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Learning Linux: Screen
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Learning Linux: Screen


Learning Linux with Screen: …

Learning Linux with Screen:
- using it
- howto

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  • 1. Learning Linux: By Alexandro “JZA” Colorado [email_address] Screen
  • 2. ToC
    • What is screen?
    • Why is screen useful?
    • Screen cheat sheet.
    • Configuring screen
  • 3. What is screen?
    • Screen is a command line application.
    • Screen will let you have different shell on the same session.
    • Allow you to have different shell on the same screen.
    • Screen allow you to keep your sessions and processes even after logging out.
  • 4. How is screen useful?
    • Screen allows you to compile on one screen and check your email with Pine on the other.
    • If you SSH to a remote box, you can use screen to keep processes running after logging out.
    • allows you to look real time processes as you work on a different screen.
    • will let you log into other desktops and keep the session open.
  • 5. Screen cheat sheet $ screen - start screen $ screen -list - list current running screens $ screen -r [number] - reattach screens $ screen -d - detach screens (useful for exiting) $ screen -wipe – do the same as a list but remove dead screens $ screen -S [SessionName] – name a new session Shortcut: $ Ctrl-a c – create a new window $ Ctrl-a 0...9 – switch to a to a different window $ Ctrl-a n – switch to the next window $ Ctrl-a p – switch to previous window $ Ctrl-a S – Split the current region $ Ctrl-a X – kills the current region $ Ctrl-a ? - show keybindings $ Ctrl-a multiuser:on
  • 6. HowTo: screen and ssh $ ssh user@server [$user@server] screen
  • 7. Configuring screen
    • Screen is used on .screenrc
    • vbells configuring bells alarms
    • define default shell
    • autodetach , detach on hangup
    • termcap , terminfo , termcapinfo , to configure a terminal
    • keybindings : ^k, ^h,