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Your brand isn’t just what you say it is. It’s also about what your employees, customers, prospects, competitors, and world at large say it is.
As we like to say, a brand is the sum of all conversations, and in the fast-moving and dynamic world of social media, you want to have a handle on how your brand is being perceived out there.
Knowledge360 helps you get better grip on your online brand. In other words we provide you “Social Branding” solutions.

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Social Branding - Create your Niche

  1. 1. Trust in ads has • Overly focused on creating more usefulness and fallen while its relevance with the advertisement messages. • Marketers have done almost nothing with the new structural possibilities capacity (reach) • Participants are getting more and more annoyed by of generating interruption and better and better at avoiding it. • Technology is presenting a new range of opportunities. influence has • Audience usage patterns are evolving. also declined • Focus on the understanding of culture as the driver for innovation is becoming more and more prominent. substantially. "Advertising was designed to simulate word of mouth when word of mouth was very inefficient. It isn’t any longer.”
  2. 2. Communication modes & media • Rapidly advancing Communication & Media Social Media will be one has Changed technologies are making consistent, prominent force in more in the past available new information the Organization's arsenal, 10 years than it flow and public relations as it let then engage opportunities never seen has in the before. customers authentically. previous 100 2009 1994-95 1997-99 2000-01 2002-04 2005 2006 Classmates Online Banking Wireless Friendster Bebo Twitter Banner Ads MP3 Broadband LinkedIn Ning E-Commerce MySpace Digg Brand Websites Flickr Adwords
  3. 3. ONLINE WORD-OF-MOUTH IS A POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL: SOCIAL MEDIA AMPLIFIES AND •You do know how, where ACCELERATES WORD-OF-MOUTH and when your customer •It helps in rapidly shaping discusses you online and influencing opinion •With whom •It Increases impact of word- •With precision of-mouth on consumer •From awareness of you to purchasing behaviour an ambassador for you •It can help foster a genuine •Welcoming you into their connection between a peer network company and its customers •Form a trusted partnership
  4. 4. Industry Country Regional Clients Vendors Partners Govt Common Charities Religious Interest Groups Colleagues Neighbors Relatives Friends Business Associates
  5. 5. They do all • Save Time and Money • NO Travel the things • Connect to more people “Traditional” • • Wider Reach Target Groups Social • Build Communities Networks • • Do Research Create “BUZZ”! do……Plus…. • Generate lowest cost per Referral They are Bigger, Better, Faster and Less Expensive
  6. 6. Build your Get your Re-connect to professional business known Generate leads old customers network Find new Promote Promote your Gain TRUST and markets yourself product or Credibility service The list goes on……..
  7. 7. Thanks to the web, millions of people can now have their say. They have the freedom to express themselves vocally and creatively. The Web gets interesting when people pool their ideas. Ideas come through Conversation. The web is a MASS OF CONVERSATION. That’s why it is creating MASS INNOVATION.
  8. 8. Reputation and Identity • Linked IN – Plaxo – Facebook – Personal Site – Blog – Org Sites Communication News and and Nurturing Opportunity • Reunion – Xing – • EZineArticles – Twitter – Org Article99 – Sales Sites - Blog Gravy – FastPitch – Org Sites - Blog
  9. 9. • Information, Brochures, Sell Sheets, Instruction Sheets • LinkedIN – Plaxo – Org Site – Personal Site - Blog What • Photo’s or Sales Videos, Training Videos, Product Videos Information do • YOUTube – Org Site – Facebook - Vlogs (Video Blog) you already • Power Point, Training, Sales, Marketing, Service • Slideshare – Org Site have? • Articles, Monthly Newsletter, Events, Charities, Memberships • EZineArticles – Article99 – FastPitch – Org Site – Blog Leverage what you have to promote yourself and your business
  10. 10.  
