Internet Marketing


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We Create Online Success Stories
and we would love your business to be next!
- Display Advertising
- Pay per Click Advertising
- Social Media
- Email Marketing

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Internet Marketing

  1. 1. We Create Online Success Stories and we would love your business to be next!
  2. 2. Prepared For:
  5. 5. ABOUT Bytes Bytes is an full-fledged ICT consultancy agency that specializes in identifying the right technology and strategy that will place your business above others. With a robust team of experts in the field of business research, data solutions and ICT, Bytes is positioned to deliver only the best services tailored to improve your business ROI. Page #5
  6. 6. PROPOSAL OBJECTIVE The objective of this proposal is to introduce you to the most advanced and potent Online Advertising procedures as well as the advantages it would avail to your brand, business and online coverage as a whole. Page #6
  7. 7. PROPOSAL SCOPE This scope of this proposal includes:  Internet Marketing  The Advantages of Internet Marketing  Our Track Record and Success Rate  Costing Page #7
  9. 9. Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales or create awareness Page #9
  10. 10. Consumers get promotional marketing messages via the Internet through various channels such as: Page #10
  11. 11. Email Marketing From the name itself, this is a marketing process that involves reaching out to your customers via email. Page #11
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing Promotion through various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Page #12
  13. 13. Display/Web Banner Advertising Graphical advertising on the Internet that appears next to content on web pages, IM applications, email, etc. Page #13
  14. 14. Display/Web Banner Advertising These ads, often referred to as banners, come in standardized ad sizes, and can include text, logos, pictures, or more recently, rich media. Page #14
  15. 15. Mobile Advertising Advertisement delivered through wireless mobile devices such as smart phones, feature phones, or tablet computers. Page #15
  16. 16. Video Advertising This encompasses online display advertisements such as rich media that have video within them. It is a generally accepted form of online advertising that occurs on Internet television. It is served before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet. Page #16
  17. 17. Search Advertising This is a form of marketing that promotes a business through paid advertisement that appears on search engine result pages. Page #17
  19. 19. The Internet has the power to connect millions of people from around the world. Thus, it also has the capabilities to bring your business to millions of your target market worldwide. Page #19
  20. 20. The number of the World Wide Web users is always on the rise worldwide and the internet is being used by people of all age and at all times of the day. Page #20
  21. 21. Internet has become one of the major medium for communication, entertainment and is indeed in the process of replacing traditional entertainment, promo products, and informative medias. Page #21
  22. 22. In addition, the effectiveness of your campaign can be easily measured using web analytics and cost-volumeprofit analysis tools. Page #22
  23. 23. 10 Advantages of Online Advertising when compared with the traditional offline advertising Page #23
  24. 24. Affordable Cost A main benefit of online advertising is that it has a much affordable price when compared with the traditional advertising costs. On the internet, you can advertise at a way more inexpensive cost for a much wider audience. Page #24
  25. 25. Wider Geographical Reach Online advertising gives your campaigns global coverage, which helps your online campaigns reach more audiences. This will definitely help you achieve superior results via your online advertising strategy. Page #25
  26. 26. Targeted Audiences In comparison with traditional advertising, online advertising helps you to easily reach the targeted audience, which leads to your campaign’s success. Page #26
  27. 27. Easy To Measure Results Measurability and easiness to track the conversion makes online advertising miles ahead on the traditional advertising methods. Page #27
  28. 28. Easy To Measure Results A lot of effective analytics tools are available to measure online advertising campaigns which helps in more improvisation of the ads. Page #28
  29. 29. Speed Of Deployment Online advertising is much faster than offline advertising and you can start sending out your ads to a wider audience instantly, the moment you start your advertising campaign. Page #29
  30. 30. Informative In online advertising, the advertiser is able to convey more details about the advertisement to the audience and that too at relatively low cost. Page #30
  31. 31. Informative Most of the online advertising campaigns are composed of a clickable link to a specific landing page, where users get more information about the product mentioned in the advert. Page #31
