Kachingle intro for Mizzou-Kachingle Team Presentation at Reynolds Journalism Institute - micropayments, no paywall, voluntary contributions, news, content, business model
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Kachingle intro for Mizzou-Kachingle Team Presentation at Reynolds Journalism Institute - micropayments, no paywall, voluntary contributions, news, content, business model

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Kachingle intro for Mizzou-Kachingle Team Presentation at Reynolds Journalism Institute April 25, 2011. ...

Kachingle intro for Mizzou-Kachingle Team Presentation at Reynolds Journalism Institute April 25, 2011.

by Cynthia Typaldos
Founder, Kachingle

Grad Student team:
Tyler Beckett
Wei Peng
Tise Okuonghae
Robin Marahatta

Randy Smith
Bill Carner
Tom Warhover
Dan Potter

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  • 1. The Micropayment Platform for Online Content & Applications in the World of “FREE”
    Presentation for MizzouApril 25, 2011
  • 2. Company History/Status
    Invented by Cynthia in 2003 (then set aside as too early)
    Patent filed in 2007
    Alpha in 2008
    Beta in 2009
    Public launch February 2010
    Hundreds of sites signed up
    Thousands of Kachinglers signed up
    World class American-German team
    Major new features added in Q1 2011 so that we can…
    Change marketing focus in April 2011 (more on this shortly)
  • 3. The Problem
    Digital content and services need more revenue
    news, information, music, videos, apps, etc.
    Producers cannot force people to pay using paywalls
    The London Times (Murdoch) experienced > 99% drop in website readership when they installed a paywall
    Advertising is still not paying the bills
    Small content and service providers are struggling, even those with great value and high traffic
  • 4. The Opportunity
    People want to support the digital stuff they love but it’s too much hassle online
    People want to use Twitter and Facebook to brag to their friends and colleagues about the content and apps they love
    People will pay for gaming (fun), virtual goods, online persona/status, helping favorite sites to gain status, etc.
    People are willing to voluntarily pay for digital stuff they value – but only if it is hassle-free and shareable
  • 5. Enter Kachingle
    Kachingle combines:
    the power of loyalty,
    the influence of social media,
    and the flexibility of micropayments
    to generate a whole new revenue stream for free online contents and apps which supplements advertising revenue and premium services
  • 6. Why would People Pay for FREE digital stuff?
    To build an online persona: achieve recognition, gain status, support a cause
  • 7. Success of Voluntary Payments
    no “mental transaction costs”
    tap into existing social networks
    financial transparency
    fun, entertaining, like a game
    These are Kachingle’s Guiding Principles!
  • 8. How it works
    User voluntarily pays $5 per month via PayPal or credit card (later we will allow higher amounts)
    User selects which providers to support (one click turns on Kachingle Medallion widget)
    Kachingle counts daily usage of those selected sites all month
    At end of the month Kachingle divides up user’s money and distributes it proportionately
    User automatically brags to Twitter followers and Facebook friends about the digital stuff they love and support
    It’s hassle-free: User signs up once, turns on each desired Medallion once, then Kachingle does the rest!
    Kachingle distributes 85% of the revenue to producers and shares the other 15% with PayPal using special pricing and low-cost APIs
  • 9. Extensive social media integration
  • 10. KachingleX
    There is a two-sided network problem (chicken and egg): – In order to get Kachinglers we have to have sites/apps Original strategy – DID NOT WORK – In order to get sites/apps we have to have Kachinglers
    New strategy – get Kachinglers to add their favs
    KachingleX is a free browser extension (plug-in) that Kachinglers install, which enables them to Kachingle anything, even if that site/app is not a member of Kachingle
    Now Kachinglers are in charge of the growth of Kachingle!
    And Kachingle has our own version of “PayPal Virality”
  • 11. Kachingle-Mizzou Project Goals
    • Actions not Theory
    • 12. Market The Missourian & VOX Kachingle Medallions
    • 13. Refine the messaging – what works the best?
    • 14. Include social media efforts
    • 15. Generalize
  • Kachingle-Mizzou Project Team
    And staff at The Missourian and VOX including Professors Warhover and Potter
  • 19. Live demo
    (next are just a few of the screen shots)
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23. Original (Javascript) Kachingle Medallion sites
  • 24.
  • 25.
  • 26. KachingleX
    (Browser Extension)
    Medallion sites
  • 27.
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33. Best way to learn more…mouse over the Kachingle Medallion at www.missourian.com!
  • 34. Student
    (not included here)
  • 35. Backup
  • 36. Facebook Integration
    Facebook application allows Kachinglers to put a list of their favorite content and apps into their profile and show how much they have given to each content provider
    Automatic monthly friend-feed that places your latest kachingling activity on your friends’ Facebook walls
    Facebook users can sign up for Kachingle directly from Facebook, which allows for one-click signup
    Free, automated bragging about the content and apps they love!
  • 37. Facebook Integration
  • 38. Twitter Integration
    Kachingle tweets activity on behalf of content providers at the end of each month
    Kachingle tweets activity on behalf of Kachinglers at the end of each month
    Generates Kachingle signups and drives additional traffic to the service providers
    (these are samples – there are 4 other types of automated tweets and more in the works)
  • 39. Social Widgets
    These widgets will soon be visible on the sites themselves via the new fancy overlay (display of this in a few slides).
    Right now both are available on Kachingle.com and WKW also as an installable widget. All will be available on Facebook too.
  • 40. Leaderboard
    Leaderboard sorted by their daily counted visits of Kachinglers – thus there is quite a bit of movement and the sites that are at the top are the ones with the most loyal users (which are not necessarily the biggest sites).
  • 41.
  • 42. Partnership with PayPal
    Micropayments are highly strategic for them
    They love our approach and think there is huge cash flow for them from Kachingle in the future
    They have supported us in the following ways:
    Special PayPal pricing
    Featured us in their ad campaign (see below)
    Gave us a speaker slot & free booth at their conference
    Allowing us to market to their customer base
    Gave us office space at Plug And Play
    Access to their engineers for better technical support