Haunted Fairbanks


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Haunted Fairbanks

  1. 1. Haunted AK History Kennedy AK Studies
  2. 2. Haunted History • Much of Alaska has had a wild past. • I will start a short presentation on the haunted sites of Fairbanks and continue with some stories that are very interesting. • I am doing this for a certain student who always asks questions. Yes, I really do listen……
  3. 3. White Lady of Birch Hill • The most notable ghost of Fairbanks is the White Lady of Birch Hill Cemetery. • She has been sighted since the 1930’s • She always appears in a 1900’s dress and fancy hat.
  4. 4. Bartlett Hall • The second floor of Bartlett hall tends to be haunted. • Reportedly things go missing and you can hear footsteps. • It is rumored to be in the location of a student who committed suicide in the dorms. • It is also the floor where a student was mysteriously murdered in the 1990s.
  5. 5. Skyline Ranch • This used to be a gambling hall. The deceased owner seems to show up every once in a while.
  6. 6. Gold Dredge No. 8 • A man was murdered several years ago and was found floating in the reclamation pit. • The story was that he had an affair on his wife and her brothers deep-sixed him into the reclamation pit where he resurfaced more than 5 years later. • Since that time voices have been heard.Doors open and close and people hear talking late at night. Is it haunted? Go ahead you stay there all night!
  7. 7. Mile 6-8 CHSR • Lights that look like headlights that follow people driving late at night. • The lights then careen away at the last second before they seem to impact people. • They are less like UFOs and more like a phantom driver.
  8. 8. Captain Bartlett Inn • Some of the rooms have orbs that move through the halls. • Supposedly glasses sometimes move around the bar.
  9. 9. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital • Angels appear in the and backrooms hallways when a baby dies in the nursery. • Babies can be heard in the room when no one is there. • The temperatures also tend to drop to below 60F when it happens.
  10. 10. Northern Lights Hotel • Nor t her n Li ght s Hot el - The t hi r d f l oor of t hi s bui l di ng a l i t t l e gi r l di ed. Af t er t hat t he hot el cl osed of f t hat par t of t he bui l di ng. The f r ont desk has r epor t ed get t i ng phone cal l s f or m t he t hi r d f l oor r oom #303, a l i t t l e gi r l sayi ng she' s l ooki ng f or her mot her and t hen hangi ng up. No one was i n t he t hi r d f l oor .
  11. 11. Key Bank Building • This was once a hospital and reportedly late at night the walls look to bleed blood and that you can also listen to voices and crying.
  12. 12. The Phantom Cab • The Phantom Cab license 109 has appeared throughout Fairbanks. The driver will go up to your house and pound on your door asking you to help him with his family. When you refuse him he will reluctantly leave. However, when you ask the cab company they will inform you that the cab doesn’t exist.
  13. 13. The TCC Building • Supposedly several of the ladies of the night lived and died in cabins located near the banks of the Chena location where the present building now stands. • Late at night strange things happen on the fifth floor. People feel that things follow them around all night long. Others reported that elevators appeared to operate and open on their own. People let their fear take over with the fifth floor.
  14. 14. Dead Man’s Slough and the PAC • Many people believe that the first person killed in Fairbanks was found floating facedown in the slough that is located where the present day WVHS is situated. To this day, many believe that the ghost of this murdered miner appears as a white form floating above the audience watching the plays and concerts that are held there.
  15. 15. The Disappeared Cat • There was once a Drama teacher at West Valley who had a kitten who she brought with her to a overnight lockin in the Dewilde Theatre. • The kitten disappeared for most of the night and could not be found. Then early the next morning the kitten was found and it appeared to be playing with someone who could not be seen. • Sometimes students in DeWilde will see the rigging move and bounce on their own. So, if
  16. 16. Marriot Hotel • The present location of the marriot hotel used to be a house that was plagued by the ghost of some mischevious miners. Supposedly things would move on their own and other things would be thrown all over. Now the ghosts only seem to bother the cooks in the restaurant.
  17. 17. Ryan Middle School • The mat room at Ryan Middle school is said to be haunted by a homeless student who died alone there during a Christmas break. Sometimes the wrestling coaches or wrestlers will see the student who appears lost and talks but does not seem to actually say anything.