WH2 SOL 3 Review


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WH2 SOL 3 Review

  1. 1. SOL 3The reformation
  2. 2.  For centuries leading up to the reformation,what institution had dominated religious,thought and action? A: The Catholic Church
  3. 3.  The Catholic Church’s reluctance to changeled to a new movement known as the_________________ ________________.This movement gave birth to new political (ex.Democracy) and economic institutions (ex.Capitalism). A: Protestant Reformation
  4. 4.  The Merchants had been upset with thecatholic church for banning what practice thathelped them start businesses? A: Usury (making loans with interest) Usury helped CAPITALISM take root duringthis time.
  5. 5.  What did Catholic leaders such as JohanTetzel sell as penance for sins, allowingpeople to buy their way into heaven? A: Indulgences
  6. 6.  Which man started the Protestant Reformationwith his posting of the 95 Theses (hiscomplaints against the Church)? A: Martin Luther
  7. 7.  What were Martin Luther’s 3 majorbeliefs on religion that differed fromthe Catholic Church? A: Salvation by FAITH ALONE The Bible as the Ultimate Authority(not the Pope) All humans are equal before god.
  8. 8. Catholic v. ProtestantGODPriests/Clergy CommonersGODCHURCHMAN
  9. 9.  What was the name of the French ProtestantReformer who believed in PREDESTINATION(God determines at birth whether someone issaved or not)? A: John Calvin
  10. 10.  How did John Calvin believe those who werepredestined for heaven would show their faith? A. Living a righteous life Strong Work Ethic
  11. 11.  Which major Protestant reformer broke withthe Church mainly for disliking the politicalpower of the Pope? A: Henry VIII
  12. 12. Key Leaders Henry VIII’s disagreement with the Popebecame a serious problem when Henrywanted to get a _________________. A: Divorce
  13. 13. Reformation in England After forming the ANGLICANchurch as the major protestantchurch in England, who didHenry VIII place in head of thechurch? A: Himself (and all futuremonarchs) This was so he would not haveto share power like he had donewith the Pope
  14. 14. Key Leaders Which important Protestant leader is describedbelow? Expanded Anglican church Tolerant to dissenters Started colonization efforts for England. A: Elizabeth I
  15. 15. Reformation in England Elizabeth I and England’s victory over______________ and their naval fleet (thearmada) in 1588 protected England as aprotestant country. A. Spain
  16. 16. Reformation in Germany TheReformation inGermany led toConflict as theProtestants inthe_____________ areas startedto supportLutheranChurches andbreak awayfrom the Pope. A: Northern
  17. 17. Reformation in Germany The ______________________ dynasty thatled the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (Germany)chose to stay loyal to the Catholic Church. A: Hapsburg
  18. 18.  The THIRTY YEARS’ WAR in Germany wasmainly fought by which two sides(______________ vs _______________)? A: Catholic vs. Protestants
  19. 19. Reformation in France While initially persecuted for their beliefs, theHUGUENOTS (protestants in France) weregranted religious freedom by the________________________________. A: Edict of Nantes
  20. 20. Reformation in France By supporting theProtestant side inthe 30 years’ war,French Catholicleader CARDINALRICHLIEUEchanged the focusof the 30 years’ warfrom a religious warto a__________________ war. A: Political
  21. 21. Catholic Reformation One Catholicdissenterprior toMartin Lutherwhoencouragedpeople toREAD theBible forthemselvesin their ownlanguagewas: A: John Wycliffe
  22. 22.  Another dissenter inthe Catholic churchprior to Martin Lutherwho was martyred(killed for his beliefs)was: A: Jan Huss
  23. 23. Catholic Reformation The Catholic Church’s efforts to reform fromwithin and get more followers was known asthe: A: Catholic Reformation
  24. 24. Catholic Reformation What was the name of the group of Catholicpriests who tried to spread Catholic doctrine toother parts of the world? A: Jesuits The Society of Jesus
  25. 25.  The Catholic Church established the____________________ to punishHERETICS that criticized the Church. A: Inquisition
  26. 26.  During the Reformation, literacy increased dueto what invention? A: The printing press
  27. 27.  Who invented the printing press? A: Johannes Gutenberg
  28. 28.  In protestant areas, why was the Bibletranslated from Latin into vernacularlanguages? A: Because few people could read Latin.Protestants encouraged people to read theBible for themselves.
  29. 29.  T/F: After years of fighting in the Reformationbetween Catholics and Protestants, eventuallythe two sides became more tolerant of eachother. A: TRUE