St Agnes Academy 40th Reunion
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St Agnes Academy 40th Reunion



St. Agnes Academy Class of 1970 presentation for Fortieth Reunion

St. Agnes Academy Class of 1970 presentation for Fortieth Reunion



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St Agnes Academy 40th Reunion St Agnes Academy 40th Reunion Presentation Transcript

  • St Agnes Academy Class of 1970 40th Reunion
    October 8 and 9, 2010
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • It was all Margo and Teresa’s idea….
    How this whole thing got started….
  • 1350 North Meridian Street
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    St. Agnes Academy
  • “Virtueand Knowledge”
  • 1967
  • They saved
    the BEST
    for last
  • Courtesy of Julia Garcia-Roch
  • Remember?
  • Julia and her sister flank Sr. Miriam Joseph
    Julia says “I loved my uniform!”
    Julia Garcia-Roch
  • Kathy Van Dyke, Kathi Arthur and Denise Pritchard
    Sophomore Debators take on Juniors
  • Look who’s
    by boys…
  • 1968 Ball State
    Debate Workshop
  • “Now peeeople…”
  • All St. Agnes Debate, 1968
    Mrs. Mary Shank
  • Cathy Gilligan and Dee McNicholl
    Barb Standley
    and Kathy Donges
  • Chris Daluga, Rosemary Norris,
    Lilliam Gutierrez, and Jean Calland
  • Sleeping Beauties
    Jean Calland
    and Chris Daluga
  • Deb O’Connor, Mo Maley and Kathy Donges
  • Dee DeeMcNicholl, Nancy Logan
    And Kim Casey
  • Jean and Chris…
    (What ARE they
  • Kathy, Regina, Kate, Cathy, Terri and Anne
  • Michele, Rosalie and Kathy cool off
  • Kathy,
    Dee Dee
    and Anne
  • Kim, Regina, Dee Dee, Peggy and Rosalie
  • Anne Fisher
    and Terri Sullivan
    Pam Lewis
  • Nancy, Chris, Lilliam and Debbie
  • Patti, Kay, Anne, Mary & Chris
  • SAA Shenanigans
  • Sheila, Joan, Denise
    New Friend s
    Susie, Joan, Teresa & Patti
  • Kathy Van Dyke
    made the
    long ago…
    And hasn’t
    stopped yet
  • …Cause girls just wanna have fun!
  • St Catherine’s Day meant Senior Rings
    Kathy McShane and her Mother
  • The one and only
    Saint Agnes Academy Senior Ring
    We wore them facing inward for
    one very short year
  • St. Catherine’s Day
  • St Catherine’s Day Luncheon
  • Kathi Arthur
    with her Dad, Frank
  • 1969 SAA Junior Prom
  • Kathy McShane
    Kathy Heckman
    1970 SAA Senior Prom
  • SAA Senior Prom, 1970
  • Silver Bells
  • Silver Bells 1967…Rosalie, Kathy and Michele
  • Gretchen and DeniseAll dressed up with someplace to go
    Cathedral HS Senior Prom, 1968
  • Our Senior Class Officers
  • SAA trip
    to the
  • Introducing
  • Kathy and Kathi
    1967 Cathedral Variety Show
  • Gretchen, Kathi, Kathy and Kathy
    Cathedral Variety Show
  • Those boots were made for
  • Kaz, Gretchen and Kathy
  • CHS Variety Show 1969
  • Denise Kazmierzak, Kathi Arthur, Kathy Nolan, Jo Caskey
    Baccalaureate Luncheon 1970
  • The last class had REAL Class
  • June
    Brigid & Julia
  • Pomp and Circumstance
  • 25th Class Reunion
  • 25th Class Reunion
  • 25th Class Reunion
  • 25th Class Reunion
  • “Weave us tomorrowout of today”
    What a tapestry we have woven!
  • UrszulaAugsbergerSchierenberg
  • Kathy Armstrong
    Beryl Borel
    Kathy Donges
  • Barbara Beagle Summers and family
  • Rick and Kathy Heckman Minor’s Family
  • Kathy’s daughters, Jenny, Carrie and Katie
  • Kathy’s Grandkids, Emily, Evan, Ben and Owen
  • Jo Caskey Simon
    Regina Elsberg
    Maggie Okey
  • Bob and Lilliam Gutierrez Hoerrwith daughter Allison
  • Lilliam & daughter, Allison
    and faithful friend
  • Kay Kurek Kluge and Family
  • Dan and Kay Kurek Kluge’s Family
    With daughters Kate and Emmalee ,
    sons Drew and Chris
  • The Kluge’s: Drew, Dan, Kay, Kate, Eric, Chris and Emmalee
  • Peggy Lettelier
    Pat Scanlon Diaz
    Peggy Smith Hall
  • Susie (Q?) Considine Smith
  • Ann Schrage’s Family
  • Randy and Chris Daluga Thayer
  • Chris’s daughter Jennifer and Granddaughter Rachel
  • Mary Murphy Walsh
    Mary Rose Rash
    Mary Luichinger
  • Rosalie with children…and… and big sister Mary Lou
  • Two Hot Mamas, Mary Lou and Rosalie
  • What a Rose she was!!!
  • Kitty Schnieders
    Marty McNamara
  • Dee McNichollReiskamp
    “Mommy Dee and Bailie”
  • Dee McNichollReiskamp’s Family
  • Conard
    Sheila JuggTerhune
  • Sheila , Conard and Grandkids!
  • Maureen Maley,
    Now Angelina D’cristo
    Jan Bauman
    MarvaBurrus Bailey
  • Kathy McShane Wills and Family
    Husband Mike and Sons David, Kevin and Stephen
  • Kathy’s Family
  • Kathy’s guys, Kevin, David, Steve and Mike
  • Theresa Stevens with son, Michael and BFF
  • Theresa’s Granddaughters: Savanah, Jazmann, Dakota and Michaela
