Creating the Future: Reframing the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation


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Creating the Future: Reframing the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation

  1. 1. Creating the Future: Reframing theDiversity & Inclusion ConversationTransforming Diversity to Innovation through Inclusion & Technology
  2. 2. Topics• Definitions and Process• Roundtables• Roundtable Report-Outs• Wrap-Up• Tools & Checklist
  3. 3. Definitions• Diversity is the similarities and differences that make us who we are and that fuel our perspectives, ideas and behaviors.• Inclusion is encouraging others to share, hearing them, and valuing the skills, experience and perspective they bring to a task.• Diversity management consist of formal and informal processes, policies and practices developed and implemented by organizations to effectively manage diversity and foster inclusion among all organizational stakeholders to deliver value to the organization. Source: Gardenshwartz and Rowe
  4. 4. Definitions• A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology there.• Disruptive technologies have the ability to bring about changes in companies, that are otherwise difficult to implement. Inclusion & Diversity is an area where disruptive technologies, like mobile & tablet technologies, can make a difference
  5. 5. D&I PLANNING PROCESS Form diverse team to develop strategic plan Complete Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Create D&I strategic plan Develop communications strategy and resource associated projects Communicate and execute Evaluate, reward, recognize and improve results
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY INCLUSION PROCESS Form technology team to develop strategic plan Develop use cases around D&I initiatives on strategic plan, that can utilize mobile Develop adoption strategy and IT stakeholder buy off for utilizing emerging technologies for D&I initiatives Communicate and execute Evaluate, reward, recognize and improve results
  7. 7. Intercultural Competence Model Source: Dr. Milton Bennett
  8. 8. Impact of Intercultural Competence onthe Level of Workplace Inclusive Source: MDB Group, Inc.
  9. 9. Business-Alignment Framework
  10. 10. Technology Adoption Roadmap
  11. 11. D&I Impact on the Employees
  12. 12. D&I Impact on Other Stakeholders
  13. 13. Technology re-calibrating the conversation
  14. 14. Technology Impact on all StakeholdersGeographically Limited Universally AccessibleHighlighting Differences Contribution DrivenCommunities built around Job Codes Communities built around commonality
  15. 15. Using Technology for D&I Initiatives
  16. 16. Core D&I Business Impacted Competencies / D&I Project / SuccessBusiness Goals Challenge / Partnering Enabling Initiative Metric Questions Department Strategies Strengthen brand and product equities How do we Deliver collaborate • Referrals / New meaningful BRANs HRLT innovation with our Corp. Hires • Product ideas Network of Grow faster with stakeholders Comm. • Marketing ideas strategic Networks • PromotionalSales customers to foster and IT ideas leverageGrowth Leverage cultural external development competence Drive cost and to grow margin management sales Create a high performance organization
  17. 17. Network of Networks(Organization Transformation from the Inside Out)
  18. 18. D&I Leadership Assessment
  19. 19. Technology Adoption & Disruptive Change Many Resources to Begin DiscoveryConsulting Services Non-Competing Verticals Academic Resources
  20. 20. • Q&A• Roundtables• Roundtable Report-Outs• Wrap-Up
  21. 21. Thank You Kevin A. Carter Daniel Maycock Director, Diversity and Inclusion Mobile Technology Leader