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  • 1.  
  • 2. About Us
    • Staffing the Construction
    • Industry for Over 20 Years
    • Trillium Construction is part of the Trillium family of companies that consist of:
    • CES
    • Human Capitol
    • International Contractors
    • Perennial Contractors
    • Trillium Accounting
    • Trillium Drivers
    • Trillium Elite
    • Trillium Staffing
    • Our diverse family of companies allow us to share one of the most dynamic recruiting databases in the staffing industry!
  • 3. Trillium Construction Services
        • Skilled Craft Staffing
        • Professional Placement
        • Testimonials
        • How We Support The Industry
        • Your Trillium Representative Contact
  • 5.
    • Boiler Makers
    • Carpenters
    • Combo Welders
    • Concrete Workers
    • Crane Operators
    • Electricians
    • Equipment Operators
    • HVAC
    • Instrument Fitters
    • Ironworkers
    • Millwrights
    Skilled Craft Staffing Available Crafts
    • Pipe Fitters
    • Pipe Welders
    • Plumbers
    • Rakers – Asphalt
    • Rod Busters
    • Sheet Metal Mechanics
    • Structural Welders
    • Tank Welders
    • Tube Welders
    • Welders
    • Experienced Helpers in Most Crafts
    Other Crafts are Available Upon Request WHAT CRAFTS ARE YOU LOOKING FOR NOW?
  • 6.
    • Phone Interview
    • Written Skill Test
    • Written List of Tools to Bring to Jobsite
    • Personal Interview
    • Phone Interview with 2 Lead Electricians
    • Reference Checks
    • Investigative Services
        • Social Security Number Verification
        • Pre-Employment Drug Screen
        • Criminal Background Checks*
        • Fingerprinting*
  • 7. Skilled Craft Staffing
    • Competitive Pay
      • Competitive Weekly Pay
      • Per Diem (For Travelers)
      • Referral Bonuses
    • Attractive Benefits - Available within first month of hire
      • Medical
      • Dental
      • Vision
      • Life Insurance
      • Short Term Disability
      • Long Term Disability
      • 401(k) - Available within 30 days of hire
    • Paid Time Off
      • Holiday Pay
      • Vacation Pay
    • Steady Work
      • National Client Database
    • Employees Are Always Treated Respectfully
    How We Retain Our Craftspeople
  • 8. Skilled Craft Staffing
    • Every Placement is GUARANTEED
    • One Point of Contact For Your Company
    • Multiple Branch Offices To Assist In The Recruiting Process
    • Shared Database With Thousands of Craftspeople
    • We Will Perform All The Pre-Placement Screening
    • We Provide The Worker’s Compensation Insurance; Including USL&H
    • No Workers Compensation Claims To Affect Your EMR
    • No Worker’s Compensation Duties & Expenses – All Claims Are Reported Through Us
    • No Unemployment Headaches
    • No Related Payroll Duties & Expenses
    • No Related Payroll Tax Duties & Expenses
    • No Hiring Paperwork
    • No Termination Hassles
    • No Advertising Costs
  • 9. Skilled Craft Staffing Our Guarantee to our Customers Although highly unlikely, during the first eight (8) hours of work performed, if You are dissatisfied for any reason at all, You will not be billed a penny.
  • 10. Professional Placement Our professional placement group recruit, screen & hire proven construction professionals for your local, regional, national & global markets. Our services will decrease ZACHRY’S time and money spent sourcing these professionals by providing a streamlined hiring process. Because we invest in multiple recruiting resources (most of which are non-traditional), you don’t have to. By utilizing Trillium’s professional placement group, you will cut your costs and interviewing time more than half. We have created two convenient hiring packages for you to choose from: contract-to-permanent or direct hire. Each placement you select is guaranteed.
  • 11. Professional Placement
    • CAD Designers
    • Designers ( Civil/Structural/Electrical/Mechanical)
    • Engineers
    • Estimators
    • Planners
    • Program Control Managers
    • Project Managers
    • QA/QC Professionals
    • Safety Professionals
    • Schedulers (P-3 & P-5)
    • Senior Project Managers
    • Superintendents
    The Talent We Recruit Other professionals are available upon request
  • 12. Professional Placement
    • Some of Our Recent Placements Include:
    • Director of Construction (Iraq)
    • Director of Quality Control (Afghanistan)
    • Estimators; General Contracting, Electrical, Mechanical (Stateside and overseas)
    • Primavera P3/P3 Schedulers/Planners/Cost Engineers (Stateside and overseas)
    • Project Control Managers (Abu Dubai)
    • Project Engineers (Stateside and overseas)
    • Safety Managers (Stateside and overseas)
    Whatever and Wherever ZACHRY Needs
  • 13. Professional Placement
    • National & International Contractors
    • Engineering Firms
    • Army Corp. of Engineers (Government Construction)
    • Petro -Chemical Manufacturing
    • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Commercial Contractors
    • Industrial Contractors
    • Maritime Contractors
    • Highway, Road and Bridge Contractors
    Management Level Placements The Professional Placement Group provides management level placements in all construction related arenas to include:
  • 14. Professional Placement
    • Our Placement Services Are Free Until the Client Makes an Offer and it is Accepted by the Candidate We Have Provided
    • Each Placement is GUARANTEED
    • We Reduce The Amount of Time & Money You Spend on Interviewing & Recruiting Resources
    • We Will Perform All The Pre-Placement Screening
    • We Already Have an Established Database of Proven Professionals
    • We invest in multiple recruiting resources to source qualified candidates (most of which are non traditional) so you don’t have to
    • We Have Experienced Senior Level Recruiters Working For You
    • We Commit To Our Partners A High Level of Good Old Fashioned Customer Service
    • Our Ability to Place Candidates Locally, Regionally, Nationally & Globally
    Benefits to ZACHRY
  • 15. Project Payroll Services The Advantages The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Administration estimate that the average independent business (less than 100 employees) spends between 8% and 15% of gross payroll on employee related administrative duties.
  • 16. Project Payroll Services The Advantages Each and every dollar you pay your employee actually costs you $1.25 to $1.45, and that does not include many optional benefits that most of us need in order to retain top help such as uniforms, tools, company vehicles, completion bonuses, health benefits, personal leave, matching plans, and paid vacations – just to name a few. Even if your company rests at the low end (8%) of administrative costs, logic dictates that another 5% -- at a minimum – is being incurred through the offering of optional benefits, such as those identified above.
  • 17. Project Payroll Services
    • In all, your employee’s hourly wage “costs” you anywhere from 30% to 50%.
    • Using 40% as the mean, a $10 per hour worker actually costs you $14 per hour; a $20 per hour worker costs you $28, and so on. What’s worse – these figures do NOT include overhead, such as leases, equipment, sales and marketing. They also do NOT include the potential thousands of dollars of Workers Compensation Claims or thousands of dollars of potential Unemployment Claims due to lay-offs.
    • NOW, what if you could take that 40% administration gorilla and hand it to someone else?
    • Like us…at 38%
    The Advantages
  • 18. Project Payroll Services
    • By enrolling your new hires with Perennial on your Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage projects, ZACHRY WILL : Eliminate Unemployment costs, Work Comp Claims and protect/preserve your EMR status
    • Perennial assumes all employee issues, concerns, injuries and government regulations.
    • Perennial takes care of the payroll and administrative headaches for ZACHRY
    • All the benefits that are offered to our full time employees will be offered to your Project Payroll Employees at NO additional cost to ZACHRY
    The Advantages to ZACHRY
  • 19. Project Payroll Services
    • Perennial does not intervene with the management of employees. Thus, the employee remains under ZACHRY’S complete control and supervision.
    • Perennial supplies you with employee’s services of your choice and is virtually transparent to the employee.
    The Advantages to ZACHRY
  • 20. Project Payroll Services What is the relationship between Perennial and ZACHRY? Perennial assumes the employer’s responsibility for ZACHRY’S chosen workforce. As the employer, Perennial provides workers compensation insurance, payroll, and administrates all legal and regulatory issues related to the employees. ZACHRY remains in control of how it uses the employees to maintain its daily operations. The fee to Perennial for services rendered by these employees is built into the reduced labor burden rate quoted to the client by Perennial. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 21. Project Payroll Services How is the program set up and maintained? The program is easy to set up. Employees are asked to fill out Perennial Contractors applications, I-9’s, and W-4’s. They are instructed in detail as to the nature of their new employer to avoid confusion and employee apprehension. Perennial will generate payroll every pay period for the employees. An invoice for the gross payroll plus labor burden will be generated. ZACHRY selects how the payroll is to be delivered and then pays Perennial one check for all employees. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 22. Project Payroll Services What happens when a work related injury occurs? Perennial will respond immediately to any claims made. The employee’s welfare is our first concern, and it is always our intent to help the injured worker rehabilitate and return to work as soon as possible without suffering financial loss. If litigation is imminent, Perennial will coordinate all correspondence through its legal representatives and the legal staff of its insurer’s. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 23. Project Payroll Services What happens if I want to suspend the program? ZACHRY may terminate its relationship with Perennial at any time. Perennial does not require long term contracts. ZACHRY needs only to stop sending payroll, and provide written notice of contract termination indicating the effective date the client would like services terminated. Frequently Asked Questions
  • 24. Project Payroll Services
        • Protect your EMR
        • No workers compensation claims
        • No unemployment claims
        • No payroll checks
        • No W-2 statements
        • No FICA reporting
        • No withholding reports
        • No personnel files
        • No Federal Tax deposit Issues
        • No additional cost for benefits
        • No additional cost for an ONSITE workforce coordinator during peak ramp ups
  • 25. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… “ I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I appreciate the effort and professionalism demonstrated by Trillium to Davis Electrical Constructors relative to our staffing needs.  Brandon Silvera has done an excellent job in locating personnel and keeping all parties informed in how our staffing requirements are going.  He follows up, is professional and I can rely on what he says.  I appreciate the efforts by Trillium and hope that our association will continue with as much success as we have had to date. We would be nothing without you. Your services have kept our business strong.”   Jim Kollath Project Manager Davis Electrical Constructors Testimonials
  • 26. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… “ There is no one in the staffing business as good as Nick Beaver [of Trillium]. Having worked side by side with him, I can say without reservations he is the best there is .” James F. Spivey Jr. North Florida Shipyards, Inc . Testimonials
  • 27. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… “ Trillium works with Gethmann Construction Inc. not as a client relationship, but as a concerned business partner. They are open minded to implement special recruiting measures and will go the distance in providing their services.” Cornell Gethmann, Owner Gethmann Construction Testimonials
  • 28. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… “ We have used several different staffing companies over the past years, however, we now rely on Trillium Construction Services for all our skilled staffing. They have consistently met our needs by providing qualified employees in a very prompt timeframe.” Richard Aicher, President Tri-Tech Construction Testimonials
  • 29. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… “ Your firm has been very responsive to the requirements for both Paul Stiles' Stateside Division and to Bill Johnson's International Division. We enjoy a very unique partnership and look forward to a very busy 2008. Happy Holidays to you, your family and the entire Trillium team!” Jeffrey A. Wagonhurst, Sr. Senior Vice President Versar, Inc. Testimonials
  • 30. How We Support The Industry Please contact your Trillium Representative to find out how you may become a member of one of these fine organizations
  • 31. Your Trillium/Perennial Representative Contact Our Service Capabilities Can Take You Anywhere!