  11. 11. Highly interactive technology tools Many-to-Many Online communities Free, easy, fun Content producers New, more efficient way to communicate SOCIAL MEDIA – SWEET SPOTS
  12. 12. Peer Needs Support Definition Viral Product Marketing Architecture Field Iterative Testing Development
  13. 13. We create a Strong Online Brand with substantial following for You Understanding your business, we: Position the Create an Online Create a value value to get the proposition community Brand statement online talking about you
  14. 14. Complete & Accurate Targeted to the Audience Links back to all associations Creates “Relevancy” for All employees, professionals, clients, vendors, partners, fans! A System to update Regularly Something Simple – but Relevant & Newsworthy Plan Awards & Promotions Create or join Relevant Groups Create Buzz thru Creating Profile which Attracts and have Impact on your Clients Events and Triggers
  15. 15. Updates and Improvements Profile Adding Presentations, Pictures and Videos Targeted reader thru blogs – Creating a daily plan for blogs Plan webinars for you to talk in real-time with your clients and fans Create web events which drive your audience (offline/online) Make product/service launch hype – thru articles, online advertorials, and testimonials Design innovative membership plan to make Viral (Word of Mouth) publicity yield better result Engage in online PR activities to generate more eyeballs and relevance Promote your employees and help them become your Social Media Champions Create a robust lead generation funnel with your employees acting as catalysts
  17. 17. Listen PEOPLE Engage Plan
  18. 18. Know who the influencers are, with precision Know your “share of conversation” vs “share of voice” Know where conversations are occurring that matter Know how news is shared and by whom Know the right keywords that drive search Know what content your customers care about Know who is defining your brand, pro or KNOW WHICH CONVERSATIONS con ARE DEFINING YOUR BRAND
  19. 19. Identify business • Primary goal goal social media • Secondary goal will support Identify target • Primary audience audience • Secondary audience • Costs and Resources Social media • Timelines strategy • Defined strategy • Outline key opportunities and Key tactics tactics Measures of • SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and ESTABLISH MEASURABLE success Timed. OBJECTIVES
  20. 20. Build relationships with digital influencers. Generate positive word of mouth. Share thought leadership to demonstrate that your business is innovative. Manage issues and crisis situations by responding quickly. Influence mainstream media coverage. Expose brand evangelists within your own company. PUT A HUMAN FACE ON YOUR BRAND
  21. 21. Social Blogs: Technorati, Networking: Micro-blogging: WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter Blogger, Blogspot FaceBook 350 Photos & Images: RSS & 300 Flickr, Picasa Newsreaders, Wikis: Wikipedia Facebook GoogleReader Qzone (QQ) 250 MySpace Podcasts: Videos: Audacity, Avatars: Second Windows Live, YouTube, Hulu Life 200 Habbo Bookmark storage: 150 Orkut Digg, Diigo, Browsers: FireFox, Video Delicious, Safari, Chrome Conferencing: Friendster StumbleUpon Skype 100 hi5 Presentation Polling: Survey Twitter sharing: Social Platform: Monkey, 50 Ning Tagged Slideshare PollDaddy Synchronous E-Learning 0 webinar tools: Course development GoToMeeting, Management tools: Camtasia, Users (Million) Eluminate Systems: Moodle Articulate
  22. 22. YOU ALL KNOW HOW • WELL The Internet Version of networking is WELL called Social Networking. If you do it the right way you can generate more Leads, TRADITIONAL faster than ever before. NETWORKING • Most companies already have everything EVENTS that’s needed to get started, Like Brochures, WORK, Videos or Power Points. • WHY NOT Leverage what you already GENERATING have to promote yourself and your LEADS AND business on the internet.. REFERRALS. Knowledge360 is a company made up of eMarketing experts, we are your own Personal Marketing Manager that will help you WE GIVE COMPLETE generate leads using Social Networks for as SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES low as US$2,500 per month or US$25,000 WE PLAN FOR YOU per Annum.
  23. 23. PUBLICATION RESEARCH CONSULTING TRAINING ADVISORY EVENTS TRENDS BOOKS • Investments • Conference • Projections REPORTS • Opportunity • Workshops • Sector • Evaluation • Seminars • Segment ARTICLES • M&A • Tutorials • Company CONCEPT • Technology • Forecasts NOTES • Selection CORPORATE • Markets • Feasibility • In-house • Technologies EDITORIALS • Roll Out • Sponsored • Regions COMMENTARY • Vendors ANALYSIS STRATEGY • Technology • Market Place • Wireless • Business • Value Chain • Telecom • Startups • Opportunities • Enterprise • Turn Around • Industry • Products • Management • Growth • Strategy • Partnerships • Competitors
  25. 25. Extend + 91 9601294896 k360