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Philippines best destinations

Philippines best destinations






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    Philippines best destinations Philippines best destinations Document Transcript

    • Important Events in Philippine History<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique20" o "" Luzon<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique41" o "" Central Luzon<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique46" o "" Manila<br />Angeles, Pampanga<br />History of Manila<br />Laguna<br />Manila, the Capital <br />Other Points Of Interest<br />Tagaytay<br />Tagaytay resorts and hotels<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique38" o "" Central Mountains, Luzon<br />Banaue Hotels and Lodging Houses<br />Banaue, home of incredible Rice Terraces<br />History of Central Mountains<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique150" o "" Baguio<br />Baguio hotels, inns, and lodging houses<br />Baguio- Summer Capital Of the Philippines<br />Points Of Interest<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique146" o "" Sagada & Bontoc<br />Accomodation in Sagada & Bontoc<br />Points Of Interest<br />Sagada<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique183" o "" Northern Luzon<br />Batanes<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique26" o "" Northwest Luzon<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique31" o "" San Fernando, La Union<br />La Union Hotels and Beach Resorts<br />La Union, a surfing getaway <br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique28" o "" Vigan<br />History of Vigan and the entire Ilocos Region <br />Points of Interest<br />Vigan<br />Vigan Inns, hotels, & lodging houses<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique29" o "" Zambales<br />Capones Island<br />Iba<br />The other face of Zambales<br />Zambales Hotels and Resorts<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique30" o "" Pagudpud<br />Pagudpud Beach Resorts <br />Pagudpud, A haven in the north<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique54" o "" Southern Luzon<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique55" o "" Mindoro<br />History of Mindoro<br />Points Of Interest<br />Puerto Galera Resorts and Hotels<br />Sabang, Puerto Galera & White Beach <br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique69" o "" Bicol<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique70" o "" Camarines Norte And Camarines sur<br />Bicol- The land Of Ultimate Adventure<br />Points Of Interest<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique71" o "" Albay<br />Albay and the looming threats of Mt. Mayon<br />History of Legazpi City and other Albay towns<br />Legazpi City inns & hotels<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique72" o "" Sorsogon<br />Assemblage of Manta Rays in Ticao Pass<br />Bulusan<br />Donsol, home of Whale sharks<br />History of Sorsogon<br />Points Of Interest<br />Sorsogon resorts and hotels<br />The Sights And Flavors Of Sorsogon<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique135" o "" Batangas<br />Anilao- A diver’s Paradise<br />Batangas City<br />Batangas Resorts and Hotels<br />Laiya Beach, San Juan <br />Matabungkay, Batangas<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique179" o "" Romblon<br />Romblon<br />Romblon Resorts and Hotels<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique170" o "" Palawan<br />Calamian Group and Its Tribes<br />Geographic Description<br />History of Palawan<br />Palawan Resorts and Hotels<br />Palawan, The Last Frontier<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique81" o "" The Visayas<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique88" o "" Central Visayas<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique89" o "" Cebu<br />Cebu City and its paradise islands<br />Cebu City hotels, inns & lodging houses<br />History of Cebu<br />Malapascua Beach Resorts & Hotels<br />Moalboal<br />Moalboal lodges and Beach Resorts<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique96" o "" Negros<br />Negros Oriental<br />Siquijor Beach Resorts & Lodging houses<br />Siquijor- Mysterious and Magical <br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique98" o "" Bohol<br />Bohol<br />Bohol resorts and hotels<br />History of Bohol<br />Points Of Interest<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique101" o "" Eastern Visayas<br />History of Leyte<br />The Untouched Beauty Of Samar And Leyte <br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique83" o "Panay, an island located westernmost of the Central Visayas of the Philippines, surrounded by the Sibuyan, Visayan, and Sulu Seas ; the Guimaras strait to the southeast separates it from Negros. (...)" Panay <br />Boracay beach resorts & hotels<br />Boracay, a tropical paradise<br />History of Panay and its towns<br />Invading Boracay<br />Negritos come to life<br /> HYPERLINK "http://www.camperspoint.com/spip.php?rubrique114" o "" Mindanao<br />Camiguin Beach Resorts and Hotels<br />History of Mindanao<br />The volcanic island of Camiguin<br />