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Output of english group

  1. 1. GuangzhouCulture
  2. 2. Kapok is the city flower ofGuangzhou.I think it is veryBeautiful!Kapok also is aspecialty of the South.Kapokis spring flower. It always tospring after three, April intofull bloom.I like it very much. The statue of five rams is a mark of Guangzhou.It is very famous.It made in 1960.It made by Ying Jichang,Chen Benzong and Kong Fanwei.It talls 11 metres.I like it very much!
  3. 3. Gourmet food 增 城 区 Zengcheng District
  4. 4. 番 禺 区Panyu District
  5. 5. 荔 湾 区Liwan District
  6. 6. 天 河 区Tianhe District
  7. 7. 海 珠 区Haizhu District
  8. 8. Guangzhou TowerGuangzhou is a rich city. After the Asian Games held in Guangzhou,Guangzhou has a big change. Now, Tian he has the biggest changein Guangzhou. Tianhe is the Guangzhou new centre now.Do you know Guangzhou Tower? Guangzhou Tower is the symbol of Guangzhou. It is the tallest building in Asia——more than 600 meters high. And, it is also very beautiful.When night falls, the Guangzhou Tower will diffuse manycharming colors, such as blue , purple, orange, pink , red……At that time, the Guangzhou Tower looks like a beautiful girl iswearing a colorful dress. When tourists pass by here, theyalways say:“How a beautiful tower it is!” And when the 26thAsia Games was held in Guangzhou, there were manyfireworks around the Guangzhou Tower .In the opening ceremony, the fireworks were ignited by the Asia Gamesstaff. When the fireworks blooming, how a beautiful landscape it is! Therefore, the Guangzhou Tower is really a charming scene!
  9. 9. Arcades are the symbol of Guangzhou oldbuildings. Now, arcades are almost in Liwandistrict. After 1840s,many of the westernarchitectural style came into China, that includesarcade. Arcade is an ancient building .It has manyfunctions, such as : it can keep out the wind andrain, have a cool environment; let the old manplay cards and chess.; it is Chinese and Westernbuilding , very majestic. And it also can be amall.’ Arcade is a commercial building, it has threeparts: roof, floor and bottom. Commercial arcadearchitecture first appeared in2000 years ago inancient Greece, later popular in Europe. Inrecent centuries ,the arcade’s styles were beginto all over the world. Arcade buildings can over several hundredmeters long.Due to Guangzhou’s changeable weather,arcades, can adapt this kind of weather , thisspecial environment. So, arcades were verypopular in Guangzhou before.And now, arcades are Chinese historical cultural
  10. 10. Xiguan large house was the house of the riches. Thesehouses are tall and bright, with beautifully decorated hallpark. Every large house is almost 400 square meterslarge.Living in the Xiguan large house,you will feel niceand cool in summer ,and feel warm in winter.It is fitting tolive. Polishing, cleaning, Mending Wall, repair doors andwindows are the main ways to build and save the building.Then ,in the later period of the Republic of China.the smallwestern buildings broom up. In their building,there aresome brick veneer.It is faithful to its historic character andits original style. It used the original material to restore theoriginal architectural style. The third kind is a modernbuilding.It came out in the last century 80s . Itsconstruction is in a big size.In Chang Hua Street, LiwanDistrict ,there are Xiguan large house protected verygood, so this street is named ‘Xiguai large Houseremains”.
  11. 11. Liwan District, Guangzhou, preserves lots of famoustraditional Cantonese delicacies and snacks. The mostlively and popular place is definitely the Shangxia JiuLu. Below, Id like to introducesome traditional famousrestaurants in Liwan:1. Panxi Restaurant (Panxi Jiujia) Head office is :located at No.151 Longjinxi Rd. Guangzhou. The mostfamous dish of Panxi restaurant is Roast Suckling Pig(Kao Ru Zhu), The cooked piglet glistens and tastesdelicious, with crispy skin and tasty meat. Cantonesedim sum ranks the best in the whole country. PanxiRestaurant is also noted for its 1,000 kinds of dim sums.Among the various choices of dim sums, you maychoose the most typical ones: Shrimp Dumpling,Steamed Shaomai, Steamed Vermicelli Roll and so on.2. Nanxin Milk Store : Nanxin Milk Store is on the Xia JiuLu, Nanxin Shuang Pi Nai(Double-Skin Milk) is praisedas the top grade dessert in Guangzhou. Simmered milkhas a frozen cover made of the mixture of egg white andmilk, Hence the name Double-Skin Milk. When finished,this food appears to be pure white and semisolid. Ittastes soft and sweet. And most importantly, it hasmuchtritional value, good for your health.
  12. 12. Liuhua Porridge City: inside the Liuhua Park, Liuhua Lu.Jidi Zhou served in the Liuhua Porridge City is the mostfamous of all. The name of Jidi Porridge came from astory. It is said that in Qing Dynasty, there was a butcherselling this kind of porridge. And there was a private schoolteacher loved this kind of porridge very much. One day, thebutcher asked the teacher to teach him how to write sevenChinese characters— means pork, pork liver and pig (powder . Later the butcher was encouraged by some )gossipers and went to Peking to attend the imperialexaminations. He wrote the seven Chinese characters thatall he learned on the exam paper. Happened the Examinerwas the private teacher he met some time ago. TheExaminer was so glad that he made a marvelous article forhim and helped him to pass the exam. At that time, peoplewho can pass the exam and get a position in the courtmeant Jidi. So from then on, people called that kind ofporridge Jidi Porridge. Until today, people who are going tohave an important exam like to have a bowl of Jidi porridge,expecting to bring the good luck to the examination andpass the examination smoothly.Characterized by its smoothness and softness, theporridge is one of the most attractive delicacies that shouldnot be missed.
  13. 13. Zengcheng is a good place forentertainment.There are a lot of good placesof visit.Zengcheng greenway is a veryfamous. You can enjoy the beautiful flowerand green trees when you ride the bike.Youwill have a good time.The fresh air makeyour journey happy.There are a lot of fruits in Zengcheng.Themost famous fruit on Zengcheng islychee.There are many kinds of lycheehere .The most famous kind of lychee isGualu.One Gualu will cost fifty-five thosandYuan.The kind of lychee is only for theemperor in the past.So why not come toZengcheng to have a Gualu?You canbecome a moderm emperor,Haha!
  14. 14. Haizhu is a new trade centre.Because the New Trade Fair Centrewas moved to Haizhu in 1957.Everyyear there are spring trade fair andautumn trade fair. Many people goto the Trade Fair to buy or selldifferent kinds of good. It is said that573.33 dollars of goods are traded.If you want to do good business .Why not come to Haizhu Trade Fair!
  15. 15. Panyu was the sarbur ofGuangzhou. Now Panyu isbecoming more and moreimportant in guangzhou.Thetransport is developedrapicliy.NowpeoplecangotoPanyubyunderground.Byhighway.Byhip.So a lot of foutones arebuilt in Panyu.It is the industrydistrict of Guangzhou.
  16. 16. There are so many famous hospital inGuangzhou. All of these hospital have gooddoctor and technologies. I often go there tosee the doctor when I was sick. GuangdongTraditional Chinese Medicine Hospital wasestablished in 1933. It is one of the besthospitals in China. In 2011 ,there are 630million sick peoples go there to see thedoctor. It proves this hospital is verygood .And this hospital has 3000 hospitalbeds for sick people. It has more than 8billion Yuan ‘s medical equipment. This hospital also has communicationand cooperation with these countries fieldof traditional Chinese medicine :Canada,Japan, Korea, Italy, Israel, Hong Kong,Macao, Taiwan.There are a lot of famousdoctor work in this hospital .