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  • Kacmedia Writing Kit

    1. 1. KAC MEDIA Writing Kit Jesus... It all begins with
    2. 2. CONTENTS2008 / Volume 1 / KACMedia.org C.O.L.L.E.G.E International Fashion : Mission Statement // 01 Volunteerism dating : Introduction / About US // 02 Prayer City of Travel : What We Expect News // 03 Marriage Angels : Categories // 04 Christianity : Christian Faith // 05 Relief Fund : Christian Lifestyle // 06 Unity Concerts : Entertainment // 07 SMALL GROUPS current Los Angeles Church : Featured // 08 Love Life Books : Creative Writing // 09 Heaven Trends : Journalism & beyond // 10 GOD JESUS : Recreation // 11 Coverage BLOGS Television : Social Issues // 12 Youth Family Change Non-profit : Trends // 13 Revival : fashion forward // 14 : Contact US // 15 missions relationships Discussions Forums Film Faux-pas soirée Humor Generation Epicurean current events Journalism Praise MUSIC Finances Worship bless
    3. 3. 01 MISSION STATEMENT KAC MEDIA Writing Department Korean American Christian Media (KAC Our mission is to inform and inspire Media) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to spreading the Korean American Christians to make a message of God through online social march in creativity and correspondence. networking and television media. a TV and web-based organization will As we strive to be the premiere network give Korean Americans from vast areas for 1.5, 2nd, & 3rd Generation Korean an opportunity to broadcast local, Americans we aim to produce creative and national, and international news. thought-provoking content that is compelling, relevant, and genuinely With a well of dedicated members, serves the needs of Korean Americans writing is free flowing and penetrating. today. KAC Media uses the command of language While promoting churches, to spread god’s active voice as a life organizations, businesses, and motivation. individuals, KAC Media also supports emerging Korean Americans in the arts, film, and media. It is our hope that with every story and with every effort, we bring people one step closer to God.
    4. 4. INTRODUCTION / ABOUT US 02 Editorial Staff Editorial Operations Director Yealee Song Creative Writing Editor Yoojin Han Journalism Coordinator Jennifer Yoo Writing Staff Dennis Chung Jean Lim Clarissa Wei Administration Chief Executive Officer Debbie Kim Executive Director Dion Park Media Administrator Anna Lee Producer and Public Relations Jean Lim Contributors Charles Lee Thebius Yu Jacqulyn Whang Paul Kwak Albert Kong Administrative & Editorial Offices : Los Angeles 1543 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90015 TEL. 213.365.7000 FAX. 213.365.7222 info@kacmedia.org
    5. 5. WHAT WE EXPECT 03 - qualified writers - motivated by creativity and passion - organized and punctual - collaborative - alert to upcoming news - open mind
    6. 6. CATEGORIES 04 Korean American Christian Media KAC MEDIA KAC Media Writing Kit Christian Faith KAC Media writers are devoted to making every category count. Christian Lifestyle Merging topics of interest from media coverage to faith & lifestyle to Entertainment entertainment are presented with a christian reference in mind. Featured each rendition is original and stirring. A mix of Korean-American culture and fun Creative Writing will meet the eye. News/Journalism Look forward to additional resources, forums, and discussions on every article Recreation at www.KACMedia.org Social Issues Check our weekly updates on news, stories, blogs, and layouts. Trends
    7. 7. CHRISTIAN FAITH 05 What’s the point of Faith? Faith is an important part of Christianity. Everyday many of us face a catalytic force that stumps us. A unique mix of college students, young adults, and maturing generations will find pleasing photography and thoughtful reportage on solidifying our faith. Created to reach millions, it is KAC Media’s dedication to trust that Jesus Christ is our daily bread. Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see - Hebrews 11:1
    8. 8. CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE 06 Hear our personal accounts and testimonies that speak directly about the Korean-American Christian life. In this smart, funny, slightly sweet category, KAC Media journalists share about growing culturally and spiritually in a modern world. The 1.5, 2nd and 3rd generations can look forward to cultivating personal goals, happiness, and style in one package. At KAC Media, we believe in embracing and celebrating each new stage of life God has given us. Hence, our focus is simply scribing what’s rightfully God’s words.
    9. 9. ENTERTAINMENT 07 Film keep your ears and eyes wide open Whether you are a film critic or film lover, Christian Movie Reviews are hard to come by. Here, you will find reviews on christian films and blockbuster movies of relevance. Find the latest on pop Here’s the thing: we like to keep our Music culture hits. These list audience informed on ratings, caution viewers on their discretion, and add our new Korean-American artists are embracing toppers are stepping into favorite in music. emphasis. ranges from heights christian Since music the limelight and KAC staccato beats to vocal impressions, KAC Media invests in media Media keeps both ears unplugged for the coverage for your listening audience. New artists, groups, and entertainment. musicians are promoted for their unique Books talents. Delight in the expansion of media Pop Culture is cranked at Be Honest: When was the last time you picked choices: Audio Players, Mini-videos, and a new high barometer on up a novel and thoroughly hated it? In case Music reviews. www.KACMedia.org you were wondering, KAC Media is making a collection of book reviews so frank, you’ll feel For your convenience, a true breadth of knowledge. Now, we won’t spoil the ending since we encourage readers to actually read the book.
