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On being an entrepreneur - Interview of Sanjay Shelat
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On being an entrepreneur - Interview of Sanjay Shelat


Presentation for a HTW-Berlin online course. 2012

Presentation for a HTW-Berlin online course. 2012

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. On Being an Entrepreneur An Interview with Sanjay Shelat of Edit Optimisation Ltd Personal interview from Kasey Navita Phifer for the Internship Support and Evaluation Course of the College of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin conducted on 25 May 2012, presented on 14 June 2012 www.editoptimisation.co.uk http://bib.htw-berlin.de www.knavita.com www.thechroniclesofnavi.com
  • 2. Quick facts: 1. Edit Optimisation was founded in 20022. Sanjay Shelat is head of sales, co-founder & also my internship supervisor3. 45 full-time employees, dozens of freelancers, 1 intern - me  4. Winner of Merton Business Awards 2011 “Best Employer Award”
  • 3. Interview Questions Original interview length: 15 minutes (7 questions) Edited down to: 3 minutes (4 questions) 1. How did you come across the idea to found Edit Optimisation? 2. What were the greatest challenges and successes youve seen since deciding to start Edit? 3. Who or what has motivated you to make difficult life and business decisions? 4. Do you consider your academic studies to have played an important role in your career, and if so, how?
  • 4. What I‘ve Learned About Entrepreneurship• Personality is everything (confidence, risk-taking & passion needed)• Business plans are (mostly) overrated• Studies help build character and knowledge; so do practical experiences, friends and travel
  • 5. Recommended Information• You‘ll either have a great job or a really crappy one: Larry Smith, TED Talks: „Why you will fail to have a great career” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKHTawgyKWQ&feature =youtu.be• Helped inspire the company: Richard Koch. The 80-20 Rule. (Basics of how Google AdSense works) http://www.adsensehowto.net/google_adsense/how_goog le_adsense_works.php• Edit Optimisation website: www.editoptimisation.co.uk 2011 Best Employer Award: http://vimeo.com/29472032
  • 6. Thanks for your attention!And enjoy your internships! 