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ADV 420 Final - Nordstrom - Katherine Kaczanowski

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Nordstrom final

  1. 1. • Nordstrom is a leading fashion specialty retailer, offering customers one of the most extensive selections of clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns every day all the time without a minimum purchase.• Nordstrom prides themselves on offering outstanding customer service.• Nordstrom targets a wide range of people at every age and gender as their target market. In particular, Nordstrom aims at men and women who can afford an expensive lifestyle and don’t mind spending money on quality products specifically designer brands.• Nordstrom strives to give these customers the best experience in the store as possible by providing outstanding customer service. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  2. 2. Challenges - Competing with competitors - Goals Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and - Cover a wider range of target audience Saks Fifth Avenue - for sales. to increase sales. - Persuading customers to shop at - Effectively use and improve social Nordstrom in today’s economic media to advertise and connect with recession. Nordstrom customers.- Staying within the advertising budget - To increase Nordstrom’s brand and using it efficiently. exposure by using internet marketing - Reminding customers of the quality and social media tactics. products they offer and of the - Advertise to more specific, relevant excellent customer service they audiences to eliminate waste coverage. provide. - Improve Nordstrom’s return on investment. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  3. 3. Nordstromneeds to focuson advertising quality products with excellent customer service. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  4. 4. Google AdWords• Nordstrom can use Google AdWords to target audiences by using keywords such as: - apparels - shoes - handbags - cosmetics - etc.• Nordstrom can then go in depth by using specific brands that Nordstrom sells such as: - Fendi, - TOMS, - Kate Spade - etc. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  5. 5. Google AdWords• When people search for these specific keywords Nordstrom will come up as a place to purchase these products. It will also share that Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns anytime. These features and benefits of quality products and outstanding customer service will attract the target audience to shop online at or to go to a local Nordstrom store to purchase the product. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  6. 6. Social Media• Nordstrom is already utilizing social media by having a Facebook page, a Twitter and a YouTube channel. Nordstrom does an excellent job of updating content and interacting with customers. Nordstrom’s Facebook page and Twitter display favorite products and new product arrivals. Nordstrom comments and tweets to customers about their concerns and comments.• Nordstrom’s YouTube channel has videos of how-to’s, new arrivals for the season, runway shows, stylist’s picks, information on Nordstrom careers, Nordstrom scholarships, etc. Nordstrom’s YouTube videos allow customers to get a better understanding of fashion and what Nordstrom is all about as a company. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  7. 7. Social Media• Nordstrom should strive to generate more “likes” on their Facebook page, “followers” on Twitter and “subscribers” on their YouTube channel. Nordstrom can use Pinterest as a way to show new products they sell and how to put outfits together. This is a great way to target women in particular because they are the majority of the population who use this site currently.• Along with Pinterest, Nordstrom can use a blogging site such as Tumblr or Wordpress to tell people of new arrivals and how to wear or use them. This can be useful to show trends at the beginning of each season and show numerous ways how to wear or use product. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  8. 8. Mobile Strategies• Nordstrom is beginning to utilize mobile strategies. Nordstrom recently launched their mobile application making it easier for customers to shop and purchase products online from their mobile devices.• Nordstrom sends emails out to customers updating them of new arrivals and trends making it easier for them to become familiar with them. Nordstrom can build on this by using location-based services such as Foursquare to give specials to customers that check-in and leave tips. This gives a customer incentive if they are rewarded for sharing where they are and any recommendations they have. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  9. 9. Metrics of Success• Nordstrom can use conversion tracking tools to see if Google AdWords is working effectively. This is at no cost to Nordstrom and is a free tool.• Nordstrom can use Google Analytics to understand how customers found their site, how they explored it, and how Nordstrom can enhance their customer’s experience. With this information, Nordstrom can improve their return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web. By:Katherine Kaczanowski
  10. 10. Budget• Nordstrom will allocate $1,000,000 to online advertising. Advertising will peak during their Half-Yearly Sales and during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.• Nordstrom holds Half-Yearly Sales for Women and Kids in May and November. There are Half-Yearly Sales for Men in mid-June and late December. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is held each July. By:Katherine Kaczanowski