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Galician Experience with Galician Experience with Presentation Transcript

  • Galician experience with
      • And Free Software Galician Initiative promoted by regional government of Galicia (
    Xesús Benitez Baleato FLOSS Projects Director
  • Program
    • Guide 1/2
      • Previous situation:
          • v 1.*
          • Problems:
            • Quality and status of the localization
            • Changes in Galician language spell/grammar rules
            • New v 2.*
      • 10-May-2006, birth.
        • What is
        • Open Source and galician government.
        • First full galician translation of OOo (v.2.0.4):
          • The history of a success.
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  • Program
    • Guide 2/2
      • Present status
        • V 2.3:
        • Grammar and spell checkers for
          • Golfiño (CoGrOO based)
      • Future
      • Other localization projects
        • Firefox, Thunderbird, ...
        • Gnome
        • ERP (OpenBravo), CRM and other software for small business
        • ...
      • Questions ?? (10 min.)
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    • 1.1.5 translation was released on 25 October 2005. This version was translated by volunteers (Jorge Rivas and Roberto Abalde).
    • Problems detected:
    • Not updated with last galician spell or grammar rules .
    • Incoherences in translated strings.
    • No help translated.
    • There was not a spell checker or a grammar one.
    Previous situation Previous situation
  • v 2.*
    • 2.0 appears on 20 Oct, 2005. In those days, Galician Government (Xunta de Galicia) was planning the initiative to promote open source.
    • Need of an open source desktop fully translated to galician.
    • The first big goal was translating 2.
    • That initiative was called and was born in 10 May, 2006. v 2.*
    • What's
      • It aims to be a meeting point for the whole open source initiatives in Galician including:
        • Government :
          • Regional government introducing FSW in public admon.
        • Small business :
          • 91% of galician companies are small business with less than 10 employees
        • Colleges and Education :
          • Change studying planning to include Open Source
          • Need of Open Source for introducing ITC in schools
        • Linux User Groups (LUG)
          • There were some LUG's with different initiatives, some of them doing the same job at the same time.
    • launches 2.0.4 in galician on 17 May, 2005.
    • That translation included:
      • 100% translation on GUI and Help section. This work was made by professionals translators.
      • Spell checker based on Hunspell with more than 21 millions of words, 1.500 names and surnames, 1.500 place names and more.
      • Helpdesk to users.
      • Guide style creation.
      • Translations database will be used for future translations.
    • launches 2.0.4 in Galician on 17 May, 2005.
    • That translation included:
      • 100% translation on GUI and Help section.
      • Spell checker based on Hunspell with more than 21 millions of words, 1.500 names and surnames, 1.500 place names and more.
      • Help support to users.
      • Guide style was created.
      • Translations database will be used for future translations.
  • The history of a success
      • 43.000 Downloadings of galician OOo (from 2.0.4 to 2.2.1)
      • 25.000 CD spread among institutions, social groups, events, schools and colleges
    • Consequences:
      • Huge demand of OOo by social groups
      • Training in OOo for teachers and public workers
      • OOo included in public work selections processes (EX: A Coruña University)
      • Public administrations can use a Office suite completely in Galician
    The history of a success
  • Present status
      • is going through Quality Assurance, Test Case Management and get a full supported version of OOo.
      • Thanks to this test Galician is in the head group (16 languages) that will have a complete OOo version.
      • Galician version counts on a constantly updated spell checker developed by team
      • Our OOo has also a grammar checker based on brazilian one “CoGroo”. We wanna enforce this workline with other international communities.
    Present status
  • Future
      • We'll Improve and support the software already translated and their respective checkers
      • Make OOo stronger: translation of other tools like Pentahoo or Openproj that can be integrated into OOo
      • Development of OOo support contents and training coursers for teachers, public workers, students...
      • Creation of a strong community of users and its integration into internacional OOo groups
  • Other localization projects
      • Mozilla Foundation products: Firefox,Thunderbird, Sunbird or Lightning
      • Gnome
      • Tools for little business: TinyERP, Egroup, Tina POS
      • Education programs (Gcompris, TuxTyping)
      • Others: Pidgin, Wordpress, MoinMoin
      • Wiki for localization projects ( ), community takes part actively.
    Other localization projects
  • Any questions?
    • Any questions?
    • ?
    Any questions?
  • Present status
    • Xesús Benítez Baleato
    • Xunta de Galicia FLOSS projects manager
    • coordinator