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Joshua Aguilar & Paula Meneses ppt on Genotypes and Phenotypes

Joshua Aguilar & Paula Meneses ppt on Genotypes and Phenotypes

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  • 1. Genotypes & Phenotypes Paula Meneses & Joshua Aguilar
  • 2. Genotypes
    • Dominant/Recessive Alleles.
    • Inheritable information.
    • Contribute to your Phenotypes.
    • Polygenic Traits & Single Gene Traits.
    • Cell -> Nucleus -> Chromosomes -> DNA Strands -> Genes (Made up of Alleles.)
  • 3. Homozygous Heterozygous
    • Two same alleles
    • Two different alleles
  • 4. Phenotypes
    • Based on your Genotypes.
    • 25% Chance of Peak & 75% of no Peak.
    • Are all your physical traits.
    • Can be Skin Color, Hair Color, Eye Color, Eye Shape, etc..
    • No Widows Peak:
    • B (Big B)
    • Widows Peak:
    • b (Little b)
    B b B BB Bb b Bb bb
  • 5. Dominant & Recessive Genes
    • Dominant Alleles are more likely to influence the Phenotype.
    • Recessive Alleles are less likely to influence the Phenotype.
    • Genotypes can be passed on.
    • If Recessive Gene isn't physically viewable, it will be passed on to offspring.
    • If heterozygous, Recessive Gene can still be passed on.
  • 6. Variation of Genetic Info
    • In a community, the genetic information combined is a Gene Pool...
    • Gene Mutations can occur..
    • Genetic Shuffling also occurs..
    • Crossing Over can occur..
  • 7. Polygenic & Single Gene Traits
    • Polygenic Traits: Controlled by more than one gene.
    • Example: Eyes, Skin, Hair, Height, Ears, Nose, Lips, etc.
    • Single Gene Traits: Controlled by one gene. You have it or not.
    • Example: Widows Peak, Earlobes, Ability to Roll Tongue, PTC Tasters, Hair on Knuckles, etc.
  • 8. Genetic Code
    • Genotypes are written in a Genetic Code.
    • Consists of a sequence of Codons
    • Example of a Codon: “AUG” (Methionine)
    • Each Codon will stand for a single amino acid.