Strategic Marketing Plan Questionnaire


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Strategic Marketing Plan Questionnaire Part 1

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  • The Marketing Plan Questionnaire To keep things simple, today, I will discuss the 5 basic elements of a strategic marketing plan. They include but are certainly not limited to the product and service offering that solves a particular problem, the target audience member who has the willingness to raise their hand and not only say “Yes, I have that problem, but more importantly are willing to invest in your products and services as the solution. There is a necessity for sales promotion and marketing to position your expertise so that when people think of the problem, they immediately think of you. Don’t believe the hype! Sales and marketing will be required to communicate your brand promise to the intended target audience and finally, success is achieved by developing habituated ways of thinking and behaving. Leave perfectionism at the door but bring a sincere desire to implement your objectives with excellence, authenticity and integrity.
  • 2 nd - Target Audience. Let us move on to your target audience. Very specifically, who is already attracted to you and sees you as a resource. Who will you serve? Would you like to serve those individuals seeking spiritual growth, perfect health, lavish wealth, and loving harmonious relationships? Would you like to serve those individuals who are seeking solutions in the areas of time management and organization, business and career fulfillment, or would you like to serve those interested in technology, environmental issues or issues regarding animals? What is important is that you absolutely LOVE what you do. Take action! Please draw a stick figure of a man or woman. Describe them in detail. Age, sex, income, marital status, family status, living arrangements, education, hobbies, hopes, dreams aspirations and fears. Write down the 5 places that you can find this person both online and offline. This figure will represent your customer avatar. Study buyer psychology. You must get to know him or her intimately if you intend to help them solve their problems. From this moment on, focus all of your marketing efforts as though you were speaking to this individual. My experience is that the number one benefit to determining your target audience is increased customer retention — which also leads to lower marketing and sales costs I believe that when you do what you love, the money does follow. Who are you drawn to? Let me share that in the beginning of my career , I suffered from a disease to please. I accepted every customer who showed up because I needed the money and I was stressed all the way out. Thank goodness, I hired a business mentor and he advised me to stop the madness. His wise counsel gave me permission to work with those of similar passions who also desired a mutually beneficial, fun experience. The beautiful thing about being self-employed is that you do not have to work with high drama, high maintenance people. Step fully into your power and stop being held hostage – fire those customers immediately.
  • 1 st - Product Creation and Service offering Let’s take a look at your products and services. So often people say to me “Kadena, I don’t know how to package my expertise. I am not even sure that people want what I have to offer.” For those of you are struggling in this area, I’ve discovered that asking yourself the following questions will help to build your confidence. First of all, what are you passionate about? What do others ask for your advice on? Allow me to remind you that there are two types of experts and both have value (1) expert Number one says , I’ve been there, done that and let me show you the shortcut to success and (2) expert number two studied others, compiled the data into a success action plan. Both of these experts are worthy of your time, undivided attention and financial resources because they both add tremendous value to the marketplace. What are your natural talents? What obstacles and challenges have you overcome? Maybe you are not aware of the truth that you mess is your message? What are your learned skills? Bottom line- What is your purpose and what message would you love to share with people? The late Stephen King of WPP Group, London is quoted as saying "A product is something made in a factory…a brand is something that is bought by the customer. A product can be copied by a competitor…a brand is unique. A product can be quickly outdated…a successful brand is timeless. Take action! Write down a list of products and services that you would like to offer and the compensation that you would like to receive in return. Remember that no one is going to pay you $500 for a $50 solution so get clear about delivering a compelling value proposition that helps a person to live a fuller, richer and more satisfying life.  