    Theresa’s kids, Nikki,
    Anji and Michael
  • Julia “Chiqui” Garcia Roch’s Family
  • A message from Julia..
    St. Agnes Academy because you welcome me with a generous heart and a smile in September 1969. I have arrived from Cuba in April and came to live with my childhood friend Marilyn Pazos and her family, friends of my parents. The Pazos family talked to the principal, Sister Miriam Joseph and after an interview I was invited to attend the school for my senior year of High School. What a joyful experience! Everyone was so kind to me. I will never forget the great teachers and the students who included me from the very first day. You have a sweet place in my heart, may God bless you. I am sorry I cannot attend the reunion but I send you my love and I will be thinking of you!
  • Michele Kuntz Wood with sons Thor and Nate
  • Gary Wood and Sparkie
  • Michele’s son Thor Wood
  • Pat andTerry Duffy Melton
  • Dale Caldwell Carter
    Ellen Geringer
    Carol Keller Fitzgerald
  • Denise Pritchard Lemmon’s Family
  • Denise’s Grandkids
  • Joann Deery and husband, Rudy
  • Cathy Gilligan Wyss
  • Cathy Gilligan Wyss’s Family
  • Nancy Sanders McNeely
    Mary Mattingly
    Cindy SalbLoew
  • Terri Reuter Cooper Melosci’s Family
  • Terri’s son Aaron and his family
    Terri and daughter Christina
  • Terri’s son Roger with wife Andrea,
    Grandkids Teddy and Lucy
    Terri’s daughter Rebecca with husband David;
    Grandsons Andrew and Kynan
  • Terri’s daughter Carrie Cooper son-in-law, Ahmed
    Terri’s daughter,Mary Cooper
    With fiancé Ryan
  • Terri’s son Joel and granddaughter Lucy
  • Gary and Pat Maxey Galbraith
  • Pat’s daugher Ashley, son-in-law Justin,
    Grandkids Jenna and Heath
    Pat’s son Justin and
    daughter-in-law, MaryAnn
  • Debbie O’Connor
    Donna ScaringeVittorio
    Alice Walpole Johnson
  • Joan Costello and Fiancé Jim Haas
  • Joan’s daughter,
    Joan’s daughter, Kristin with her husband, Eric and daughter, Danielle
  • Joan’s Grandkids
  • Joan’s son, Robert with his wife Zilahand daughters Chloe and Izabella
  • Gretchen’s children Alex, Max and Laura
  • Class Valedictorian
  • Gretchen with Kids,
    Max, Laura and Alex
  • Diane Kim Casey
  • Maureen Quill Misbach’s Family
  • Joe and Maureen Quill Misbach
  • Diane Holland Burgan
  • Karen Oslos Koon
  • David and Karen Oslos Koon
  • Karen’s daughters Sarah, Rachel and Maria
  • Mary Cecil Rhees
  • Mary Cecil Rheeswith daughters Joy and Jill
  • Denise Kazmierzak
    Anne Fisher Campbell
    Lydia Thomas Harris
  • Mary Rose Glennon and Earl Gollogly
  • Rosemary Norris Hall’s daughters, Ashley and Kelly
  • Rosemary Norris Hall and friends
  • Grandson Drew
    Ashley and Kelly
    with their husbands
    Granddaugher Riley
  • Newlyweds
    Diane Harmon
    Dave Ritchie
  • Kate Arthur and Jim Tognoni
  • Kate sons, Jason and Kevin and daughter-in-law, Vicky
  • Kate Arthur
    CVICU University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 1999
  • Ida DeMarco Taylor
    Dorise Smith
  • Erin, Sheila, Brian and Steve Sweitzer
  • Chris and Cathy Dezelan Hornwith sons Jonathon and Reece
  • Cathy’s Son Chris Curry and wife Shannonwith grandsons AJ, Grant and Jackson
  • Carlos and Mary Kay Wagner Hood
  • Connie Luckett Jones with Grandkids Kate and Drew
  • Connie’s daughter Jennifer, son-in-law Andy and Grandkids Emily and Drew
  • Fred and Kathy Brady Zeilinga
  • Kate Burroughs Ott
  • Susie Beaman Templin
    Teresa Willingham
    Mary Schnieders O’Brien
  • Jeff and Kathy Dunn Child with son, Sean
  • Kathy Nolan Boyle and sons
  • Maggie Okey and family
  • Marsha Keen Salvage
  • Mary Fitzgerald and friend
  • Jean CallandLabus
    Jean Francis Meyer
    Joan Murphy Lekens
  • Nancy Logan Harrison and Family
  • Pam Lewis Price and Grandkids
  • Pam Lewis Price
  • Teresa Roth Gregory
  • Margo Enright and her boy toy, Ed Carpenter
  • Margaret Frye French
    Gwen Holman
  • Terri Niemi Rice with sons Matt and Chris and daughter-in-law, Sarah
  • Daryl and Terri Niemi Rice
    Oslo, Norway
  • Terri Niemi Rice’s son, Matt,daughter-in-law, Sarah and grandson, Nate
  • A lifetime of friendshipbegan at SAA
    Kate and Mary Rose at the Tower of London, October 2009
  • “My sorrows song now just must break throughThat brave new dawn long over due”
    In loving memory
  • Geri Dezelan
    1952 -1969
  • Susan Handley
    1952 -197?
  • Barbara Standley
    1952 -198?
  • Theresa
    1952 -2006
  • Beth McGinley
    1952 -2006
  • We miss you, Rose
  • “Hurry Sundown, take the old daywrap it in new dreams , send it our way”
    Thank you all for coming!
    Let’s not wait 15 more years
    To do this again!