E-Ethics Webinar 2 - Cases of Starbucks Big Bad Blogger and Marlboro Red List (Dec 17, 2012)


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E-Ethics Webinar 2 - Cases of Starbucks Big Bad Blogger and Marlboro Red List (Dec 17, 2012)

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E-Ethics Webinar 2 - Cases of Starbucks Big Bad Blogger and Marlboro Red List (Dec 17, 2012)

  1. 1. e-EthicsWebinar 2 Edwin S. Soriano Planu Planu @ka_edong
  2. 2. Warm-up 1: Would you share this? (Yes/No) Planu @ka_edong
  3. 3. Warm-up II: Would you share this? (Yes/No) Planu @ka_edong
  4. 4. Thoughts to Ponder•What you focus on expands.• Focus on the right / good.
  5. 5. In the News• Newtown, Connecticut shootout• Which portions/reports/aspects of this story did you share, if any? • I didnt share anything but I noticed a lot of people in my network shared the story of one of the teachers named Victoria who hid her students in the closet and they survived. - Catherine • I just "liked" some of the posts condemning it especially the fact the small children were killed. - Joy • It just got me thinking about how this world has changed so much, not only through climate change but also the psyche of people - Stefano• Search terms: “Turn off the news” Morgan Freeman
  6. 6. Warm-up III: Would you share this? (Yes/No) Planu @ka_edong
  7. 7. Case 1: Starbuckspromo gone wild Planu @ka_edong
  8. 8. Case 1: Starbucks Eli Planu @ka_edong
  9. 9. Case 1: Starbucks Michelle Planu @ka_edong
  10. 10. Case 1: Starbucks promo gone wild• Dear CDM e-Ethics consultants, Our group made a mistake in our email promo. What advise would you give? Lovingly yours, Starbucks CEO Planu @ka_edong
  11. 11. Case 1: Starbucks promo gone wild What advise would you give?• Under the circumstances, if it was not for social media, but if the world was still working on traditional marketing then this would not have been a problem. - Romson• We can write to the previous recipients, humbly apologize and this time, give a real discount as a sort of "gift" - Ai• Make a formal public apology explaining the situation and clearly admitting their error. Not just sweep it under the rug. - Catherine Planu @ka_edong
  12. 12. Case 1: Starbucks promo gone wild What advise would you give?• Sometimes, keeping things traditional sometimes is the best option. Possibly utilize real coupons where your staff can hand out to favored customers would been highly appreciated. Starbucks should have held the campaign as a local campaign for that was exactly what it was.- Romson• Honor the offer, thats the best damage control they could do. - Joy• My advise would be to KNOW exactly what your promos are. Understand the consumer process. And then use this problem to build upon the new promo as a sorry to the consumers. - Stefano Planu @ka_edong
  13. 13. Case 1: Starbucks Eli Planu @ka_edong
  14. 14. Case 1: Starbucks Rocel Planu @ka_edong
  15. 15. Case 1: Starbucks (Post Script) LizaReading the case study, Starbucks was only working on a local market areaand the current deal was isolated to within just a few locations. All it was was really a local markeing play. - Romson I think they did the right thing by explaining the situation and their error. - Catherine Planu @ka_edong
  16. 16. Post Script: StarbucksNow, Caribou Coffee is willing to pick up Starbucks’slack – literally. The company says it will honor the voidStarbucks coupons. If customers bring the coupon to aCaribou store they will receive a free medium (drink) ....For Starbucks, this incident serves as a lesson of howbacking out on an offer can damage your reputationand can leave the door open to competitors! Marketing http://marketingmonster.wordpress.com/ Monster 2006/09/06/ Planu @ka_edong
  17. 17. Case II:Big Bad Blogger Planu @ka_edong
  18. 18. Case II: Big Bad Blogger What questions do you haveabout the Big Bad Blogger case? Planu @ka_edong
  19. 19. Q&A• Stefano: Does this actually happen nowadays? :) • I was in PR in the hotel and restaurant industry and there could really be press people who would push their way around but as the PR practitioner, it is up to you if you would give in to their requests in exchange for a publicity of your company. I just want to highlight that there are still honest-to-goodness writers. - Joy
  20. 20. Q&A• In my previous job, I received an email proposal from a blogger wanting a free room in exchange for a feature however it was mentioned that it didnt guarantee a positive review. It was just a little weird considering the persons site wasnt one of the more famous travel blogs. We opted to decline. - Catherine• Our hotel manager was a bit concerned that the blogger wouldnt be objective in the sense of presenting pros and cons. So to stay safe we opted to decline. - Catherine
  21. 21. Thoughts• Universal law: You earn as much as the value that you put out in the world.• It’s your level of acceptance that allows you to receive blessings.
  22. 22. Four Types of BloggersJournal, Hobby,Value and Google/SEO- Carlo OpleKnow your blogger. - edWIN
  23. 23. Case III:Marlboro’s Red List Planu @ka_edong
  24. 24. Given additional info, do you have any new insights to the case?• Yes definitely. Because it shows that Malboro had no intent to disobey the law during the early stages of the event prep. - Catherine• I thought Malboro was trying to Jump the Law. But after the insight, it is good to know that Malboro was honorable unlike Starbucks - Romson• So prang nalugi yung marlboro sa concert kasi they didnt get publicity tas they spent? :) Alright :) nalungkot ako for them pero maybe they should improve on their social media policy for their employees :) - Eli Planu @ka_edong
  25. 25. Given additional info, do you have any new insights to the case?• Close to what I was had imagined. Initially, I thought it was a private party for - stockholders, employees. -a company event. - Romeo• I already mentioned in my assignment that it looks like Marlboro isnt violating any IMMAP/ASC etc. regulations. So in effect parang reverse sila ng Starbucks case? kasi sa Starbucks things went out of hand and they pulled the plug instead of honoring the vouchers? - Kimberley Planu @ka_edong
  26. 26. What is your ultimate guide for ethics?• Conscience - Ai • personal values <if your values does not answer/cover it, seek the guides>• Try to Empathize before Judgement - - Michelle Romson • Treat others how you want to be• Trust your moral compass. - treated. - Cielo Catherine • Experience and observation. And a• Do no harm and good will. - Romeo little bit of the Golden Rule. - Kimberley Lorenzo• gut feeling - Joy Gonzales • Good Values and standards :) - Eli • Be of service to others. - edWIN Planu @ka_edong
  27. 27. Edwin S. Soriano twitter: ka_edong www.edwinsoriano.com Facebook: Planu www.teamplanu.comhttps://www.slideshare.net/ka_edong/ Planu @ka_edong