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Pr4 me my_movies

  1. 1. PR4 Me & My Movies • Date set: 6/03/14 • Submission Date: 3/04/14
  2. 2. Superbad Director - Greg Mottola Year Of Production – 2007 Seth, Evan and Fogell are three teenage guys who love to drink and desperately wish to get laid. When a girl that Seth really likes, asks him to get the drink for her party, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to make her his girlfriend. The trio plan out how to get the alcohol, even including Fogell's new fake ID, but things won't got smoothly for the trio. Seth and Evan become separated from Fogell (now called McLovin) and they still haven't got the alcohol for the party that night.
  3. 3. This Is The End Director - Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen Year Of Production – 2013 All Jay Baruchel expected coming to LA was a fun time with Seth Rogen with all the wild partying to have both by themselves and at James Franco's housewarming party. Suddenly, the Rapture hits and the Biblical Apocalypse has begun. Now, Jay and Seth are desperately sheltering in James' house for rescue along with a few other friends. Together, they must band together to attempt to survive the end of the world, only for Jay to find that they are all too dumb and superficial to do it until they discover the only way out.
  4. 4. Knocked up Director - Judd Apatow Year of Production - 2007 For fun loving party animal Ben Stone, the last thing he ever expected was for his one night stand to show up on his doorstep eight weeks later to tell him she's pregnant.
  5. 5. Comedy The main elements of the comedy genre that attract me to it are mainly the stars, actors such as Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, James Franco and many more. They all star in a lot of my favourite comedy films and they make them a lot more enjoyable to watch. The story often involves the characters encountering problems on the way to achieving their goal which are often given a twist because of the nature of the genre and they always make the film more enjoyable and funny to watch. Also I find comedy films to be quite relatable, usually the characters have a problem which I and lots of other people can always relate to because people of the age who the film is aimed at may have similar problems and can often relate but with a humorous twist.
  6. 6. Intertextuality • If we have a look at Super bad and Project X, they have a similar story line of 3 friends who didn’t really get much attention and (all three of characters have the same personality as each other) at school trying to impress everyone to make a name for themselves. Both films are based on underage drinking in a party and the party is ended by chaos and police to stop the party.
  7. 7. Star Theory All three films that I have used all have major stars in them that would make people want to watch them because they’re in the film. If we look at Super bad we can see that Jonah Hill is the main star in the film. People know from his previous films and how funny he is. If we also look at This is the end we can see that there a lot of celebrities in the film but the main ones are James Franco and Jonah Hill. Some people would watch the film simply because they’re in the film. The reputation and popularity that they have is what makes them so famous in the film industry.
  8. 8. Frameworks of interpretation: 3UFV1in5Qk On my screenshot of the trailer, it shows the main three protagonist's of the film, Seth, Evan and McLovin. But the main protagonist of the film in my opinion is Seth as he is the main reason all these “unfortunate” events are occurring and he is the reason they are going to buy alcohol illegally. When you watch this trailer, you can instantly see that the codes of convention of this film includes a lot of female representation. This film is aimed mostly at teenagers as the setting is in a high school in California, where students tries buying alcohol underage just to impress some girls, then they end up at a partying, this will relate to many teenagers, it also contains a lot of humour and they use slangs and certain languages that will only make sense to teenagers. From the trailer, it shows that the narrative of the film is 3 high school students’ intended to simply buy some alcohol but they come across all these kind of situations that kind of gives the message “everything happens for a reason”.
  9. 9. Frameworks of interpretation: On the screen shot of the trailer, it shows in my opinion the main 3 protagonists, Seth, James and Jay but the main protagonist out of all 3 is James Franco as he hosts the party and it all happens inside his house. From the trailer that I have used we can see that the film has a lot of celebrities partially the reason they have applied the star theory. Instantly this film would attract a lot of audience and viewers. From what we can see from the trailer the narrative of this film is what makes this film stand out from the normal adventure/comedy genre. We can see that it has something to do with the world ending and it goes into the apocalypse, which is from the bible. From the trailer we see a lot of alcohol and female representation being used for example when someone slapped Rihanna’s backside. In my opinion it falls into the codes and conventions of this film. We also tend to see a lot of violence. With this film being an adventure film I think violence is expected to be in it. We can tell that the setting of the film is in Los Angeles even though it was filmed in New Orleans.. We can see by the big houses, the streets and the landscaping that this film is in Los Angeles. It also makes sense that this film is shot in Los Angeles. Due to the fact that there are lot of celebrities that live in Hollywood or Beverly Hills, it makes the film or realist to the real world.
