, which you have investigated• how the investigation was carried out• conclusion of the essayin the abstract page. Page 14
  • 15. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Checklist Here is a checklist that may help you while you are writing yourextended essay. Please use this list to make sure that you do not forgetanything. • Is the essay within 4000 words? • Is your research question stated on the title page? • Do you have a contents page? • Page numbers? • Are all diagrams, charts and graphs indexed and labeled and sources referenced where applicable? • Are all necessary terms defined or explained? • Is every reference cited in a footnote or internally? • Are your references cited consistently and correctly? • Does the bibliography include all reference you have used? • Does the bibliography specify author, title, date of publication and publisher for every reference? • Are the bibliography sources cited consistently and correctly? • Does the appendix contain only relevant information? • Are all references to the appendix clearly cross-referenced and labeled? • Does your conclusion address unresolved questions? • Does your conclusion address new questions that have emerged? • Is your abstract within 300 words? • Does your abstract contain the research question? Page 15
  • 16. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers Project timelineInduction Programme23 Introduction to the Extended Essay and Research ProjectFebruary • What is it and why do I need to do it? • Choosing the right topic and supervisor • Using your Wikispaces2 March Final date for supervisor and subject choiceMid- Research Methods workshopsMarch23 March Producing a focus question/hypothesisResearchBefore end Major meeting with supervisor to discuss vision of the projectof March15 April 500 words (minimum) written and given to supervisor (1st draft)Mid-April Citation and Referencing workshops25 May 1500 words (minimum) written and given to supervisor (2nd draft)First day 3000 words written (minimum) and given to supervisor (3rd draft)of school, Note that this is the first day of school – if you do not have a 3000August word draft ready for your supervisor you will be sent home immediatelyEnd of 4000 words written and given to supervisor (4th draft)SeptemberBeginning Rehearsal Viva Voceof OctoberEnd of Completed EE/RP given to supervisor (two final copies)OctoberNovember Viva Voce conducted between student and supervisor Page 16
  • 17. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers More information will be on the secondary extended essay wikispaces. ( Extended+Essay) Please visit this website regularly to check for the most recent information. Make sure that you finish your work before the deadline.Please do not put it behind!! It is important for you to make a schedule before you start writing the extended essay. Well, hope this guideline will help you writing your EE. And... GOOD LUCK! ;-) Thank you for reading... Grade 12 Kae Fukushima Page 17
  • 18. Extended essay guideline for IB students and teachers BibliographyExtended essay, First examinations IB EE example, Should UK Join the2009, Diploma programme guide. Europe? pdf file on web. Screen shotDiploma Programme Extended essay of the bibliography page was takenGuide. pdf file on web. N.p., n.d. from the document.Web. Nov 20 2011. < OCAL. "A Cup Of Hot Tea clip art -drq/extended_essay/ vector clip art online, royalty free &d_0_eeyyy_gui_0903_1_e.pdf>. public domain." The online royalty free public domain clip art - vector clipExtended Essay Guidelines Class of art online, royalty free & public domain.2007. “International Baccalaureate N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Feb. 2012. <http://Diploma Program”. pdf file on web., n.d. Web. Feb 1 2012. <http:// hot-tea.html> "Samples: Sample Term Paper,%202005.pdf>. Research Paper, Sample Dissertations and essay examples.""Extended Essay." secondary Custom Essay Help, Research Paper,wikispaces page. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Feb. Term Paper, Dissertation, Thesis2012. <http:// Writing Service | N.p., n.d. Web. 8 Feb. 2012. <http://Extended+Essay>. samples.php>.File ee sample-chemistry.pdf, Theeffect of Ultrasound on the Relative "Write Right ." Write Right . N.p., n.d.Yield of Elimination and Substitution Web. 2 Feb. 2012. <http://Mechanisms when Halogenoalkanes are>.Reacted with Sodium Hydroxide. pdffile on web. Screen shot of the titlepage and contents page. All information used in this guideline were from"IB Diploma- Extended Essay." SanJuan Unified School District. N.p., n.d. secondary wikispaces,Web. 30 Jan. 2012. <http:// Extended Essay Class of 2007 and Extendedtisullivan/resources.cfm?subpage=48424>. essay, First examinations 2009, Diploma programme guide. Page 18