  32. 32. Flexible Payment Payment flexibility is another added advantage of online advertising and marketing. In offline advertising you need to pay the full amount to the advertising agency irrespective of the results. But in online advertising there is the flexibility of paying for only qualified leads, clicks or impressions. Page #32
  33. 33. Better ROI Since online advertising is mainly focused on performance based payment, you ROI is sure to be far better when compared with offline advertising. Page #33
  34. 34. Easy Audience Engagement Online advertisement makes is easy for the audience to engage with your ads or products. As an advertiser we would be able to get more feedback from the audience and thereby improve the quality of our ads going forward. Page #34
  35. 35. Better Branding Any form of advertising helps in improving the branding and online advertising stands a notch high in improving the branding of your company, service or product. Page #35
  37. 37. Our services are customized for your goals. We get to know your business inside and out and then draw on our vast experience in digital media to create the right mix of online marketing services for you. Page #37
  38. 38. The following Internet Marketing solutions are what we bring to the table: Page #38
  39. 39. Display Advertising Intelligent Display Advertising, managed by professionals Display advertising is the online equivalent of a magazine or newspaper advertisement, but with all the power, control and intelligence you’d expect from a digital medium. Page #39
  40. 40. Display Advertising How it Works Below is a typical process on how we set up a display advertising campaign below. Page #40
  41. 41. Display Advertising Re-Targeting Re-Targeting is a highly-effective display advertising feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads when they visit other sites online. Page #41
  42. 42. Display Advertising Behavioural Targeting Using online display ads we can advertise to relevant internet users based on interest categories and online activities conducted such as searches, websites visited, content read and videos viewed. Page #42
  43. 43. Display Advertising Media Buying We can handle the entire digital media buying process. We offer a completely managed digital media buying and planning service to ensure that your digital marketing budget is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. Page #43
  44. 44. Display Advertising Ad Design Catching the attention of your audience is key to a successful display advertising campaign. Each display network (e.g. Google Display Network) has a range of ad sizes and technical requirements for your ads. Page #44
  45. 45. Display Advertising Ad Design Our designers are experts at producing ads that meet these criteria perfectly. Page #45
  46. 46. Pay-per-click Advertising Save up to 50% by leaving it to our Google/Bing qualified professionals Virtually no other advertising platform is as dynamic and fast and, when managed correctly, it can yield a fantastic return on investment. Page #46
  47. 47. Pay-per-click Advertising How it Works This is the basic process of setting up a new PPC advertising campaign on either Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Page #47
  48. 48. Pay-per-click Advertising Landing Pages To ensure your PPC campaigns work as effectively as possible it is important to consider the use of custombuilt “landing page”. Page #48
  49. 49. Pay-per-click Advertising Call Tracking The often missing metric, can now be tracked to ensure a PPC campaign’s performance is monitored effectively. Page #49
  50. 50. Search Engine Optimization SEO done properly, by real experts with an outstanding track-record. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to achieve high natural listings within Google, Bing and Yahoo. Page #50
  51. 51. Search Engine Optimization Our SEO Process No two campaigns are the same, but while we work out every individual strategy to best meet the specific needs of each client, our process always includes elements of the following. Page #51
  52. 52. Search Engine Optimization Guest Posting It is currently more important than ever to build relationships with sites in your industry, ensuring relevant traffic and high quality, natural backlinks to your site. A great way to do this is through guest posting on authoritative blogs in your niche. Page #52
  53. 53. Search Engine Optimization Content Marketing Content Marketing as a process is as old as marketing itself. It may have gone under different names down the years but its effectiveness has been proven by big and small brands in every industry. Page #53
  54. 54. Search Engine Optimization Local SEO In recent times Local SEO and Google Places optimization have gradually become more and more important. Page #54
  55. 55. Social Media Socialize with your audience Internet users spend more time on social networks than anywhere else. It’s time your business engaged with them. Twitter facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Page #55
