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Nature, people & culture 2 自然,人和文化 (2)
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Nature, people & culture 2 自然,人和文化 (2)


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Nature, people, culture

Nature, people, culture

Published in: Art & Photos, Technology, Business

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  • Great presentation Jay, wonderful pictures. thank you.
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  • 1. Nature, People & Culture 自然,人和文化 2 刘家英 , Jiaying Liu, Shanghai, China [email_address] Music: Night Of Barchlona 巴塞罗那夜晚
  • 2. Fishermen, Myanmar 缅甸渔民 Photograph by Chien-Chi Chang, National Geographic
  • 3. Easter Procession, Spain 复活节游行,西班牙 Photograph by Carolina Sanchez Monge , My Shot
  • 4. Bandarban, Bangladesh 班达尔班,孟加拉国 Photograph by M Yousuf Tushar , My Shot
  • 5. Synchronized Swimmers, California 花样游泳,加利福尼亚 Photograph by Karen Kasmauski
  • 6. Bubble Eye Goldfish, United States 泡泡眼金鱼,美国 Photograph by Paul A. Zahl
  • 7. Diver in Coral Garden, Dominica Island, Caribbean Sea 珊瑚花园潜水员,加勒比海多米尼加岛 Photograph by Bruce Dale
  • 8. Eagle Owl 雕鸮 Photograph by Mark Bridger
  • 9. Reindeer, Scandinavia 驯鹿,斯堪的纳维亚 Photograph by Erika Larsen
  • 10. Riverbank, Belgrade 河堤,贝尔格莱德 Photograph by David Konecny , My Shot
  • 11. Rainbow, Lake Champlain 彩虹,尚普兰湖 Photograph by Alan Nyiri , My Shot
  • 12. Silica Pond, Iceland 二氧化硅池塘,冰岛 Photograph by David Remacle, Your Shot
  • 13. Submerged Plane, Bahamas 淹没的飞机,巴哈马 Photograph by Bjorn Moerman, Your Shot
  • 14. Mbukushu Mother and Child, Botswana 母亲和孩童,博茨瓦纳 Photograph by Frans Lanting
  • 15. Infinity Pool, Singapore 无边泳池,新加坡 Photograph by Chia Ming Chien
  • 16. Tuscany, Italy 托斯卡纳,意大利 Photograph by Jure Kravanja, Your Shot
  • 17. Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar 卡塔尔伊斯兰艺术博物馆 Photograph by Juan Jose Acevedo, Your Shot
  • 18. Girl With Kite, India 放风筝的女孩,印度 Photograph by Simon Christen
  • 19. Upper Yosemite Falls, California 优胜美地瀑布,加利福尼亚 Photograph by Andrew Coffing
  • 20. Great White Shark and Divers 大白鲨和潜水员 Photograph by David Litchfield
  • 21. Street Scene, Paris 巴黎街景 Photograph by Brian Yen
  • 22. Tornado Aftermath, Iowa 龙卷风后的爱荷华 Photograph by Timothy Wright
  • 23. Nafplion, Greece 纳夫普利翁,希腊 Photograph by Maisie Ong
  • 24. Leaf on the Beach 海滩上的树叶 Photograph by Alycia Bromar
  • 25. Aerial View, New York City 鸟瞰纽约市 Photograph by Navid Baraty
  • 26. Soccer Player, Sierra Leone 足球运动员,塞拉利昂 Photograph by Johnny Vong
  • 27. Zebra and Cloud, South Africa 斑马和云,南非 Photograph by Dmitry Gorilovskiy
  • 28. Black-Browed Albatrosses, South Georgia 黑眉信天翁,南乔治亚 Photograph by Marius Coetzee
  • 29. Western Wall, Jerusalem 耶路撒冷西墙 Photograph by Johannes Osterman
  • 30. Ocean Air Bubble 海洋气泡 Photograph by Mark Tipple
  • 31. Ice Surfer, Lake Michigan 密歇根湖冰上冲浪 Photograph by Mike Killion , My Shot
  • 32. Geisha, Kyoto 艺妓,京都 Photograph by Clancy Lethbridge
  • 33. Moonlit Canoe, Allagash River 月夜独木舟,阿拉加什河 Photograph by Michael Melford , National Geographic
  • 34. Morning Landscape, Lithuania 晨景,立陶宛 Photograph by Eugenijus Rauduve , My Shot
  • 35. Deer, England 英格兰鹿 Photograph by Jim Richardson , National Geographic
  • 36. Salmon River, Idaho 鲑鱼河,爱达荷 Photograph by Michael Melford , National Geographic
  • 37. Sami Herder, Scandinavia 萨米牧民,斯堪的纳维亚 Photograph by Erika Larsen
  • 38. Manhattan Solstice 曼哈顿至日 Photograph by Robinson McClellan, Your Shot
  • 39. Sea Pens, New Zealand 海笔,新西兰 Photograph by Brian Skerry , National Geographic
  • 40. Tundra Trek, Svalbard 苔原跋涉,斯瓦尔巴德群岛 Photograph by June Jacobsen
  • 41. Shrimp, Kingman Reef 虾,金曼礁 Photograph by Brian Skerry , National Geographic
  • 42. Lion, Uganda 狮子,乌干达 Photograph by Joel Sartore , National Geographic
  • 43. African Buffalo, Uganda 非洲水牛,乌干达 Photograph by Joel Sartore , National Geographic
  • 44. Blue Pond, Hokkaido 蓝塘,北海道 Photograph by Kent Shiraishi , My Shot
  • 45. Leaves, Cascade Lake 叶子,梯级湖 Photograph by Michael Melford , National Geographic
  • 46. Iliamna Volcano, Alaska 伊利亚姆纳火山,阿拉斯加 Photograph by Michael Melford , National Geographic
  • 47. Lotus Bloom, Maryland 莲花绽放,马里兰 Photograph by Stephanie Lane, National Geographic
  • 48. Bushman, Botswana 布须曼人,博茨瓦纳 Photograph by David Doubilet , National Geographic
  • 49. Great Kobuk Sand Dunes, Alaska 大沙丘,阿拉斯加 Photograph by Michael Melford , National Geographic
  • 50. Hot Air Balloon, New Mexico 热气球,新墨西哥 Photograph by Bruce Dale , National Geographic