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  • 1. EXDS:Spanish CompositionKathleen Baril,Collections and Electronic Resources Librarian
  • 2. What We Will Cover:• How to find works of Hispanic art, music and film using library catalogs and databases.• How to find articles using the library’s resources.• How to cite articles and where to find tools to help with bibliographic citation.
  • 3. Research ToolsCatalogs: For locating books, audiovisualmaterials, government documents, etcDatabases: Usually for locating periodicaland newspaper articles but may coverother materials as well.
  • 4. Find Works of Art, Film and Music: Reference BooksBrowse print and electronic encyclopedias to findreferences to particular works of art, film andmusic.
  • 5. Find Works of Art, Film and Music: Library CatalogFind Art:Use the keywordsearch to search forartists, specificworks of art and/orspecific countriesand art.
  • 6. Find Works of Art, Film and Music: Library CatalogFind Films:Browse the DVDcollection in thelibrary for specifictitles or search for“Spanish movies”as a subject.
  • 7. Find Works of Art, Film and Music: Library CatalogFind Music:Limit your search to AudioCDs. Then, use the keywordsearch combined to browsefor:• types of music, for example flamenco, mariachi• Search for specific countries to access such subject headings as Vocal Music – Spain.
  • 8. Find Works of Art, Film and Music: OhioLINK Catalog• OhioLINK is a consortium of most of the college and university libraries in Ohio.• You may request items from the OhioLINK catalog to be delivered to the ONU library.• Requests generally arrive in 5-7 working days.• No charge.• May renew 3 times.
  • 9. Find Works of Art, Film and Music: OhioLINK CatalogUse theAdvanced Searchwhich has moreways to limit yoursearch.
  • 10. Find Works of Art, Film and Music: OhioLINK CatalogClick on Request button to request a book fromOhioLINK.
  • 11. Find Works of Art, Film and Music: OhioLINK CatalogChoose ONU from thedropdown menu. Fill in the request form, your name is both your first and last name and your barcode is all of the numbers from your ONU ID.
  • 12. Find Works of Art: ArtSTORThis database containsimages of works of artfrom around the worldfrom ancient times tothe present.
  • 13. Find Works of Art: ArtStorUse this resource tofind works of art invarious regions andcountries of theworld.Use the AdvancedSearch to limit byGeography andDate.
  • 14. Find Works of Music: Naxos Music LibraryUse the Advanced Search to limit your search to specific genres orto specific countries.
  • 15. Finding Articles:Academic Search Complete
  • 16. Finding Articles: Academic Search CompleteSome articles are available full-text in PDF orHTML format. Use the Find It! button for thosethat are not.
  • 17. Finding Articles: MasterFILE Premier Use MasterFILE Premier to find articles from popular magazines - - look for articles on popular music and film here.
  • 18. Finding Articles: Subject Specific DatabasesArt Full Text
  • 19. Finding Articles: Subject Specific DatabasesFuente Academica:Articles in thisdatabase are all inSpanish and comefrom scholarlyjournals from Spain,Portugal and LatinAmerican.
  • 20. Finding Articles: Subject Specific DatabasesOther subjectdatabases the usethe EBSCOinterface:• Film and Television Index with Full Text• MLA (for literature)• RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
  • 21. RefWorksTo Get Started:• Create your own personal account.• If you sign up on campus, this account is yours for life!
  • 22. RefWorks • Export citations from databases or enter citations individually. • Create your bibliography from these citations using the citation style of your choice.
  • 23. Need More Assistance? Contact the Reference Desk at 419-772-2185. Contact the Reference Desk via email at reference@onu.edu. Contact me directly k-baril@onu.edu or 419-772-2188 to set up an appointment. Reference Desk hours, Monday-Thursday 8AM- 12PM, 1PM-4:30PM, 6PM-9PM; Friday 8AM-4:30PM and Sunday 10AM-3:30PM.