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2014 Web Globalization Report Card brochure


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Since 2004 -- the ultimate benchmark report on the best global websites.

Since 2004 -- the ultimate benchmark report on the best global websites.

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  • 1. Take the guesswork out of web globalization Web globalization often leaves people with more questions than answers, such as: • What are the established best practices in web globalization? • And what are some of the “worst” practices in web globalization? • What are the most popular languages across all websites? • What websites offer the best global gateways? • What emerging trends should I be aware of? This report, now in its tenth edition, answers these questions and many more. learn which practices to emulate and which to ignore. Special best practices, worst practices, and emerging trends sections summarize the key takeaways from the report for easy consumption. Companies use this report to benchmark themselves against competitive and “best of breed” sites such as Google,, and Starbucks. It is an invaluable resource for any company doing business across borders. The 2014 Web Globalization Report Card ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ Leading Languages Emerging Trends Best Practices Worst Practices Website Profiles 10th Edition Byte Level Research Report details: Pages: Visuals & Exhibits: Format: License: Price: 180 100+ PDF Enterprise $1,450 Also included: > 90-minute conference call with report author John Yunker > Executive Summary PowerPoint presentation so you can easily share the key takeaways with your team > eBook: The Art of the Global Gateway To purchase online:
  • 2. Company insights and best practices The report is loaded with real-world screen shots of best practices (and poor practices). • • • • • • Exactly how Starbucks improved its global website over the past year A common mistake companies make when deploying global gateways How many languages companies like Apple, GE, and Nike (among others) have added over the past decade Which companies use geolocation and language negotiation to improve global navigation How NIVEA localized its visuals for markets around the world What questions you should ask before adapting a global website for mobile devices. How this report is used This report is used by marketing and IT executives not only to improve web sites but also to raise awareness throughout their companies of the importance of web globalization. In addition: • • Companies use this report to benchmark themselves against the leading global brands and better understand the major global trends in languages, localization, usability, social, and mobile. A number of companies have adapted the Report Card methodology for internal benchmarking purposes. • • their understanding of web globalization practices so they can better serve their clients. Translation and localization companies use this report to target prospective clients and improve web globalization services for their clients. Companies that have purchased The Web Globalization Report Card over the years include Apple, Bose, Cisco Systems, Deloitte, Intel, Euro RSCG, PayPal, Sony, The World Bank, and many more.
  • 3. Table of Contents An amazing ten years The Top 25 Global Websites Part I: 2004-2014 • • • The more things change… Language growth From local chaos to global consistency Part II: Best and Worst Practice in Web Globalization • • • • • How Websites Were Selected The Websites Scoring Methodology • • Global Reach (Languages) • Global Navigation • Global/Mobile Architecture • Localization & Social Methodology FAQ What Do the Scores Mean? Part III: Emerging Trends in Web Globalization • Staying ahead of the curve Part IV: The Websites and How They Were Scored • • • • • • • • • • How websites were selected The websites Scoring methodology What’s changed since 2013 Global Reach (Languages) Global Navigation Global/Mobile Architecture Localization & Social Methodology FAQ What do the scores mean? Part V: Website Rankings and Key Findings • • • • All website scores Best in class Languages: how many? Languages: what’s hot? • • • • • • • Global navigation leaders Country codes Icons can improve usability But avoid using flags Language negotiation Geolocation Leaders in global consistency Part VI: Taking Mobile Global • • • • • Notable Global Websites Selected websites • NIVEA • Philips • Pepsi • Starbucks • Dyson • Emirates • FedEx Mobile globalization Ten tips for mobile website and app development Conclusion A customized conference call to answer questions and educate Included with your purchase is a 90-minute conference call with author John Yunker. He will company is included in the report, will share in-depth recommendations. If your company is not included in the report, he will review your website during the call, pointing out best practices and room for improvement. Every phone call is topics such as: • Insights in • Questions to ask before selecting a localization vendor, CMS platform, or design • Emerging globalization trends within spe, commerce, and cultural customization.
  • 4. Companies Included 3M Accenture Acer Adidas Adobe Air France Allianz Amazon American Airlines American Express Apple Audi Autodesk Avis Avon Axa Bayer Best Buy Best Western BMW Braun British Airways Budweiser Canon CapGemini Caterpillar Chevrolet Cisco Systems Citibank Coca-Cola Costco Dell Deloitte Delta DHL Disney Dolby Dollar Rent A Car Dyson eBay Eli Lilly EMC Emirates Enterprise Ernst & Young Expedia Facebook FedEx Ford Four Seasons GameStop Gap GE Gillette Goodyear Google H&M Heineken Hertz Hilton Hitachi Honda Honeywell HP HSBC HTC Hyatt Hyundai IBM IKEA Intel InterContinental Hotels Jack Daniels John Deere Take your website Kayak Kleenex KLM KPMG Lenovo Lexus LG Loréal Marriott Marsh MasterCard Mercedes Merck Michelin Microsoft Mini MTV Nestlé NetApp Nike Nikon Nissan NIVEA Nokia Oracle Pampers Panasonic PayPal Pepsi Philips Procter & Gamble PWC Radisson Ramada Reebok Renesas Royal Caribbean Ryanair Samsung SAP Siemens Sony Staples Starbucks Starwood Hotels Steelcase Texas Instruments Thrifty TNT Toshiba Toyota Toys R Us Travelocity TripAdvisor Twitter UNIQLO United Airlines UPS Visa VMware Volkswagen Volvo Group Walmart Western Union Wikipedia World Bank Xerox Yahoo! Yelp Zara About the Author book devoted to the emerging Byte Level Research phone +1 (760) 300-3620 Contact: John Yunker Beyond Borders: Web Globalization Strategies. Widely acclaimed, the book is now used in a number of university and corporate training programs. John consults with many of the web globalization training and benchmark services. He also writes the popular blog Global by Design: www.