The Next Wave of Disruptive Technologies


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7 years after calling the next wave of disruptive technologies -- social, mobile, analytics, cloud (SMAC) -- I'm prepared to talk about the next wave of disruptive technologies. This represents both the next evolution of SMAC as well as a new set of disruptive technologies that represents that next wave of technology disruption.

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The Next Wave of Disruptive Technologies

  1. 1. The Next Wave ofDisruptiveTechnologiesThe Impact of Technology onBusinessJonathan L. YarmisPrincipal AnalystYarmis Group@jyarmisjyarmis@gmail.com
  2. 2. We Are in a Period ofUnprecedented Technical Change No kidding But magnitude unappreciated Unprecedented rapidity On the cusp of a new wave As the existing wave evolvesDoctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013
  3. 3. Doctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013S-Curves Drive the TechnologyIndustryNewCategoryIntroductionMidlifeRevolutionTheNextWave
  4. 4. Doctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013The Now: Talking SMAC Social Mobile AnalyticsPlease don’t call it “Big Data” Cloud And they’re all coming together
  5. 5. We Are at a Pivotal TimeDoctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013NewCategoryIntroductionMidlifeRevolutionTheNextWave
  6. 6. Doctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013Note: We Futurists Tend toOverstate Impact in the Short-Term
  7. 7. Doctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013But Underestimate it in theMedium-Term!
  8. 8. Doctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013The Next Chapter of SMAC We first automate what we previously didmanually or inefficiently Mid-life, we ask “what can we do that wecouldn’t do before?” We’re at that point now So don’t give me another social network
  9. 9. While the Next Wave is on theHorizon Internet of Things Augmented Reality Big Knowledge Cognitive ProbabilisticDoctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013NewCategoryIntroductionMidlifeRevolutionTheNextWave
  10. 10. Internet of Things When everything isconnected to theInternet Not just “computing”devices Sensors in everything Even smart dustDoctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013Source: Intel
  11. 11. Augmented Reality Do NOT judge it byGoogle Glass Blending the physicalwith the virtual When reality is aread/write mediumDoctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013Source: Nickelodeon
  12. 12. Cognitive and ProbabilisticComputing Systems aware oftheir environment Able to make “smart”decisions And learn fromoutcomes Computing today islargely deterministic Moving towardsprobabilistic systemsDoctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013Source: IBM
  13. 13. Big Knowledge Moving up the valuehierarchy from data toinformation toknowledge to wisdom Actionableinformation Decision-makingDoctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013
  14. 14. The Looming Battle The smart marketer The empowered user New softwarecategories Vendor RelationshipManagement Whither privacy?The Yarmis GroupOctober 19, 2010
  15. 15. Doctor DisruptiveJune 26, 2013So, What Do You Do Now?
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