  • 3 rd - Positioning A leader must understand what a network is, how to build a network and how to grow the network. A leader must understand the power of influence and connectivity. The reality is that although it may seem as though your service is similar to someone else, the reality is that you will have to embrace the mantra “Know Thyself” in order to leapfrog the market and make the idea of competition irrelevant. You have unique gifts, talents, strengths and abilities that can be shaped into value added products and services. The question is Why should I do business with you? What is your brand promise? What is your signature process? How are you different from someone with a similar product or service offering? Remember, brand clarity is a key component of positioning Connect logically and emotionally to your target audience • What’s important to them • What concerns them • What they want • How they feel about your products and services Right audience, right place, right message • Know where to find them • How to get their attention • How to craft communications they’ll “get” • What motivates them to respond and remain loyal In closing, I can tell you this- securing the position of online and offline thought leader is not for lazy people. You must be attracted to the idea that the love is in the details.
  • 4 th - The Pitch.   Moving onto the communicating your brand promise. John Maxwell says “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” How will you communicate your brand promise? Remember, you are in business to solve problems and your compensation will be in direct correlation to your ability to solve the problem without adding more drama to the client’s life. Your Pitch is Important because Brand Value affects your profitability It is a proven fact that customers Pay a premium for preferred brands 20%-25% more Brand helps with retention and loyalty (Particularly when acquiring new customers is 5x more costly than keeping existing ones) Brand pre-sells prospective customers Increases in brand equity builds company value   Be a leader who walks his/her talk and talk his/her walk. Draw a line and stay above it at all times. Reputation management is key. What position do you own in the marketplace? How will you grab the customer’s attention? Is your message being delivered to the right audience at the right time? Does your customer engagement experience match your brand promise and marketing message? If not, what are you going to do about it? What systems have you developed or will you develop in order to secure the position of market leader in your niche?   Remember, at the intersection of your greatest strength, your competitor's greatest weakness and the customer’s true need is the sweet spot. In order to leave a positive legacy, it is mandatory that you recognize the sweet spot and use it as your lever of excellence.   The late Sam Walton is quoted as saying “There is only one boss: THE CUSTOMER. They can fire everyone in the company, from chairman on down, simply by spending their money elsewhere.”
  • 5 th – Planning for Success   Every small business owner and entrepreneur faces internal and external challenges that will influence whether or not their business will survive or thrive. I prefer to perform an annual comprehensive review of markets and opportunities. This allows me to make long-term strategic decisions without the distractions of day-to-day marketing and sales activities. Daily decisions then fit into the company’s overall strategic marketing goals.   What daily action steps are you willing to take to promote your brand? Create a Culture within your Business by asking every person with whom you do business to consider on a daily basis if their actions will position you as a marketplace leader?   I’ve observed that companies that have been around for 100 years have 6 things in common : Credible Will your target audience believe you? Relevant Will your message resonate (and stick) with them? Different Have you set your company apart from competitors? Aspirational Are your goals big enough? Are they too big? Actionable Can you consistently deliver on your brand promise? Sustainable Does your brand have a long-shelf life? Can you continue to evolve?   I recommend that you achieve clarity about how your company, customers, products and services fit together and develop an image that projects the highest level of professionalism and competence
  • In closing, I would like you to ponder the question “How are You Going to Change the Game?”   Chess seems to be the universal symbol of strategy. However, it occurred to me one day (in the shower, of course) that chess strategy is an imperfect representation of most kinds of strategy, specifically business strategy.   Successful chess players have learned to memorize not only all of the possible moves they can make, but also all of the possible advancements their opponents can make. Hypothetically, if you got good enough, you would be able to actually play out a whole game just in your mind (this is probably only possible in a computer). You would be able to forecast out all possible combinations of moves and therefore, choose the combinations that will allow you to win. It is the ability to forecast the future which makes chess players (computer or human) successful. Unfortunately, the world of business is not that simple. If business were like chess, we would be able to plan defensively for every possible attack. However, this is not possible. In the game of business, the rooks can move like knights and queens and the pawns can jump over the opponent’s pieces. The chess board does not have a finite number of squares. Any player can shrink or increase the size of the chess board at any time.   When it boils down to it, the game of business is simply unpredictable – it is continually changing. Why didn’t traditional retailers see Walmart coming? Because Walmart changed the game. Why didn’t Yahoo! see Google coming? Because Google changed the game. Those who win the game of business are not the ones who just know how to play the game, but rather, the ones who know how to continuously change the game. We must not limit ourselves to only the historical realm of possibilities. No amount of memorization can guarantee long-term success in business. While studying your textbooks might be a great start, to win the game, you are going to need to throw your textbooks out the window and start rewriting the rules. How are you going to change the game?  