  56. 56. Social Media What is Social Media? Social Media describes the technologies, platforms and methods in which users share content online. Page #56
  57. 57. Social Media Twitter We can utilize the power of Twitter™ to connect with customers and drive sales. We typically user Twitter in the following ways: Page #57
  58. 58. Social Media Twitter Profile Build Get your Twitter profile in-line with your brand. It sounds simple but your Twitter profile should match your brand and website to ensure continuity. Page #58
  59. 59. Social Media Twitter Advertising Twitter advertising is a great way to promote your brand, product, service or cause on one of the biggest and most interactive sites on the web. We employ the following: • Promoted Tweets • Promoted Trends • Promoted Accounts Page #59
  60. 60. Social Media Twitter Competitions The perfect way to build a following. A great way to generate followers, encourage audience interaction & create a buzz around your presence on Twitter is to run a Twitter competition. Page #60
  61. 61. Social Media Twitter Management We can help take the hassle and stress out of managing your Twitter profile. If you don’t have the time to manage your own Twitter account, then we can tailor-make a perfect Twitter management service for you. Page #61
  62. 62. Social Media Sample Twitter Accounts Page #62
  63. 63. Social Media Sample Twitter Accounts Page #63
  64. 64. Social Media Sample Twitter Accounts Page #64
  65. 65. Social Media Facebook We can utilize the power of Facebook™ to connect with customers and drive sales. We typically use Facebook in the following ways: Page #65
  66. 66. Social Media Facebook Pages Build a presence for your business within Facebook. A Facebook Page is a customizable presence for an organization, product or public personality and allows businesses to build a community on Facebook, giving relevant users the opportunity to interact with your company and immerse themselves in your brand. Page #66
  67. 67. Social Media Facebook Advertising Advertise to millions of Facebook users. Facebook is by far the biggest social network in the world and Facebook Advertising is the perfect tool to allow advertisers to connect with their users. Page #67
  68. 68. Social Media Facebook Competitions The perfect way to build a following. A really effective way of generating awareness and driving traffic to your social presences, particularly on Facebook, is to run a competition. Page #68
  69. 69. Social Media Facebook Management We can manage your Facebook page for you. Keeping your business Facebook page up to date is a challenge. We can help with our Facebook management services. Our social media experts can be on-hand to write updates, reply to customers and seek to grow your following. Page #69
  70. 70. Social Media Sample Facebook Accounts Page #70
  71. 71. Social Media Sample Facebook Accounts Page #71
  72. 72. Social Media Sample Facebook Accounts Page #72
  73. 73. Social Media LinkedIn We can utilize the power of LinkedIn™ to connect with customers and drive sales. We typically user LinkedIn™ in the following ways: Page #73
  74. 74. Social Media LinkedIn Profiles Build a presence for your business within LinkedIn. LinkedIn company profiles have been around for a few years, but they’ve changed dramatically since their inception, with loads of new features & functionality to help promote your company and feature your products and services. Page #74
  75. 75. Social Media LinkedIn Advertising Advertise to millions of LinkedIn users. LinkedIn advertising allows for effective B2B Marketing. Using the latest profile-based targeting technology you can gain qualified leads, reaching decision making professionals. Advertise to your exact target demographic with highly relevant ads and minimal wastage. Page #75
  76. 76. Social Media LinkedIn Recruitment The perfect way to find your next team member. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for promoting your open vacancies. With the cost of recruitment agencies so high it may be worth considering our LinkedIn recruitment services. Page #76
  77. 77. Social Media LinkedIn Management We can manage your LinkedIn presence for you. Keeping your business LinkedIn page up to date is a challenge. We can help with our comprehensive LinkedIn management services. Page #77
  78. 78. Social Media Sample LinkedIn Account Page #78
  79. 79. Social Media Sample LinkedIn Account Page #79
  80. 80. Social Media Pinterest We can utilize the power of Pinterest™ to connect with customers and drive sales. We typically user Pinterest in the following ways: Page #80
  81. 81. Social Media Pinterest Profiles Build a presence for your business within Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. Your business can utilize its power by building its own profile and linking it to your products or services. Page #81
