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Presentation of a Virtual Conference strategy for use in online or hybrid courses.

Presentation of a Virtual Conference strategy for use in online or hybrid courses.

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  • 1. Virtual Professional Conferences within Courses: Training for Professionalism 23rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning Course Design Showcase Jane Zahner, Ph.D. Valdosta State University
  • 2.
    • Graduate level class with 12 students
    • Face-to-face class with few online components
    • Objective: to present at a professional conference
    1. The Class
  • 3.
    • Three hour evening
    • Some ‘tech-savvy’, some ‘tech-terrified’
    • Half at home; half in lab with professor
    • Colleagues observed, in person and virtually
    2. The People
  • 4.
    • WebCT Vista
    • Organizer Pages
    • Learning Modules
    • Simple Webpages
    • Discussion Groups
    • Chats
    3. The Tools
  • 5.
    • DYI Nametags
    • Program in Publisher, then pdf
    • Uploaded Poster Sessions Ahead
    • Revealed Schedule and Roundtable Topic
    4. The Preparation
  • 6.
    • Welcome messages prepared ahead
    • ‘ Live’ interaction made sure all were in attendance
    • Visitor from Azerbaijan confused!
    • Lurker from Distance Learning Staff curious!
    5. The Opening
  • 7. Two hour wait for a virtual table; no waiting for classroom snacks 6. The Fun
  • 8. In-lab students didn’t know Dr. S was in the room until they saw the picture posted in the virtual conference! 7. The Intensity
  • 9. Lots of little ‘hallway action’ in the Internet Hotspot! 8. The Interaction
  • 10. The Quicktime Movie of the Keynote worked for most; the back-up PowerPoint highlights sufficed for others 9. The Keynote
  • 11. Poster sessions were PowerPoints with Notes describing the student experience with the main project of the course, a Needs Assessment Proposal. 10. The Poster Sessions
  • 12.
    • Each student scheduled for 15 minutes in specified chat room
    • Knew they would discuss one of three topics
    • Assigned as audience members to assure equal participation
    11. The Roundtables
  • 13. Logs of chats and quality of poster sessions evaluated by professor later and feedback given for leader and audience 12. The Assessments One student (nearly) panicked as janitor locked her inside the school
  • 14.
    • As Conference progressed, anonymous nominations for awards accrued in Awards and Debriefing Discussion Area
    • At end of Conference, group indicated a preference for synchronous chat to carry out de-briefing
    13. The Evaluation
  • 15. Great Enthusiasm! 14. The Qualitative Results
  • 16. Strong Numbers 15. The Quantitative Results
  • 17. Extra Toys--No Pressure to Buy! 16. What didn’t work
  • 18.
    • Inadequate time for exploration of vendor area
    • Might be a good ‘2 nd day’ activity post presentation-anxiety
  • 19. Can’t wait ‘til next time now that ‘Live Classroom’ is up and running! 17. What’s up next