Unpacking the 2010 Census - Part 3


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"Unpacking the 2010 Census: The New Realities of Race, Class, and Jurisdiction" is co-sponsored by Hope in the Cities and the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. The program examines the dramatically changing landscape of human need and what we must do collectively to address the plight of our neighbors and to build a just and inclusive community in metropolitan Richmond, Virginia. This presentation was conceived, researched and designed by Dr. John V. Moeser, Senior Fellow at the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement at the University of Richmond. Part 3 of the "Unpacking the 2010 Census" presentation explores interventions for and implications of the data in metropolitan Richmond.

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Unpacking the 2010 Census - Part 3

  1. 1. Locality Share of Total Jobs in Planning District (Source: Virginia Employment Commission)
  2. 2. VEC Locality Analysis: Planning District Employment Trends: 1990-2010 (Source: Virginia Employment Commission)Henrico County isthe region’slargest employer.Between 1990and 2010, theregion gainedover 82,000 jobs.The City lost over40, 000 jobsBetween 2000and 2010, theregion gained4,800 jobs. TheCity lost over18,000 jobs.
  3. 3. Job Gains and Losses in Richmond Virginia Employment CommissionHigh Wage: $60,000 +ManufacturingInformationFinance & InsuranceProfessional & Technical ServicesMiddle : $35,001-59,999UtilitiesConstructionWholesale TradeTransportation & WarehousingReal Estate & Rental LeasingMgt of CompaniesEducational ServiceHealth & Social ServicesPublic AdministrationLow: $35,000 & BelowRetail TradeAdmin. & Waste ServicesArts, Entertainment, & RecreationAccommodation & Food ServicesOther Services, Ex. Pub Administration
  4. 4. Households Without Automobiles: 2009
  5. 5. Households with 0-1 Car Only: 2009
  6. 6. 2010 Report of National Low Income Housing Coalition• Market rent for 2-bedroom apartment = $930• At 30% of income, income necessary to rent = $37,200• 30% of all state employees in Virginia earn less than $35,000• Hourly wage needed for 2-bedroom apt. = $17.88• Average wage for renters in Richmond = $14.74• Federal minimum wage = $7.25
  7. 7. Percent of Metropolitan Land Mass Represented by LocalityOf the 2,136 squaremiles encompassed bythe eight localities-Chesterfield= 434 sm.Hanover= 468 sm.Henrico= 238 sm.Richmond= 60 sm.Goochland= 281 sm.Powhatan= 261 sm.Charles City=181 sm.New Kent=213 sm.
  8. 8. Changing Opportunity Along Interstate 64 Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME), Will Sanford, Research Analysit Very High Short PumpOpportunity Score High Staples Mill Sandston Deep Run Area Carver Moderate Bryan Park Newtowne-West Jackson Low Ward Very Low Creighton Court Gilpin Court Whitcomb Court
  9. 9. Special Thanks Frances Stanley Scott Clark GIS Research Analyst Local Initiative Transit Analyst, GRTC Transit System Support Corporation (LISC) Prepared the GIS map of bus routes and employment centers Produced the GIS Map of high density poverty tracts in Central Virginia Kevin Heraldo Campus Videographer, University of Richmond Will Sanford Help with graphics and powerpoint presentation Research Analyst, Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) Developed the GIS Maps of trustee sales in HOLC Kenny McLemore neighborhoods and the chart on changing opportunities Housing Policy Analyst, Dept. of Economic and Community along Interstate 64 through Richmond Development, City of Richmond Prepared the map of subsidized housing concentration in Richmond John Taylor Planner II, Dept. of Planning and Development Review, Dr. Robert Nelson City of Richmond Director, Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond Identified Neighborhoods on GIS Map of RichmondDeveloped the GIS 1937 HOLC map with overlay of 2009 census data Michael Sarahan Michael Rogers Retrieved HOLC Data from the National Archives Student, University of Richmond Obtained for his senior thesis two photographs of the Anne Waring construction of the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike Communications Manager, VA Department of Human from the Library of Virginia Archives Resource Management Supplied the percent of state employees earning less than $35,000
  10. 10. www.hopeinthecities.org 804-358-1764
  11. 11. www.inclusiveva.org 804-515-7950