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Final major project_proposal_form_updated


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  • 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Unit 4: Final Major Project Proposal Form Ken Ishii Media Format (film, documentary, motion graphics, photography, animation, graphic design etc) Synopsis of Idea (content, narrative, genre) I have chosen to do a music video for this my final major project, the genre of the music video I am doing is Deep House, the shots that I’ll be using range from close up, extreme close up, mid shot, wide shot, extreme wide shot etc. I will gather a few of my friends for this music video as my cast. I will personally be the main camera man but I will be in several shots so I will find an assistant camera man. I will also have to use one of my friends cars to film the scenes in the car. The setting I will be using for this music video are in Manchester City Centre, various nightclubs and also in a car travelling to different destinations. The story line behind this music video is that a bunch of friends had saved up pennies and pounds to go to this night in Manchester, they finally have all the money they needed and they drive to Manchester, they get to Manchester too early because of their excitement so they decide to go crazy in Manchester. Target Audience? (demographic NOT age range) My Target audience is for anyone who is interested in Deep House genre, but it is also for anyone who lives in Manchester as I will be filming in various notorious locations in Manchester like the Beetham Tower, The Printworks, St Anns Square, The Hacienda etc Target Audience Needs? The audience will wish to expect many things in a music video to a certain genre. First of all the genre must match with the music video that is based on, for example, for a Deep House music video, you would expect people dancing, happy vibes, change of scene when the beat drops etc. They would also expect some kind of story line in a music video, like some kind of message behind a video. The audience will also expect a main character in a music video. How will your project meet the needs of your target audience? (Make reference to content you think will appeal to your target audience) To meet my target audience needs. I will use a main character who loves music and dances to any music that is on. A bunch of friends in a car on the way to an event so they will all be very happy. I will be taking various shots from different angles so I can switch it around to the beat of the music. Also my music video has a story line of a bunch of friends who had saved up for a night out in Manchester but they end up going crazy in Manchester. What production I will first of all gather up all the equipment and props I will need in a short
  • 2. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Unit 4: Final Major Project Proposal Form Ken Ishii techniques will you use to realise your project? budget. Then I will have to contact friends so I will have a cast crew and member for my music video ( Cameraman, Lighting, Runner, Casts etc)and fill in a contact sheet just in case we lose any members during production. Then I will start on my storyboard so I will have in mind how the shots will work or even not work so I have time for improvements. Then I will plan out every shot that I will need by every few seconds, like the position of where the casts will be, what they are doing in the shot and what camera angle is used for this shot. This will help me produce my music video smoothly as I would have a plan and I wouldn’t have to improvise each scene. Before going out to production, I will fill in a risk assessment of each location we are going to and find out the telephone number for the local authorities