  82. 82. Social Media Pinterest Competitions Run a competition on Pinterest. The new social media site; Pinterest, has given growth to a new kind of social competition, which have affectionately come to be known as “Pin it to Win it” competitions. Page #82
  83. 83. Social Media Pinterest Management We can manage your Pinterest page for you. Keeping your business Pinterest page up to date is a challenge. We can help with our Pinterest management services. Page #83
  84. 84. Social Media Sample Pinterest Accounts Page #84
  85. 85. Email Marketing Directly approach your potential customers with targeted email campaigns Email has been around for years, but not like this it hasn’t! Page #85
  86. 86. Email Marketing Data Capture Automated & Manual Data Capture. Ethical data capture through opt-in online forms. Email marketing works best when you target individuals who have chosen to keep in touch with you. We, like you, don’t like unsolicited emails and the chances are you completely ignore them when you receive them anyway! Page #86
  87. 87. Email Marketing Template Design Beautiful designs that match your brand! To maximize your response rates your emails need to look the part! Page #87
  88. 88. Email Marketing Sample E-mail Template Design Page #88
  89. 89. Video Advertising Video ads drive results Video ads drive results. Bring more people to your website, create awareness and most importantly, increase sales! Page #89
  90. 90. Video Advertising Why It Works Video advertising is cost effective and incredibly accurate. Whatever your budget, video advertising can work for your business. Millions of advertisers are beginning to see the benefits of engaging with online video advertising and the influence it can have over your potential customers. Page #90
  91. 91. Video Advertising Our Service Our experts know exactly what it takes to get ROI for your video advertising. We are here to design, deploy, optimize and report on the progress of each of your campaigns, ensuring your goals are met. Page #91
  92. 92. Video Advertising Reporting Statistical monitoring TV can only dream of! As you would expect, we can report on almost every aspect of your campaigns, from numbers of views to full ROI data. Page #92
  93. 93. Video Advertising Video Ad Types Video Ads come in all shapes and sizes to suit your campaign goals. Different video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo all have different “Ad Types” which are available for advertisers to use. The following are the Ad Types we support: Page #93
  94. 94. Video Advertising Before Video Ads Sample Page #94
  95. 95. Video Advertising Beside Video Ads Sample Page #95
  96. 96. Video Advertising Search Video Ads Sample Page #96
  97. 97. Video Advertising Display Ads Sample Page #97
  98. 98. Video Advertising Takeover/Masthead Ads Sample Page #98
  100. 100. Some of our valuable accreditations that we are very proud of and places us high among our peers in the industry… Page #100
  101. 101. Google AdWords Qualified Page #101
  102. 102. Bing Qualified Company Page #102
  103. 103. Carbon Neutral Website Page #103
  104. 104. OUR HAPPY CLIENTS SECTION Page #104 Page #5
  105. 105. Over 30 Excited and Satisfied Clients including... Page #105 Page #7 Page #9
  106. 106. Page #106
  107. 107. Page #107
  108. 108. Page #108
  109. 109. and counting… Page #109 Page #7 Page #9
  110. 110. GUARANTEED SUCCESS SECTION Page #110 Page #5
  111. 111. Our online advertising solutions are only as good as the success it brings our clients.. Page #111
  112. 112. With a long list of successful advertisers on our platform, we continue to be a leading supplier of high quality and effective online advertising solutions. Page #112
  113. 113. Whether you're looking to generate awareness, grow revenue, increase efficiency or just drive net profit, our analytical approach will give you measurable results. Page #113
  114. 114. 95% of our clients work with us more than once and 99% of our active clients have told us that they would happily recommend us to others. We are immensely proud of those facts, and we believe it is down to our unique set of values that we always stick to. Page #114
  115. 115. COSTING & NAIRA PAYMENT SECTION PagePage #5 #115
  116. 116. We Are Not As Expensive As You Might Think Page #116
  117. 117. To come up with a tentative costing, try to tell as much as possible about your project. Our team will try to answer any technical queries you might have. Page #117
  118. 118. Our media buying & planning costs vary depending on campaign budgets and the methods of delivery agreed upon. Page #118
  119. 119. We know we are not the cheapest, but we are quite happy about that! We do things properly and our team take great care to ensure your online campaign is perfect in every way. We believe in value for money. Page #119
  120. 120. Join the winning team and have your Internet Marketing Campaign succeed from the start to the finish by using our tailor-made solutions designed for your growth and upward progress… Page #120 Page #92
  121. 121. Contact : David Nkpoku Tel: +2348055540336, +2348170334996 Email: Website: