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February 2012

  1. 1. After the eruption of theYellowstone supervolcanodestroys his city and itssurroundings, fifteen-year-old Alex must journey fromCedar Falls, Iowa, to Illinoisto find his parents andsister, trying to survive in atransformed landscape anda new society in which allthe old rules of living havevanished.
  2. 2. Cinder, a gifted mechanicand a cyborg with amysterious past, is blamedby her stepmother for herstepsisters illness while adeadly plague decimates thepopulation of New Beijing,but when Cinders life getsintertwined with PrinceKais, she finds herself at thecenter of an intergalacticstruggle.
  3. 3. In a dark future, whenNorth America has splitinto two warringnations, fifteen-year-olds Day, a famouscriminal, and prodigyJune, the brilliantsoldier hired to capturehim, discover that theyhave a commonenemy.
  4. 4. Sequel to Birthmarked.Sixteen-year-old midwifeGaia Stone is in thewasteland with nothingbut her baby sister, ahandful of supplies, and arumor to guide her whenshe is captured by thepeople of Sylum, adystopian society whereshe must follow a strictsocial code or never see hersister again.
  5. 5. Emma gets her firstcomputer and anAmerica Online CD-ROM in 1996, and whenher best friend Joshvisits and they log on,they discoverthemselves onFacebook fifteen yearsin the future.
  6. 6. Benjamin Franklinreturns from the dead,moves into VictorGoodwins downstairsapartment, and facesperil from vampires inPhiladelphia, a pair ofbike shop owners, and ashadowy figure knownas "the Emperor."
  7. 7. Middle-schooler NateWright must competewith a new rival, the"perfect" Artur, for thegrand prize of acustomized skateboardin their scout troopcontest.
  8. 8. Devastated when herparents separate, twelve-year-old Rebecca mustmove with her motherfrom Baltimore to Granshouse in Atlanta, whereRebecca discovers an oldbreadbox with the powerto grant any wish--so longas the wished-for thing fitsin the breadbox.
  9. 9. When fashionistaSicilee,arty Maya, and antisocialWaneeda risk theirreputations by joiningClifton Springs HighSchools EnvironmentalClub to be near gorgeousnew student CodyLightfoot, each finds anew way of looking atthe world.
  10. 10. Marley is not given achoice when her newlyseparated parents decideshe will spend the summerwith her dad and make hertake a job she did not askfor, but things start to lookbetter for Marley after shemeets a cute boy wholoves dogs as much as shedoes.
  11. 11. Fifteen-year-old LizzieCohen recalls what itwas like growing upwith her imaginativebut disturbed oldersister Tess, and howshe is striving toreclaim her own lifesince Tess died.
  12. 12. Hazel and Jack are bestfriends until an accidentwith a magical mirrorand a run-in with avillainous queen findHazel on her own,entering an enchantedwood in the hopes ofsaving Jacks life.
  13. 13. Through a letter to herEnglish teacher, fourteen-year-old Lizzy Mortimer ofCrabapple, California,relates her discovery thatshe and her eccentricgrandmother are kin toMorgan le Faye, chargedwith saving the lastdescendant of King Arthurfrom an untimely deaththat would endanger theworld.
  14. 14. Sequel to: Beautiful Darkness.Swarms of locusts, record-breaking heat, anddevastating storms ravageGatlin as Ethan and Lenastruggle to understand andcontrol the impact of Lenasclaiming, which is evencausing her family membersabilities to dangerouslymisfire.
  15. 15. At a rustic summer camp,sixteen-year-old Tori, asenators daughter, learnsthat she is descended frommedieval dragon slayers,that dragons still exist, andthat she is expected tohone her special abilities tojoin her fellow campers inbattling the beasts and theman who controls them.
  16. 16. When their parents seedyold motel burns down onthe same night they arevisited by a strange mancovered in skeleton tattoos,Cyrus, Antigone, and theirbrother Daniel areintroduced to an ancientsecret society, and discoverthat they have animportant role in keeping italive.
  17. 17. Mona is miserable. Herfamily consists of SisterFigg Newton; Truman, thehuman pretzel; Aunt GracieJo, the dog catcher; andher son, Fido the Second.The only person Mona likesis her Uncle Florence, thebook dealer, until shelearns that things areseldom what they seem.
  18. 18. Book #1When two boys staywith an eccentricrelative at his mansionin rural Vermont, theydiscover an old-fashioned board gamethat draws them into amysterious adventure.
  19. 19. Book #2Friends Brian and Gregoryhave survived the Game ofSunken Places, but are onceagain drawn back to cousinPrudences house in Vermont,where they discover thatsomething has gone verywrong with time, people havedisappeared, and danger islurking everywhere.
  20. 20. Book #3Brian and Gregory aretransported to NewNorumbega, akingdom inside analien body, where theyface a rebellion, amurder mystery, and arivalry over a girl.
  21. 21. Phoebes stepfather,headmaster of a school forthe descendents of Greekgods, enrolls Phoebe inGoddess Boot Camp to helpher gain control of her newlydiscovered powers, butPhoebes romantic life andimpulsive decisions may ruinany chance she has at passingthe test of the gods.
  22. 22. Book #1Thirteen-year-old DanCahill and his older sister,Amy, thought the searchfor the thirty-nine cluesleading to the source oftheir familys power wasover, but when Cahills arekidnapped by the Vespers,Amy and Dan findthemselves with only a fewday to fulfill a bizarreransom request beforetheir friends start dying.
  23. 23. Book #2Thirteen-year-old DanCahill and his oldersister Amy race againsttime to find an ancientmap that has not beenseen for half a centuryand use it to redeemtheir family memberswho have beenkidnapped by a sinisterorganization called theVespers.
  24. 24. In all the years she haswatched the wolves inthe woods behind herhouse, Grace has beenparticularly drawn toan unusual yellow-eyedwolf who, in his turn,has been watching herwith increasingintensity.
  25. 25. Sequel to ShiverGrace and Samstruggle to keep theirrelationship together,while Grace lies to herparents and keeps asecret from them andSam copes with hiswerewolf past.
  26. 26. Hal, Stig, and the otheroutcasts do not have thesize and strength of theSkandians, but when theyface off against the Wolvesand the Sharks in anultimate race for survival,they hope that theircourage and cunning areenough to help them win ina game that everyoneseems to think is a matterof life and death.
  27. 27. Collects the lost storiesof the Rangers whorisked their lives todefend the kingdom,including the tales ofthe young warriorHorace, thecourageous princessEvanlyn, the diplomatAlyss, and Will and hismentor, Halt.
  28. 28. Book #1Emma is shocked tolearn she has a twinsister, Sutton, but onthe day the girls aresupposed to meet,Sutton is killed, andEmma risks everythingto slip into her twinslife and try to bring thekiller to justice.
  29. 29. Book #2Emma Paxton, whohas taken over hermissing twins life inthe hopes of findingher killer, discoversthat her lies may windup costing her her ownlife.
  30. 30. Leo, the son of themaintenance man of theWhippet Hotel, opens aseries of cryptic boxeswhich reveals hiddenfloors, strange puzzles,and unexpected alliancesand lead him on anadventure to save thebuilding and his future.
  31. 31. Fifteen-year-old KatBishop and her fellowtalented teenagers worktogether to find and stealthe Cleopatra Emeraldfrom an unscrupulousdealer and return it to itsrightful owner, while heruncle Eddies former lovetries to get the gem forherself.
  32. 32. When eleven-year-old Mosmother dies in an accidentand Mos devastated fatherdeals with the loss bymoving the family to a newtown and starting a newlife as the owner of a sportsbar, Mo must leave hermuch loved neighborhoodon Fox Street to live in anapartment above the"cursed" Corkeys Tavern.
  33. 33. A lyrical story-in-versethat details theexperiences of anAfrican boy who waskidnapped and soldinto slavery.
  34. 34. A budding musiciannamed Saint, who earnsmoney playing clarinetfor the New Orleanstourists, refuses toleave the city after thehurricane until he canfind his best friendShadow.
  35. 35. Three city siblings, nowliving on a farm duringthe Great Depression,must survive on theirown when their fathertakes a constructionjob miles away.
  36. 36. A fictionalized look atthe last twenty years ofThomas Jeffersons lifeat Monticello throughthe eyes of three of hisslaves, two of whomwere his sons by hisslave, Sally Hemings.
  37. 37. In the Stalinist era of theSoviet Union, ten-year-oldSasha idolizes his father, adevoted Communist, butwhen police take his fatheraway and leave Sashahomeless, he is forced toexamine his ownperceptions, values, andbeliefs.
  38. 38. On July 4th, 1777,fourteen-year-old JakeMallory and his friends arecelebrating their newnations independence, butover the next four yearsJake finds himself inincreasingly adventurouscircumstances as he battlesBritish forces, barelysurvives captivity on aprison ship, and finallyreturns home toConnecticut.
  39. 39. During World War II,eleven-year-old Felicity issent from London toBottlebay, Maine, to livewith her grandmother,aunt, uncle, and a reclusiveboy who helps her decodemysterious letters thatcontain the truth about hermissing parents.
  40. 40. In 1887, the social-climbingCranstons voyage fromNew York to London,where they hope to find ahusband for their awkwardolder daughter, secretlyaccompanied by Helenaand her mouse siblings, forwhom the journey is bothterrifying and wondrous asthey meet an array of titledhumans despite their bestefforts at remaininghidden.
  41. 41. Sixth-grader Tommy andhis friends describe theirinteractions with a paperfinger puppet of Yoda,worn by their weirdclassmate Dwight, as theytry to figure out whether ornot the puppet can reallypredict the future. Includesinstructions for makingOrigami Yoda.
  42. 42. A collection of spooky shortstories for children,describing a teenager whosegreed outweighs his respectfor the dead, a kid whoseafter-school job could costmore than it pays, and asnowboarder who decides toshow off on a hauntedmountain.
  43. 43. Sequel to IndependenceHall.Q and Angela attempt tolearn the truth about thesupposed death ofAngelas real mother,who used to be a SecretService agent, whiletrying to figure out whothey can trust.
  44. 44. Princess Wisdom, who yearnsfor a life of adventure, Tips, asoldier keeping his true lifesecret from his family,Fortitude, an orphaned maidwho longs for Tips and Magicthe cat form an uneasyalliance as they try to save thekingdom from certaindestruction. Told throughdiaries, memoirs,encyclopedia entries, letters,biographies, and a stage play.
  45. 45. SequelTwelve-year-old bestfriends Julie and Lydiaare reunited after sixmonths apart, but thenews that their friendSukies mother has diedafter a long illness causesthem to reevaluate theirgoals and focus on beingsupportive of the friendsthey already have.
  46. 46. When a mummydisappears from thelocal history museumwhile Cass and herfriends Max-Ernest andYo-Yoji are there, theytry to solve the case inorder to clear theirnames and, they hope,discover the Secret theyhave been seeking.
  47. 47. When Gavin takes hismetal detector to a newplayground to hunt forlost objects, he insteaddiscovers a group ofmysterious children whoonly appear after dark,and who tease him andtry to persuade him toplay with them until lateinto the night.
  48. 48. Taj is horrified when hestarts growing wingsand fears he is turninginto a horrible beast, sohe turns to his cousinfor help, only to learnhis cousin is hiding thesame secret.
  49. 49. David is excited thathis family has beenchosen to participate ina reality televisiontaping for the program"Trading Moms," untilhe learns whose momis being swapped withhis--his biggest enemy,Rose Thornton.
  50. 50. In the Library of Doom,the librarians job is toprotect the books fromfalling into the wronghands and being used forevil purposes, but whenone of his own booksbegins draining the othersof ink, he must stop itbefore the entire library isdestroyed.
  51. 51. An illustrated history ofthe witch hunts that tookplace in colonial-eraSalem, Massachusetts,featuring primary sourceaccounts, and describingthe victims, accusedwitches, corrupt officials,and impact of the eventson society.
  52. 52. An illustrated retellingof the myth of Achilles,depicting the heros lifefrom his birth to hisparticipation in theTrojan War, despite hismothers warning thatit will cost him his life.
  53. 53. Anya, embarrassed byher family and lackingconfidence in her bodyand her social skills,finally finds a friend afterfalling down a well, butquickly learns there aredrawbacks to having aghost for a friend.
  54. 54. Vanessa Shingle drags herbest friend Stork on anighttime mission to learnmore about an attractivejanitor named Jean-PaulMcClellan, but after shewitnesses somethingunexpected and her littleNew Mexico town becomesoverrun by vampires,Vanessa wonders whetherJean-Paul is one of them.
  55. 55. When Maria meets thenew boy at her highschool, Tom Stone, thetwo feel a connection,but Maria finds it hardto get to know Tom,the son of PersephoneFalls, Alaskas newfuneral director.
  56. 56. Presents both old andnew tales about trolls,discussing thedepiction of trolls astroublesome,bloodthirsty, vicious,and slow, and lookingat contemporaryexamples of trolls inpopular culture.
  57. 57. Photographs and textrecount Caitlin OConnellsexperiences observingAfrican elephants in theirnatural habitat, describingthe discoveries she madeabout elephantcommunication.
  58. 58. An introduction to thetools and techniquesprofessionals use toinvestigate crimescenes, describing theroles of crime sceneinvestigators to findand record criminalevidence.
  59. 59. Traces the cases inrecent history that havebeen solved using thelatest forensic science ofthe time, such as thefirst case to usefingerprint evidence,hair matching, and DNAprofiling. Includes realcase files and casestudies.
  60. 60. An exploration of thelife of Michael Phelpsthat discusses hischildhood, struggleswith attention-deficit/hyperactivitydisorder, training,motivation, Olympicperformance, andother related topics.
  61. 61. Provides a chronologicalaccount of September 11,2001, and the terroristattacks on the WorldTrade Center in New Yorkand the Pentagon inWashington, D.C., andthe hijacking of a planethat crashed inPennsylvania.
  62. 62. Uses real-life examplesand five basic moralprinciples to encourageteens to make the rightchoices in varioussituations related tofriends, family, school,and relationships.
  63. 63. Blends humor and facts in alook at events in Americaand the world, providinginformation about theelectoral system in theU.S., the world economy,the role of religion inconflict, Americas place inthe world, and othertopics, and includingadvice on how to getinvolved.
  64. 64. Explores the lasting legacy of the"Titanic" tragedy, discussinghow the sinking of the ship led tonew regulations and theformation of an ice patrol thatlater became the U.S. CoastGuard, earned the "New YorkTimes" a lasting reputation fornews, caused a Senate inquiry,destroyed the lives of severalsurvivors, and fascinated peoplearound the world for a century.
  65. 65. Retells the eventssurrounding the sinkingof the RMS "Titanic,"describing the shipsconstruction andlaunch, and featuringauthentic photographsand illustrations fromthe period.
  66. 66. Introduces teens toGreek mythology, withinteractive activities,retellings of classicmyths, an overview ofthe gods and goddesses,and questions to helpthem realize how themyths apply to modernlife.
  67. 67. Presents illustratedretellings of classicGreek myths, sharingthe stories of Zeus,Aphrodite, Apollo,Athena, Helen of Troy,Perseus, and Medusa.
  68. 68. Images and plot summaries courtesy of Follett’s Titlewave.
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