Optional Activity Points (OAPs)


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Optional Activity Points (OAPs)

  1. 1. Optional Activity Points (OAPs)What are they? - They are pointsyou can earn by doing a variety of extra academic assignments and can only be used in Dr. Malott’s courses in order to be excused from an entire day’s worth of points. - They are NOT extra credit.What are they used for? - You can use them to make up for being absent, if you are not prepared to take a quiz, you did not complete your homework, or missed rat lab. - You can use them all at once and miss an entire day - OR you can split them up and miss a homework one day, a quiz another day, and participation another day. - If you choose to OAP out of homework or quizzes on a two chapter day, they can use OAPs for both chapters- however, it will cost them more OAPs (20 points for each quiz/hw) - You must tell your GSI that you are going to use them before you miss a day or before you see the quizWhat if I want to use OAPs before I have earned them? - If you want to use OAPs to be excused from a class period or assignment, but you haven’t earned enough OAPs yet, that’s okay. However, they must be earned by the end of the semester or you will receive a zero for that homework, quiz, rat lab or participation that you missed. - We don’t encourage you to use your OAPs before you earn them, but in the case of an emergency, this is a nice option.What is Super A? - A 1 or 2 credit course of a guaranteed A that students can earn for completing extra OAPs. They can choose what semester to be signed up for and they don’t have to complete any other work when enrolled, just have to earn enough OAPs in PSY 1400 or 3600. - 500 OAPs = 1 credit - 1000 OAPs = 2 creditsCan they transfer to other courses? - They can only be used in Dr. Malott courses. For 1400 and 3600, OAPs can be transferred to 4600. Students’ must fill out a transfer form, located in their course packet, and get your signature in order for points to transfer to 4600. Student’s then give the transfer form to their 4600 instructor. OAPs can be used to get out of each category one time.
  2. 2. How can I earn them? - You can earn OAPs through a variety of alternative activities that have academic value. Some activities will be announced as they arise, while others are always available. These activities include: o Writing out definitions (2 OAPs per definition written out 5x each)  You can do this for a maximum of 10x per definition o Answering chapter questions in the POB book (10 OAPs/chapter) o Answer Advanced Enrichment Section questions (10 OAPs/chapter) o Extra rat labs (3600/6100 only – 10 OAPs/rat lab) o Going to conferences (20 OAPs/hour)  MABA (Fall), BAAM (Spring), ABA Autism (Spring)  Must take notes as proof o Attend colloquia (20 OAPs)  Your GSI will announce these as they arise  Must write a paragraph summary/reaction o Participating in research projects (must get approved in advance) o Finding errors (typos) in the course materials  1 OAP/errorWARNING! - There are NO EXCUSED ABSENCES in this class. No matter what. o We offer OAPs because we understand that things do come up and you need to miss class. We highly recommend that you save your OAPs for an emergency. If you get lucky and nothing comes up, you can use them for a free day at the end of the semester. - Please note that our absence policy still applies, even what OAPs are used. o More than 3 absences result in the automatic reduction of ½ letter grade