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Presentation done for the NTLUG in Dallas TX 12/16/2006

Presentation done for the NTLUG in Dallas TX 12/16/2006

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Open – My Community
  • 2. Let me tell you about it..
    • We dance, sing and live on the mailing list
    • You can also find us on our chat room
    • And our wiki...
    • Our 3 main branches of our community are:
      • Developers
      • Community
      • Localization
  • 3. Community Developers Marketing Support Localization
  • 4. Development
    • The development “Bible” -- The Development Guide
    • Information site about development
    • Development areas:
      • File format – XML schema, filters and translators
      • OOo Extensions – Macros, Add-ins, Components, language bridges
      • OOo suite – Bugs, Features, infrastructure, word processing, spreadsheets, database, chart, porting etc
    • Development preferred language: C#, C++, Java, Python and OOoBasic
  • 5. There could only be UNO C++ Java Python Basic C# TCL Perl
  • 6. Development Projects
    • API
    • UDK
    • XML
    • QA
    • Tools
    • Porting
    • Graphics
    • GSL
    • SW / SC / DBA
    • Extensions
    • UCB
    • Specs
  • 7. What does Marketing do?
    • Communicators, communicate information across the different groups.
    • Unify the community under one central image
    • Launch dynamic campaigns
    • Contact traditional media as well as inform the external public
    • Coordinate activities like OooConference
    • Launch incubator projects for specific markets (school, libraries, etc)
    • Announce new OOo releases
  • 8. Marketing initiatives
    • Art projects, contribute with your artistic skills
    • Web development make OOo website more attractive
    • in Business, share success stories
    • Native-Language confederation 'we speak your language'
    • Press Room, let everyone know what we think
    • Contact an OOo expert
  • 9. More than just code...
    • Artistic (graphic) skills
    • Web design/development skills
    • Marketing skills (brand awareness, positioning campaigns )
    • C ommunication skills, translate our ideas for other project communities
    • Translation skills
    • Event promoter
    • Monetary donations
  • 10. Localization
    • Translate documentation
    • Translate the OOo suite
    • Peer review the quality of the localization
    • Implement a new localization of OOo
    • Native-Lang OOo compilation
  • 11. Native-Language
    • The native language is composed of those projects working on all aspects related to the localization and support of
    • currently a number languages and counting, NLC is a project dedicated to coordinate this projects and help as a place where corporate and community members join forces for translating the suite.
  • 12. Documentation
    • Good documentation is a great resource to have yet is hard to achieve
    • started as an official documentation project
    • OooAuthors gets translated to 8 core languages
    • Wiki, where documentation comes alive
  • 13. Support
    • Most of the support is handled on the mailing list whenever you want to develop or use
    • Getting your comments to the right mailing list is criticla
    • Please look for the project listings to get to the right one ofr example if you have a calc question [email_address] might be the right one
    • is another great resources on using OOo
  • 14. Tips on Support
    • Please be patient
    • Ask intelligent questions
    • Browse for a possible answer BEFORE asking
    • Keep in mind, OOo is NOT a MS Office please dont treat it like it was
    • File your bugs, please be explicit
  • 15. Get to know us
  • 16. OOo community Lead Louis Suarez Potts Community Development Manager for OOo email:
  • 17. Marketing Leads Cristhian Driga Marketing CoLead Romanian Native-Lang Lead [email_address] John McCreesh Marketing CoLead [email_address]
  • 18. Native Lang Charles-H Schulz Native-Lang Lead [email_address]
  • 19. Developers, developers, developers
  • 20. Q&A