How to monitor your project progress


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Asif Kabani How to monitor your project progress

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How to monitor your project progress

  1. 1. ( How  to  Monitor  Your  Project  Progress Asif Kabani
  2. 2. ( Summary •  If you dont keep a close watch on progress there isa chance that your project will go off-track andyoull fail to complete it successfully. The trick is tomake progress tracking really easy. If it isstraightforward for you and the team, then youll beable to monitor progress with a few clicks. Hereshow to get started.•  Your projects will be changing from day-to-day, soyou need to monitor progress to make sure youreon top of everything.
  3. 3. ( The  Steps Step  1:  Create  your  plan Step  2:  Baseline  your  plan Step  3:  Enter  progress  information Step  4:  Analyze  the  results Step  5:  Produce  reports    
  4. 4. ( Step  1:  Create  your  plan •  You cant monitor progress unless you have a planto monitor against! The first step, then, is to puttogether a comprehensive project plan. Work withyour project team to create a task list that covers allthe work that you need to do on your project.•  When you know what tasks are involved, you canenter them into your online project managementsoftware, arrange them in the right order andcreate links between tasks if you need to.
  5. 5. ( Step  2:  Baseline  your  plan •  Take a snapshot of your plan in its current format.This is called a baseline and it gives you somethingto compare to later, if your schedule changes. Youcan create baselines at any point during theproject. It is a good idea to save one at thebeginning of the project and then to take anotherone after any major revision to your plan.
  6. 6. ( Step  3:  Enter  progress  information •  Your team members will now be making progress ontheir project tasks, so ask them to keep the softwareup-to-date by recording their progress online. Asthey enter the time spent on a task in theironline software, you can immediately see theimpact on the project plan.
  7. 7. ( Step  4:  Analyze  the  results •  Compare the progress you were expecting with theactual progress that the team has made. You cando this easily in your software by looking at viewsthat show you actual versus planned progress todate. You can also see how much time has beenspent on any individual task and the amount oftime spent on the project overall.
  8. 8. ( Step  5:  Produce  reports •  Use reports to display your progress data in differentways. This is a good option if you want to share yourproject progress information with team members oryour project sponsor. You can produce reports in anumber of formats so that everyone gets theinformation they need in a way that suits them.•  Reports are a very useful way of quickly seeing if theproject is on track. Set up some template reports tomake life easier and to ensure your progress data ispresented consistently with every project.