Essential Plone development tools - Plone conf 2012


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Slides for the talk given at Plone Conference 2012. In the following collective package further explaination can be found about the tools discussed:

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  • Explain who I am and what I do.\n
  • \n
  • Mention new colleagues\ has outdated information\nPlone has a steep learning curve, I hope we can ease that curve. \nNabble for mailing list, excellent books available\n
  • Installing templer/zopeskel using pip/easy_install\nCreate buildouts, Python eggs, Plone CT/Theme etc.\nWhen creating a product (<-explain) we can use Templer to create the boiler plate code. \nExplain: what we can create and ... what local commands do.\nRefer to the talk given by Chris Ewing ‘Zopeskel, the past present and future’. Friday morning.\n\n
  • Buildout is slow, but it’s getting better\nAllow-hosts, explain index servers\nMention how we split up buildouts (dev/live)\nLocal buildout cache, company egg mirror\n
  • Explain you’ve got a buildout with src dir.\nBenefits of mr.developer:bulk update, checkout a package\n
  • Explain about the sauna.reload sprint (jealous!)\nHow we (plone) develop; restart zserver\n
  • Explain how buildout incorporates the Python eggs\nSome times you need to use the source\n
  • Explain how buildout incorporates the Python eggs\nSome times you need to use the source luke\n
  • Replaces the ZMI functionality (name which)\n
  • Explain briefly how old Plone themes work.\nExplain what Diazo does (html mock-ups, content, rules file).\nExplain what advantage this has (designer -> html2pdf servive -> integrator).\n\n
  • Explain about a frozen Plone instance, rss feed that was timing out.\nUse mr.freeze or products.signalstack. Explain how they can be used.\n
  • Releasing an egg properly requires a few steps. \n
  • We all write tests, do we?\nExplain CI\nFinally, explain plone.api (alpha, things can break)\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Essential Plone development tools - Plone conf 2012

    1. 1. ESSENTIAL PLONEDEVELOPMENT TOOLS Kim Chee Leong Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe
    2. 2. INTRODUCTION• See collective.exampledevtools on for examples •• The tools which can be used during development• No elaborate code examples
    3. 3. Where to find help?• Read collective.developermanual •• Try searching duckduckgo/google, Stackoverflow, Plone mailing list• Ask your question on IRC (freenode, #plone) or Plone mailing list• Read Plone books:
    4. 4. ScaffoldingUse Templer or ZopeSkel to generate code skeletons
    5. 5. Speed up buildout• Use latests buildout (1.6.x)• See: blog/buildout-performance- improvements• Useallow-hosts in buildout config• Run ./bin/buildout -N -t 5
    6. 6. mr.developer
    7. 7. sauna.reload so that you can finish yourPlone development today andrelax in sauna after calling it a day
    8. 8. collective.recipe.omelette
    9. 9. collective.recipe.omelette
    10. 10.
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Got frozen Plone?mr.freeze to the rescue
    13. 13. Automate egg releasing• Use jarn.mkrelease or zest.releaser• Releasing a Python egg involves: • Bumping the version number • Updating history/changes file • Tagging the release in version control • Creating the egg • Uploading the egg to or a private egg server
    14. 14. Continuous integration• Use Travis CI for opensource GitHub projects• Use Jenkins for internal company projects
    15. 15. QUESTIONS?••• Twitter: @kaceeleong• IRC: kacee
    16. 16. PHOTO CREDITS•••• (Remixed by Matt Hamilton, original from• Thesauna.reload logo was originally the logo of Sauna Sprint 2011 and it was created by Vilmos Somogyi.