    10. 10. FEATURED 08 EVENTS / MINISTRY / PASTORS / ORGANIZATIONS / PROFILE VOICE OUT YOUR PASSIONS KAC Media highlights the strengths of these features so the people of God can become servants of God. Let God be Our featured stories introduce the growing Kingdom of God and the Star of encourage the Korean-American Christian community to bask in your Church these fellowship opportunities. KAC Media is pursuing to become your network to different events, churches and organizations all around. We want individuals to know every aspect of the features and become involved as well. To do this, we want to hear from you!
    11. 11. CREATIVE WRITING 09 Poetry / Short Stories / Spoken Word / Lyrics Hearsay, creative writing is for everyone! If you have ideas and yearn to creatively express them, KAC Media believes in “thinking out of the box.” Poetry, Short Stories, Spoken Words, and Lyrics are all words close to heart. Giving your heart a creative voice can captivate audiences of relatable topics. It’s important to note Creative Writing is a different Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with piece from Journalistic Writing. In print news, the your head. ~ From the movie Finding Forrester writing needs to be factual. With stirring ideas, facts can be redundant, but the idea from the heart is true. Memo: Think KAC Media knows that every good idea can be spun but it’s only in the hands of Outsid God that layers of true vision is woven. If you have the heart to write in e The glorifying God, then Join KAC Media’s Creative Writing Team. Box
    12. 12. JOURNALISM & BEYOND 10 Our news team is quickly building a virtual K society as if it were an infrastructure. Current News fluctuating on a daily basis pushes our A editors, producers, and members to find the most interesting features in the press. C The KAC NEWS team’s focus: 1. being innovative N 2. being objective 3. truth/integrity E W The KAC Media web experience will also combine professional and user-friendly content. S Forums, blogs, discussions are ongoing as new topics arise. An integral part of our social media is to enable readers to engage in these personalized pages. Our organization wants to put forth penetrating dialogues, personalities, and ideas. Our website tools are efficient and friendly for that elevated virtual experience. At KACMedia.org, you will find video players, creative comment boxes, and convenient reference tools. Join membership at www.KACMedia.org for that social experience!
    13. 13. RECREATION 11 Health / Fitness / Travel / Sports In a modern day world, a large emphasis is placed on the leisure of recreation. Health and Fitness is a pure focus on heart-smart diets, healthy nutrition, and habitual exercise. Globetrotters will find that the travel page pines for all countries of the world. KAC Media hones on Christian mission trips abroad and highlights intriguing aspects of the country. Whether it’s a short-term trip or one of great distance and length, the focus is on diversity and discovery. Sports Fanatics can check out the latest updates on athletes, teams, and divisions of all recreational play.
    14. 14. SOCIAL ISSUES 12 Local / National / Global Community development leads to “change.” KAC Media loves to hear about transitions in organizations, volunteer work, social programs, and more. Change is a story that needs to be told and heard to inspire generations to come. The Korean-American community is at large in Los Angeles, however, we know there are countless ways to better our community through the virtual world as well. If you hold the rights to a website sponsoring community work, KAC Media has open ears. Harnessing community work is crucial for underdeveloped and developing areas. KAC Media highlights the work of community organizers having seen rapid changes when people branch out to help one another. Underprivileged areas are shown the grace of God through faith-based organizations.
    15. 15. TRENDS 13 Eateries / Fashion / Technology Scenes are always changing whether we like it or not. Get your instant dose of what’s in and what’s out with our weekly updates. KAC Media knows that trends can actually dent your wallet, so moderate budget is key. Our friendly advice on seasonal grab-and-go will help you decide what to purchase and what to eliminate from your basket. Check out www.KACMedia.org for these fun updates on trend and style. Eateries Technology Breakfast Find tidbits on your latest gadgets! Hearty and wholesome reviews on Technology has been up and coming favorite morning treats. this past century. from early Lunch exploration to technical Fresh take on gourmet salads and colonization, we are living in an era sandwiches near you. of multi-tasking with cell phones, Dinner computer devices, and sleek MP3 Scrumptious delights and dining Players. It’s a whole new vibe in the that’s unforgettable for wireless world. vegetarians and meat lovers. Sides seasonal foods are full of surprise! Beverages Need your coffee break or refreshments? You’ve come to the right place! remember to pray for your meal!
    16. 16. FASHION FORWARD 14 What do Christians know about fashion? The style-conscious can find the latest fashion duds suitable for the christian taste. if you’re thinking boring, you’ve got it all wrong. KAC Media Style Journals enhance the wardrobe by adding twists and seams in your personal style. We want to be a voice for contemporary, vintage, and avant-garde designers that appreciate wearable art. With styling ingenuity, you can incorporate seasonal trends with conservative appeal and creative splashes. See our new promotional line at www.KACMedia.org Let KAC Media be your personal stylist!
    17. 17. CONTACT US 15 KAC Media If you have any inquiries And it shall come to pass in the regarding the KAC Media last days, that the mountain of Writing Department please the LORD's house shall be established in the top of the contact us. mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. 1543 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 100 Los Angeles, CA 90015 Isaiah 2:1-5 Tel // 213.365.7000 Fax // 213.365.7222 info@kacmedia.org Get involved with Please contact KAC Media’s Writing Coordinator KAC MEDIA! Yoojin Han yoojin@kacmedia.org