CSU Res School ALIA Presentation 2014

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Presentation made by Julia Garnett, ALIA NSW State Manager, on 7 February 2014 to CSU students in Wagga Wagga NSW.

Presentation made by Julia Garnett, ALIA NSW State Manager, on 7 February 2014 to CSU students in Wagga Wagga NSW.

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  • CSU Residential School
  • See https://twitter.com/jzgarnett/status/426496985487921152
  • This was something I learned at QUT, try for a mix of students and professionals
  • Mentor may be someone who agrees to be your mentor, or just someone you look to for advice, or whose career you follow (or twitter stalk).
  • http://ilnetwork.wordpress.com
  • Systems Librarian for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope project
    National Observatory in Arizona
  • Swinburne University
  • Boroondara, Victoria
  • From Wagga Wagga


  • 1. What I Wish I’d Known in Library School Julia Garnett ALIA State Manager, NSW @ALIAsmNSW
  • 2. ALIA Willoughby Canterbury my background…
  • 3. Customer Service & Marketing QUT Library Cataloguing my background…
  • 4. Crowdsourcing the Question
  • 5. “What is a monograph anyway?”
  • 6. Career
  • 7. Career Paths Assistant No qualification Professional Bachelor, Post Grad Dip or Masters or, current students
 Manager Technician TAFE qualification Extensive experience, higher qualifications in allied discipline e.g. 
 IT; organisational management
  • 8. “there's more librarians than jobs. Every vacancy will have heaps of applicants, so rejection doesn't mean you suck.” @siandart
  • 9. “Lack of job prospects. Can be a long road.” @DaveHoneybone
  • 10. “Basically your job may end up being IT . Are you ok with this?” @siandart
  • 11. Flexibility be willing to move don't forget about rural opportunities consider corporate, medical, law, public, university, schools, local government, arts & entertainment, special, GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Musems) Don't get your heart set on being a … librarian
  • 12. “there's more to it than the "l" word- what else can I be? Info architect? Knowledge manager?” @liber_amoris
  • 13. The Search Make online job boards work for you Create a LinkedIn profile (and update it) Attend conferences and events Consider your unique skills and how they are applicable in a library context
  • 14. Stand Out!
  • 15. The Search Keep at it! (Average is about 6 months) Take a friend along to events and support each other Don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance (e.g., Zenith and The One Umbrella)
  • 16. Professional Development
  • 17. “The importance of continuing professional development in your own time. Employers can't do your PD for you.” @sallysetsforth
  • 18. Professional Development Be responsible for your own development Plan beyond your formal education Track your professional development with a portfolio Look for skills gaps Nurture your interests
  • 19. “which skills etc are most needed and help getting work in a tough market. And that degrees are great but experience is needed too” @TripleThreatLib
  • 20. Attending a Conference Looking for work? Look at what the industry will need next Network, network, network Got a Job? Keep your skills up to date
  • 21. Information Online Take advantage of ALIA member and student rates Follow @InfoOnline for updates 2-6 February 2015 in Sydney
  • 22. New Librarians Symposium Amazing experience for students, new grads, new librarians, library technicians and assistants… Casual, Exciting and Fun! Meet other people new to the industry NLS7 is Next!
  • 23. Mini Conference Small, one-day conferences
 - not as intimidating for first-time speakers! Submit an abstract Present to your peers Practice presentation skills
  • 24. "Unconference" LibraryCamp Unmeash ! Run by attendees, for attendees The program is put together on the day Relevant, recent topics Heaps of enthusiasm and inspiration!
  • 25. “get on twitter and build professional connections & a personal learning network. It can be an important lifeline in your career .” @lyndelleg
  • 26. Social Media Be Professional Online
  • 27. Personal Learning Networks Start building your network NOW Lifeline during your studies, research assignments, your first presentation, job search
 … or when you need to ask important questions PLNs can grow into your professional network

  • 28. Mentoring Get a Peer Mentor Find a Mentor Join the International Librarians Network (ILN) Follow Awesome People
  • 29. International Librarians Network
  • 30. Resources International Librarians Network
 http://ilnetwork.wordpress.com Zenith
 http://www.zenmgt.com The One Umbrella
  • 31. People in the Profession ! Pens and phones at the ready! You’ll want to follow these people…
  • 32. People in the Profession “But you don’t look like a librarian” - Ruth Kneale “Design Thinking” - Zaana Howard “Cool and Collected” - Kim Tairi “It’s not about the books”- Hugh Rundle “Digital Engagement” - Mylee Joseph
  • 33. Ruth Kneale Systems Librarian for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope project ! Author and Speaker prezi.com/vz8ec7gy9x3o/bedifferent/ ! @desertlibrarian
  • 34. Zaana Howard Lecturer & Trainer ! Design Thinking ! zaanahoward.com ! @zaana
  • 35. Kim Tairi Campus Librarian ! Speaker ! Instagrammer ! @KimTairi
  • 36. Hugh Rundle Info Management & Kew Librarian ! Blogger, Tweeter, Thinker ! hughrundle.net ! @hughrundle
  • 37. Mylee Joseph State Library of New South Wales ! Project Leader - Innovation Project ! Social Media for Libraries ! @myleejoseph Photo: Flickr, Shanachietour
  • 38. ALIA
  • 39. How ALIA can help you Accreditation! Keeping education relevant & recognised Employment! Elists, Job ads, Industry connections Advocacy! Local and National support Events! Conferences, PD opportunities, Trivia Nights Access! INCITE, Journals, Databases, elists
  • 40. Student Membership $82 per year Digital access to INCITE, journals & databases Elists and job ads PD Postings Discounts at conferences
  • 41. Employment and Careers
  • 42. Professional Development Scheme
  • 43. Get Involved Professional Development Scheme Groups Write for INCITE or ALJ Go to events and conferences Get online & follow fun people
  • 44. INCITE
  • 45. ALIA Resources @AliaNational Elists: alia.org.au/our-communities/connect-us/ elists Groups: alia.org.au/our-communities/aliagroups PD Scheme: Judy.Brooker@alia.org.au NSW State Manager: Julia.Garnett@alia.org.au
  • 46. “don’t wait to graduate before entering the library profession” @jzgarnett
  • 47. Consider different career paths Be in charge of your own professional development Get involved in the profession Join ALIA Find a mentor and a PLN
  • 48. Thanks julia.garnett@alia.org.au @ALIAsmNSW ! LinkedIn:
 http://www.linkedin.com/ in/jzgarnett ePortfolio: