The Enchanted Island


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The Enchanted Island

  1. 1. The Enchanted IslandBy Guillermo C. Araos
  2. 2. History –Tainos Tainos started migrating through the Caribbean islands around 900 BC The head cacique of Boriken was Agueybana Ageuybana and Juan Ponce de Leon became “guaitiao” (friends) and their wives exchanged names But their friendship resulted in Spanish betrayal Ageuybana’s people started fighting with the Spaniards, but they were no match to the armed forces
  3. 3. Puerto Rican FoodPuerto Rican food is On special occasions,an explosive blend of Puerto Rican’s like to make lechon (pork) with Spanish, African, yellow rice, plantains, &Taino and American pasteles influences.
  4. 4. Music Comes Alive!Some of the typicalinstruments of Puerto Ricoare the classical guitar, thecuatro and the triple. You canalso bike or rollerblade on thewonderful multipurposetrails.Some of the big neverforgotten Puerto Rican salsacomposers are Hector Lavoe,Tommy Olivenca and VictorManuelle.Some of the styles areMerengue, Bomba, Plena,Aguinaldo (Christmas music)and Romantikeo.
  5. 5. El Yunque National ForestEl Yunque National Forest isthe only tropical rain forest inthe United States (Santiago,539).It contains over 240 species oftrees and plants, of which 26 ofthem are not found anywhereelse (539).More than a million peoplevisit El Yunque each year.The landscape found in therainforest is similar to the restof the island.
  6. 6. Breathtaking BeachesIsabela is a personal favorite. It’s where I got married.A tourist favorite is Luquillo White sugar sand Crystal clear water
  7. 7. Nocturnal Nightlife Heart pumping casinos El Condado Luxurious RestaurantsSee the YouTube video which shows Puerto Rico Official Tourism Video - Caribbean Dream Traveler.
  8. 8. Puerto Rico Pride Puerto Rico has a democratic government influenced by the UnitedStates Constitution. Although there is concern about the independence of Puerto Rico, it remains a US Territory (Lugo, 125). The islands economy is mostly dependent on tourism and corporations. The people of Puerto Rico are proud of their political parties & flourishing economy.
  9. 9. I hope you visit real soon… ur yo ng el! br i t o w nd chA a be
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