  10. 10. Knocked Up =cv01Mcdf8rI In the trailer, it shows you the two main protagonist’s Ben and Alison. This film features most of the characters that was in SuperBad and This is the end like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel etc, this shows this film has applied star theory to attract the audience and other previous film when they have features that group of people, it has become very popular. From the trailer, we see that Ben, who is a laid back person who lives with couple of his friends who get stoned all the time gets Allison who works in the Media industry with a very busy lifestyle get impregnated by Ben. The narrative of this film shows the viewer what they have to go through when two completely different people with different lifestyle are suddenly brought together and learn each others way of life just because of a baby. Unlike other films that Seth Rogan has starred in, it contains a lot of violence but this film has just been cut down to sex scenes, alcohol and drug use. Like most Hollywood Blockbusters, this film is set in Los Angeles, California as it is the capital of settings in films made in Hollywood. In my opinion, the reason they use LA as a setting because of how perfect the weather is most of the time and is just a perfect setting.
  11. 11. There are a lot of ways of finding out about films. In my opinion the most popular way that people find out about films that are about to come out are through social network websites. Facebook is very popular in terms of finding out films that are about to come out. People tend to post the actual trailer on Facebook and through there you will be able to watch it and even make comments about the trailer. With Facebook being a social website you tend to see a lot of discussions about the trailer on the comment section. Here we get to see what people thing about the trailer, in terms of their opinions. Twitter is also a very popular social network website. It’s very similar to Facebook, people tend to post the links to the trailers on it and from their people can simply view the trailers by simply clicking on the link. A lot of people tend to go on the IMDB website. It’s a website where you get to see future trailers for films. A lot of people still do it traditionally where they go on websites such as IMDB to view trailers. In todays generation in terms of technology we are more assisted in terms of viewing trailers because of all these social networking websites and apps. In my opinion trailers are the most popular way in terms of finding out about a film. People who buy a lot of magazines can find out new films through their purchased magazines. In the magazine itself it will tend to have a small bio about the actual film and this is how people find out information about the film. Personally, the way I find information about films are through Facebook and IMDB. It comes down to your own preferred choice at the end of the day. Like I mentioned earlier there are comment sections where people can give out opinions about films on Facebook, and this is what I like seeing. I like to see what other people think about future trailer for films.
  12. 12. For this section, I will be using Knocked up as an example. The narrative of the film is aimed at young adults and teenagers 16-29, the reason I think its in that age range is because many young adults and teenagers as teenage pregnancy and unexpected pregnancy is very common nowadays and it show the viewers how they would deal with that situation and MOST films have a happy ending and it might up their minds at ease for people in the same situation. This film contains sex, alcohol and soft drugs use. These are very common types of uses that teenagers tend to thrive off in a film so this shows the film is aimed at a younger audience. However, for the audiences who are religious, may not find this film entertaining because some strong believers of Christianity doesn’t approve of sex before marriage, same for Muslim, they do not approve of sex before marriage, use of narcotics and alcohol is also not approved in their beliefs.
  13. 13. Active Spectatorship Similar to reception theory, people will view films in different ways. Peoples reactions to the film will be different and question it. Fan clubs are often created for films that have a big following. Fan clubs are created for fans of the films to speak about the movies with other fans. They also promote the film and gain a wider audience. They can also organise events such as conventions. This happens with a number of different film, an example would be the Shaun of the dead, this British film has a big fan base all over the world as it stars Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, both well known to star in British comedies with some films based on Zombie Apocalypse's which built up a big fan base.