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Here is some recent work Lure Industries complete.

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Lure various workq3_2011

  1. 1. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works DEVICE DRIVEN EXPERIENCESJohn YuiskaPartner/Executive
  2. 2. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works bLure Industries is a mobile marketing and a device productioncompany. We help brands and agencies implement ideas &campaigns across various digital and mobile channels with afocus on ROI. Utilizing best practices and emerging platformssince 2009, Lure has developed custom (iOS & Android) appsfor Stoli, Remy Martin and few other smaller brands.A majority of the team are former entrepreneurs, agencycreatives, or self employed specialists who found as acollective, we could do better work as a cohesive band ofgypsies than as a single social
  3. 3. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works An iPad2 app with data capture, photo capabilities and a CRM campaign with social media
  4. 4. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works S M B rN ppLure Industries created a simplified app thatonly functions on the new iPad2. Again thisyear the strategy was to capture names andemails of Stoli enthusiasts and promote theirnew Facebook Campaign, “GFY”.The app offers a little gaming (dice rolling) toengage users. Once you choose your mood,you roll (shake) the dice, and see if you get alucky matching 4 dice. Winners get variouspromotional swag at the events.Depending on your roll, the user gets asignature cocktail recipe as the results. Thenthe user is asked to take their photo. Thephoto is then composited into the 5 differentegos for the user to choose from. Once apersona or ego is chosen the user fills out aform and signs-up for promotions from Stoli.In addition to the iPad development Lurecreated a CRM/email component for theapp. Once people register or sign-up apersonalized email is sent to participantswith their recipe and photo. The email isdynamic depending on the userʼs results.The social media/Facebook campaign wasmanaged by another agency partner.
  5. 5. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works S M B rN
  6. 6. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works S M B rN
  7. 7. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works A web 3.0 video booth using iOS4 iPhone and the iPad 3GS for the House Of Rémy
  8. 8. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works R M r V BConcept:Each booth was constructed by Creatacor. Allsix booths were configured with an iPhone4 (forthe camera), strobe lights, and an LCD screen.An iPad was used to control the video capturevia blue tooth with the iPhone4. The iPad Appgathered/captured information from participantsand uploaded everything to a cloud-based webservice. The client used the web service toapprove and delete videos. A 3rd party socialmedia agency then pulled the videos down topost within
  9. 9. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works R M r V B Screen 1: Preliminary admin Screen 2: Official user start Screen 3: Data capture screen for video upload (this screen screen is only seen when app first launches) Screen 4: Proceed to booth Screen 5: Video record Screen 6: Retry or keep screen screen dialog
  10. 10. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works A private enterprise POS iPad app to promote various flavors of Stoli Vodka at tasting
  11. 11. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works S B r ppLure Industries develop and produce an iPadapp for Stoli Vodka. The App was part of anongoing summer initiative to promote thenew Stoli White Pomegranik flavored vodka. WiFi Devices push data to laptop through aThe idea was to create a platform thatallowed consumers to create their own secure private WiFi networkcocktail based on a Stoli Vodka and theirmood. Once the consumer selects a mixerbased on their mood, a Stoli recipe and iPadorder is sent to the bar from the iPad to aniPodTouch. The bartender clicks on the order Macbookand the recipe pops up to guide the iPodTouchbartender in mixing the Stoli SignatureCocktail.Names and emails are captured for furthermarketing efforts and the consumer isemailed his/her Stoli Signature CocktailRecipe. The whole app runs on a closedWiFi network and a MacBook is used for thebrand manager to customize the appdepending on the location, bar or featuredVodka.
  12. 12. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works S P pp Phase 2 included a :30 second commercial featuring Hugh
  13. 13. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works S &B r pp Stoli Citros Cosmopolitan 3 parts Stoli Citros® 1 1/2 parts triple sec 1 part cranberry juice 1 part fresh lime juice Shake with ice and strain into a Recipes chilled martini Stoli Citros Cosmopolitan > glass. Garnish with a lime peel. Stoli White Pom Fizz > Stoli Blood Orange Martini > The admin tool was on the MacBook for the brand managers to customize the flavor bottles featured on the iPad and was also used for the drink orders. The Barman App above was for the bartender behind the bar. The iPod Touch app worked both as a recipe guide and drink order
  14. 14. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works T pp S r C p Overview: The App would be available for the public to download via the iTunes Store. The App would be for both the iPad and iPhone. The Experience: 1. Recipes - a library of Stoli Original Cocktails 2. Party planner tool - calculates vodka plus ingredients and create a shopping list 3. Recommendation tool - type in ingredients and drink recipes are served up based on the
  15. 15. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works M b W
  16. 16. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works N M b S & P ppProduced though Velocitude Inc.
  17. 17. Lure Industries - 2011 - Various Works BJohn Yuiska - Founder/Executive ProducerJohns career spans multiple disciplines from design, motion graphics, post production, interactive, social media, mobileand digital marketing.Recently he spent some time at a mobile start-up to help lead user experience design and creative for various mobile andsocial media initiatives.John also served as Director of Internet Brand Communications for Kerzner International to developed and manage digitalstrategies for the Atlantis brands.He was founding Partner & Executive Producer of the creative boutique Super-Fi New York where he produced award-winning work for several ad agencies and broadcast networks such as DDB, ML Rogers, Wieden+Kennedy, CartoonNetwork, HBO, MTV, Oxygen, and VH1.Drawing on his 17 years of experience delivering digital design and emerging media production, John is focused on helpingclients engage with consumers on-the-go and creating digital social experiences.Jason Roth - Founder/Director of InnovationJason Roth has been designing, developing and directing award-winning interactive experiences since the late 1990s,creating work for brands like MTV, Vh1, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, TV-Land, The Ritz-Carlton, Nerf, and even BMWalong the way.Jason’s career has spanned several disciplines including animation, game design and development, software design,interactive, film and advertising. Jason was a founding partner of an NYC-based creative studio, Concentrate, serving as itscreative director for 6 years.At Concentrate he played an instrumental role in developing and designing multiple public service campaigns for GMHCincluding multiple city wide billboard and print advertising campaigns and social networking sites. Mr. Roth left thecompany in 2008 to form The Roth Studio, a web design studio.Recently, Jasons focus has been on user experience and interactivity as they relate to brand and mobile experiences. Inearly 2010 he teamed up with John to create Lure