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Why should think tanks and advocacy groups care about open government data?
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Why should think tanks and advocacy groups care about open government data?


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Talk given at "Use of Information and Data for Enhanced …

Talk given at "Use of Information and Data for Enhanced
Communication and Advocacy" workshop in Budapest, 17th March 2011.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 2011/03/17/Budapest/OSIWhy should think tanks andadvocacy groups care aboutopen government data? Jonathan Gray Open Knowledge Foundation
  • 2. Some cautionary reminders
  • 3. Datasets dontchange the world
  • 4. (People do)
  • 5. Government datasets dont fall out of the sky
  • 6. (They are generated by people)
  • 7. Datasets dont tell us the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
  • 8. (They are partial)
  • 9. [Drumroll]
  • 10. What is open government data?
  • 11. Re-use
  • 12. From legal uncertainty...
  • 13. … to legal clarity.
  • 14. Open data: free for anyone to reuse orredistribute for any purpose
  • 15. use reuse“open” = redistribution commercial reuse C derivative works “do what you like” may require: - attribution - sharing back
  • 16.
  • 17. Why?
  • 18. Enable people to make useful,valuable things with government data
  • 19. New ways of representing data
  • 20. Put policies into context
  • 21. New ways of delivering data
  • 22. Personalised services
  • 23. A richer data ecosystem
  • 24. Not just about government
  • 25. More pairs of eyes
  • 26. Harness external expertise
  • 27. Collaborate more effectively
  • 28. Government data isnt always perfect– but it is often a good place to start
  • 29. Open government data isnt a panacea– but it can help us to create a richer picture of the world around us
  • 30. How?
  • 31. What data is collectedpublished by government?
  • 32. What laws and policiesgovern the reuse of public information?
  • 33. What datasets do you need?
  • 34. What kinds of questions do you want to be able to answer?
  • 35. Help to open up government data in your country:
  • 36. Help to map the data landscape: http://publicdata.eu
  • 37. Ask and answer data related questions:
  • 38. Open up your own data!
  • 39. Join the open government data community:
  • 40. Get in touch!jonathan.gray@okfn.org
  • 41. Image creditsImages by Otto Neurath and the Isotype Institute from FulltablePierre Vivants Traffic Light Tree by William WarbyThe Green Light by Ted PercivalFurther linksOpen Knowledge Foundation - http://www.okfn.orgWhere Does My Money Go? - http://www.wheredoesmymoneygo.orgOpen Spending - http://www.openspending.orgEuropean Energy - http://energy.publicdata.euOpen Government Data - http://www.opengovernmentdata.orgCKAN - http://www.ckan.netOpen Knowledge Definition - http://www.opendefinition.orgGet The Data - These slides are available under a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike License. While most images are available under an open license (see above) some are used for illustrative purposes and rights may be reserved by their creators.