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Slideshow on information when using Slideshare

Slideshow on information when using Slideshare

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  • 1. SLIDESHARE MassCUE SIG: Beth Knittle and Julia Colby Monday, October 27, 2008
  • 2. Handout
    • Wiki
    • HELP to Frequently Asked Questions
    • EMBED in a blog, wiki, website
  • 3. File Formats
    • PowerPoint
    • OpenOffice
    • PDF
    • Note: If using Keynote on a MAC, save to PDF.
    • Note: Does not yet support Microsoft Office 2007 file format (.pptx)
  • 4. Tips for Preparing
    • Size Limit is 100MB
    • Presentation file should not be password protected
    • Using high resolution images will cause increased download time and file size
  • 5. Upload your File
    • Step 1: Upload your Slideshow
    • Step 2: Convert uploaded file to SlideShare format
  • 6. Public or Private?
    • You can upload your file and choose the Privacy dropdown.
    • Default is Public
    • Change Privacy dropdown to
      • Everyone
      • Only Me
      • All my Contacts
  • 7. Embed a Slideshow
    • Step 1: View the Slideshow
    • Step 2: On the right of the slideshow player, you will see a text box entitled Embed into your blog . Copy the code in this box and paste it into a blog posting, wiki, or web site.
  • 8. Resizing the Slideshow
    • If you embed the Slideshow into your site and it is too large, you can reduce the width.
    • In the embed code, you will see Width and Height. Adjust those numbers.
  • 9. Download Other Slideshows
    • You can download other Slideshare slideshows if the user has allowed.
  • 10. Can I Bookmark Other Slideshows
    • Yes. Use the Save as Favorite icon.
  • 11. I Need to Change My Slideshow
    • If you have already uploaded and you need to change, you will need to upload again and convert to SlideShare format.
  • 12. Inappropriate
    • You can flag inappropriate slideshows.
    • Red Icon “Mark as Inappropriate”
  • 13. Creative Commons
    • You can choose a Creative Commons license for your slideshow.
  • 14. Notes
    • Slideshare does not support audio and videos embedded inside presentations.
    • RSS Feeds – you can subscribe to Slideshare presentations.
    • Sign up with Slideshare – you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • 15. Toolbar