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Fmp evaulation.docx

  1. 1. Ken Ishii Final Major Project Evaulation For my Final Major Project, I had decided to create a music video for the song Everyday – Adana Twins, the genre of this song is Deep House which is typically around 120BMP. The message I aim to give to my audience through this video is that Manchester is not as grim as the residents of Manchester think it is despite the bad weather, Manchester is filled with amazing architecture and has a great history in the music scene. Technical quality of final product (images, footage, use of sound, editing, layout, composition) During the production of my Final Major Project, I had to take in mind of the technical qualities that I had to involve in my video and production. First of all on the day of my shooting, I took out my storyboard out with me so I knew what kind of shot type and camera angles I had acquired for each scene that I was inspired by other music videos, for example for the opening scene; I had a (WS) view of the bed, then a (CU) of the actors face then a (ECU) of the mobile device that was ringing. As I have already done a music video project before in the past I knew what angles works effectively and what doesn’t, I used the angles that gave it a professional look. For example, when the actor jumps at the drop of the song in my music video, I recorded the run up and jump in 3 different angles in different positions and edited the clip to one to give it a professional feel. I found this easier for me during production so I knew straight away which shot or angle was required. While production, I had the music playing in the background whilst recording for each scene so I could put the video and song in time and also lip syncing with the song and actor to give it a professional music video look. For my choice of music for my music video, I chose Everyday – Adana Twins, the reason I chose this song is because the tempo of the song was perfect for my intentions, it’s not a heavy song, minimal vocals and more kick and snare; this song is this is the first Deep House track I had heard and that started my enthusiasm for house music which is another reason I chose this and it also suits my target audience needs and it is a typical convention of the house music genre. For the editing of my Final Major Project, I used a programme called Adobe Premier Pro, this is an advantage to me as I have previously edited and created a music video on this software, so this required me to have no guidance at all and allowed to me work independently and effectively. During the editing, I imported all my clips onto the computer, renamed all the scenes so it was easy for me to identify each clip, then I looked at which clips I was going to use for my intro, I started putting the clips together until it got to the chorus. But I found out that I recorded a little too fast pace so I had to change my clip speed down to 67% so that the clip matched up with the song in order to be in sync with each other. I found this problem easy to resolve and continue with my editing efficiently. Overall on my project, I have used effective and creative composition in the video, i intentionally filmed the music video in 2nd person to give my audience a feel of that they are with me in the music video, I give this video a “handheld shot” feel to give it a jerky, immediate feel, I also “panned” around my car 180 degrees, I tried to use the “steadicam shot” for the intro but I didn’t have the right equipment for the shot so I used a Tripod and held it by its stand to improvise as a Steadicam. I also applied my photography skills during production, I used “In-depth” when I focused on the actor dancing in the first chorus, leading lines when I was in the vehicle driving down Greenleach Lane, Worsley and “Bokeh” on the scene where I filmed Media City at night and I slowly sharpen the focus. 2. Production skills you have newly acquired and existing skills you have further developed
  2. 2. Ken Ishii Final Major Project Evaulation During my time of producing my Final Major Project, i had changed the way i filmed the music video to the way i filmed my IG3 assignment last year. On IG3’s assignment, we had 5 people in our production team to create a music video, on my Final Major Project, it was an independent assignment so i had to be the Director, Camera man, Runner and Actor, but i recruited one of my friend who was kindly enough to help me with this Assignment. My technique in Camera angles had developed as i had thoroughly looked into music videos related to the genre of music i chose and tried to manipulate the angles i thought looked effective in the music video. From my IG3 assignment, i struggled using my Canon 7D and needed help setting up the camera to the right setting suitable for shooting video. But i had developed my skills using my camera over the year and i am more familiar with the interface of the camera and what settings gives the best outcome for shooting in video. This shows i can operate crucial shooting equipment without any guidance. Using Adobe Premier Pro, although i had not acquired any new skills using this software, i had more experience editing with this software as in the past i had constantly ask how to cut the clip, import files, exporting, changing speed, tempo and importing audio. But with the Final Major Project, i did not require any guidance whilst editing my music video. 3. How closely your final product matches your original intentions (outlined in your Final Major Project proposal) My original intention for my FInal Major Project was that there were 3 friends who we not from Manchester and they was saving up for a night out in Manchester. But they arrived in Manchester too early so they decide to explore Manchester. When i planned my proposal, i had still had a car but it had broken down when it come to production so we had no choice but to think of a new idea immediately without involving a car in the scene, but also without changing the storyline of the proposal too much. So we come up with the idea of filming the scenes that didn't require a car first whilst i waited for a replacement. When i had a replacement car and the other scenes had been shot. Me and Kieran looked at storyboard and discussed how we can make the scenes better and more effective so we had changed a few scenes that we intended. 4. Time management and problem solving (scheduling, practical constraints and strategies you used to overcome constraints) TIme management was a struggle as it was my first time creating a music video independently and i had to work around my friend as he was helping me. I had to shoot my music video out of college hours and during half term. As my intentional plan in my music video involved a car. I had to wait over a month to get a replacement car so this had backtracked my project. As i had 3 people in my production team, when it come to production it had come down to 2 as of one of my friends dropped out as of personal disagreements.
  3. 3. Ken Ishii Final Major Project Evaulation 5. Reaching your target audience (audience response, your reactions to positive and negative criticism with reference to audience feedback you have gathered) Before producing my Final Major Project, i had opened a survey on SurveyMonkey.Com, 21 people answered my Questionnaire about what they would like to see in a music video. I analysed my resulted but for the intention of my music video i disagreed to the audience on some question i.e ‘What setting would you like to see in a Music Video?’ majority answered house party and warehouse but i filmed around Manchester City Centre and Salford because of the message i wanted to get across. When i finished the edit on my Final Major Project, i created a closed group on FaceBook asking a few of my friends on what they thought of my video and requesting feedback, even though they have watched and seen my post, only 1 person replied to my group but i had a lot of positive verbal feedback from friends. From my feedback i received positive and negative feedback, from the negative i was told it should've been a narrative music video but my intentions was to be a concept music video.
  4. 4. Ken Ishii Final Major Project Evaulation 6. Summary conclusion of how you would respond to your project brief if you were to do it again For the conclusion of my Final Major Project, i believe this was a successful music video from the verbal feedback i had been given, but if i were to do the project again, i would invest more time in going more in-depth with Adobe Premier Pro to learn more effects that can be created on the software. Even though i thought i had enough footage, i would in the future film a lot more than i intend as more footage is never too much footage. Overall i am very pleased with the outcome of my music video as it was all independant and i now realise i am capable to create a music video in the future.