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Presentation at 2012, on practical steps one can take with open geo data

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  • Open Geodata Abc

    1. 1. Open Geodata, a practial approach Marcel de Rink Jan Willem van Eck GIS Tech 2012
    2. 2. Why not to bother with open data. Source: Ton Zijlstra (here)
    3. 3. open geodata, so what?
    4. 4. Our definition (for now) Data in the public domain Availlable to everyone CC or ODBL license Known quality, timestamp, continuity Documented and “metadated” Digital…
    5. 5. Q: your open data goal?
    6. 6. OpenGeodata’s ABC
    7. 7. Build New marketDeliver Build Consume
    8. 8. Deliver, consume, build A Deliver B Build C Consume
    9. 9. Spotzi Enrich data B C Open data Worldbank
    10. 10. City of Amsterdam A Deliver spatial data B Build a city vieuwer
    11. 11. PDOK A Deliver and supply metadata/ webservices
    12. 12. Very usefull for buiding the ecosystem
    13. 13. Build New marketDeliver Build Consume
    14. 14. Step 1:determine your open data goal and hence your position in the framework!
    15. 15. Goal determines position Use external open data for our own processes Share our data with as many as possible Stimulate and maximise innovation by others Just be a bit more open and transparant …
    16. 16. Checklist (incomplete) Deliver Build ConsumeLicense CheckMetadata CheckPrivacy CheckQualityTimestampContinuityMonitorLiability….
    17. 17. Licences, break or make reuse  CC0 for reuse to the max
    18. 18. Step 2: determine level of energy / investment and possibleinnovation by externals (license, quality, continuity,…)
    19. 19. Enschede Enable open webservices (Deliver, high) Build open data portal (Deliver, middle) Organise hackathon (Build, low) Apply a very open license (Build, high) A B C
    20. 20. Zonnepanelen op daken
    21. 21. Nijmegen Deliver open data files (Deliver, low) Build a portal (Deliver, low) Organise a contest (Build, low) Apply a very ope license (Build, high) A B C
    22. 22. Nationale satelliet data portaal Deliver open data (Deliver, low) Build a portal (Build, middle) Apply a strict license (Build, low) A B
    23. 23. Esri Nederland A B C
    24. 24. Esri Nederland Deliver Worldwide basemaps Tools at all levels… Build PDOK extensions Applab Consume PDOK OpenStreetMap Open data Kadaster
    25. 25. Basemap DTB + GBK + Top10 + Top50 + Etc
    26. 26. Topographic basemap
    27. 27. Esri and OpenStreetMap
    28. 28. OpenStreetMap as basemap in (C)
    29. 29. Openstreet map editor (A)
    30. 30. Web Application (B)
    31. 31. Enrich data (B)
    32. 32. Open data CBS (C, B)
    33. 33. Step 3: Open data tomorrow! Set your open geodata goals Determine your position (Deliver a/or Build a/r C) Determine energy level and innovation to others And go into action mode with an open data experiment E.g. make that garbage collection webservice open to all E.g. create a webapp with data form E.g. organise a local open data event (it is great fun!)
    34. 34. Esri Nederland A B C
    35. 35. Opendata and technology Linked Opendata Open data portaal Webservices (WFS) Layer packages Webservices (WMS)
    36. 36. α-ω
    37. 37. Concluding Open data brings us all more The rules of the game have not been fixed It is a big topic, which we should address in small steps We’d love to take those open data steps with you!
    38. 38. How it’s made Reading books and articles Conversations at several open data and app events Converstations between these two authors Tools: paper, MindJet, PowerPoint, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Twitter… and
    39. 39. Open geodata ABC @mderink @jwvaneck