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Questionnaire

    1. 1. Strategic Marketing PlanKadenaTateBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    2. 2. 1 About Kadena Tate Kadena Tate, contributing author in the NYT Bestseller, “Business Model You: A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career”, believes that authenticity has no competition. For the last decade, Kadena has taught service based entrepreneurs how to take who they are and what they know and package that into multiple offerings. As a business acceleration alchemist, Kadena’s work is designed to help you leapfrog the market and make the idea of competition irrelevant. Kadena will help you gain the confidence + clarity necessary to attract clients + cash + clout. Visit her online today at http://www.KadenaTate.comKadenaTate http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    3. 3. `2MARKETING PLAN QUESTIONNAIRE THE PRODUCTS What do you have to offer? THE PLAN THE TARGET What daily action AUDIENCE steps are you willing Who will you to take to promote serve? your brand? THE PITCH POSITIONING How will you Why do they want your communicate your services? What do they brand promise? need? How will you serve them?.KadenaTate http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    4. 4. 3 TARGET AUDIENCE My experience is that the number one benefit to determining your target audience is increased customer retention — which also leads to lower marketing and sales costs Refining your target audience Once you’ve identified and Rest assured that your allows you to partner with come to understand your communications efforts from those individuals who will target audience, you’re ready here on will be more focused help you to be of service to to develop the strategies and and effective because more people. messages to reach them. you are getting your message to the right people!KadenaTate http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    5. 5. 4 PRODUCT CREATION AND SERVICE OFFERING •Ebooks and Books •Keynote Speaking •Coaching and •Charitable •Audio and Video •Boot-camps Consulting Foundation Products •Seminars and •YouTube Show •Your Own trade •Continuity Retreats •Podcast Series Association Programs •Teleseminars and •Online Magazine or •Joint Ventures •Mobile Applications Webinars Newsletter •Affiliate Marketing SELLING AND CONTENT IS KING MARKETING IS CUSTOMER WHAT PROBLEM QUEEN SERVICE CAN YOU SOLVE? ARE REQUIREDKadenaTate http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    6. 6. 5 POSITIONINGKadenaTate http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    7. 7. 6 THE PITCH Your Competitive Advantage Sweet Spot Customer Perceived TRUE Competitor’s Need area of struggle The Sweet Spot is Your Sustainable, Strategic Excellence PositionKadenaTate http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    8. 8. 7 PLANNING FOR SUCCESS GOALS The best goals are in writing, measurable and have a deadline date for completion. TASKS Your goals must be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities. RESOURCES Teamwork makes the dream work! Focus on what you do best and outsource everything else! EVALUATION Leadership mastery is essential. Stay abreast of the market, measure everything and maintain high standards.KadenaTate http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    9. 9. 8 HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE THE GAME?KadenaTate http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
    10. 10. 9 Have you noticed that you hold within your hand a tool that can blast through laziness, procrastination, and poverty? You are holding dynamite. Do you light it and throw it in a field to watch the dirt blow up, or do you light it and throw it where you know you lay hidden gold? FACT The choice is yours. That is exactly why. You’ll participate in Explosive Revelations sooner or later, anyway.. And you’ll be glad you did. Explosive Revelations is a 90 day group intensive that will turn your so-so business into a seven-figure success.. Join me. http://www.KadenaTate.comBusiness Monetization + Strategy
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