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Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy



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    Presentation with audio Presentation with audio Presentation Transcript

    • Staying Healthy
      Kady Caughenbaugh
    • Nutrition
      • Is a key factor for a Healthy Body
      • Good nutrition is important for the growth and development of healthy bones and muscle
      • Poor nutrition can leave you feeling tired most of the time
      • The food that we eat is fuel for our bodies
    • Food Guide Pyramid
      • Developed by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
      • Great tool to help you choose from a variety of foods to you get the nutrition you need
      • Tells serving size so you can control calories in your diet
    • Grain Group
    • ½ Cups of Rice
      1 Slice of Bread
      6-11 Servings
      1 Flat Tortilla
    • Fruit Group
    • ½ Cup of Canned Fruit
      One medium Apple, Orange, or Banana
      2-4 Servings
      ¾ Cup of Fruit Juice
    • Vegetable Group
    • 3-5 Servings
      1 Cup of Leafy Veggies
      ¾ Cup of Veggie Juice
      ½ Cup of Veggies Raw or Cooked
    • Protein Group
    • One Egg
      2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter
      2-3 Servings
      1/3 Cup of Nuts
      ½ Cup Cooked Dry Beans
    • Dairy Group
    • 1 Cup of Milk
      1 Ounce of Cheese
      2-3 Servings
      1 Cup of Yogurt
    • Fats and Sweets
    • Limit These Items
    • Food Labels
    • Serving Size
      Vitamins &
    • Ingredients
    • Click the Arrow next to Eat Healthy
    • Select Diet and Nutrition
    • Once you are on the page, Scroll down until you see the option MyPlate
    • Once you have clicked on MyPlate, you can input the foods you eat to see the serving size and calories each food contains.
    • also has serving sizes and calories from popular restaurants. Go back to home, then click Eat Healthy, then click Fast Food and Restaurant Nutrition.
    • Click on the Restaurant you want.
    • Click Look up a Food
    • Now type in the food you want to lookup
    • You can change the amount to see calories here.
    • Fitness
      • Sports like swimming, football, basketball, tennis, track
      • Running
      • Playing Frisbee or throwing ball
      • Playing hide n go seek
      • Stretching your muscles
      • Roller Skating
    • Unhealthy Choices Affect You
    • Obesity
      • Definition=Overweight
      • 31.7% of children in U.S
      • Obesity can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes.
      • All of these are serious illnesses that can cause early death
      • Obesity is caused by a lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits.
    • What does it do to your body?
      Excess fat
      Brittle bones
      Tired all the time
    • Assignment
    • Record everything you have eaten for a whole day.
      Design your own food guide pyramid off the worksheet I give you.
      Draw each type of food you have eaten and put it in the correct food group.
      After your food pyramid is complete, write five sentences on good and bad choices you made for the day.
      These sentences should include if you missed a food group or ate too many servings of a group.
    • Sentences: