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Creating Microsoft PowerPoint (8:30-9:30)

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Microsoft power point

  1. 1. It is a program designed in creatingpresentations.It is debated to be beneficial for it iswidely among different industriesespecially in both business andacademics.And it is the most effective tool inlectures and seminars.
  2. 2. It uses graphical approaches topresentations in the form of slideshows that accompany the oraldelivery of the topic.By this program, it allows user tochoose the type of layout content increating Presentations.
  3. 3. Its HISTORY It is originally designed by the Macintosh and its first release is called the PRESENTER. This is developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin of Forethought, Inc. In 1987, it is renamed into PowerPoint due to the problem of trademarks.
  4. 4. In August 1987, Forethought, Inc. wasbought by the Microsoft and itbecame MS Graphics Business Unitwhich continued to developed thesoftware further.And the program was officiallylaunched on May 22,1990,thsame daythat Microsoft released MS Windows3.0
  5. 5. What are its elements? The basic designs New slides and contents Layouts Design templates Animation Slide transitions
  6. 6. The basic design of MSPowerPoint
  7. 7. It allows users to start makingPresentation through the basic designbefore proceeding in applying theslide designs offered by theseprogram.Familiarity is one of the key inattaining the knowledge of makingslides.
  8. 8. A window within an Officeapplication that provides commonlyused commands.Its location and its size allows usersto use the commands while stillworking on your files.It gives range in letting users to knowabout the creating Presentation.
  9. 9. This command creates a copy of anexisting file in order to do changesand add-ons on your presentation.
  10. 10. It encloses the design concept ofslides, fonts, color schemes andlayouts.Allows users to create artistic viewson their presentationThrough this application, it madeslides as a form of motivationespecially when animations andtransitions are put up together
  11. 11. Use the Auto content Wizard toapply a design template thatincludes suggestions for text on yourslides.
  12. 12. A kind of template that let usersto use the Web to create apresentation
  13. 13. Template The offered access of the program that allows users to choose templates from the Microsoft Office’s Template Gallery. These kind of templates are arranged according on what type of presentation a user will be making.
  14. 14. Tips in Creating Presentation Familiarize the usages of the program Allow yourself to operate rather than letting others do it for yourself. In making presentations, choose slide designs that will make your viewers be interested on your topic.
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