Boss. On Big, Open, Spatial (data) systems.


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Guestlecture at Rotterdam University. About What Spatial data is about, how it connects to Open Data, and what Big data brings to the table. Send a msg when you want to download :)

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  • On Big, Open, Spatial Systems (but mostly about the data, which is far more important)In the picture
  • All objects are spatial. Even we imagine in our heads has a place…
  • Maps are reflections of time. Maps are imperfect.
  • But what isiswhat we map? Where is the border?
  • Onlyone side of New Zeelandmapped (at the Royal Palace, Amsterdam). We cannot map the unknown…just keep that in mind.
  • One we understand ‘what is where’, we can move to “why it is there” and “what we can do about this”. This requires geographic analysis.
  • Lots of examples of geographic analysis can be found. Topic of a different talk?
  • Long time open data (Landsat)
  • TOP10NL – Kadaster open data.
  • National AHN height level data. (open high res elevation data)
  • a simpleviewing app.
  • A 3D webservice… kind of diffucult to go back to 2D
  • – in the negative sense
  • with visualisation types
  • 4D or realtime
  • Boss. On Big, Open, Spatial (data) systems.

    1. 1. BOSS Gastcollege Hogeschool Rotterdam, Instituut voor Communicatie, Media en Informatie technologie, Emerging Technologies, 18/3/2014, @jwvaneck
    2. 2. Spatial, Data Open, BIG On And what I may mean to you
    3. 3. Try to imagine objects, which are not spatially related…
    4. 4. The world changes and so does the map…
    5. 5. A tree or not a tree? Where is the border? Is it a creek or a ditch?
    6. 6. We can only map what we know
    7. 7. W H A T I S W H E R E A N D W H Y I S I T T H E R E A N D … W H A T C A N W E D O A B O U T T H A T?
    8. 8. #GeographicAnalysis
    9. 9. Spatial data • Is about “where” - location • Next, it’s about what it is and what you can do about it • Is never 100% correct • Results depend on data modeling • Becomes really interesting when you go (way) beyond pins on a map: • Geographic analysis makes all the difference
    10. 10. Spatial, Data Open, BIG On And what I may mean to you
    11. 11. #Kadaster
    12. 12. #3D-thenewnormal
    13. 13. Philli
    14. 14. Rotterdam
    15. 15. Portland
    16. 16. Open data • Releasing data into the public domain • Can create real value for other organisations • For developers, citizens, media, business, government • Economic benefits (but fun as well) • Enriches ecosystems of technology and data • Lots of open geodata to come :)
    17. 17. Spatial, Data Open, BIG On And what I may mean to you
    18. 18. Intelligent drive
    19. 19. #Geofencing
    20. 20. Big data • It’s the 4th dimension – time • Big data takes some serious rethinking • Multi-sensor world – human and machine • Esri brings a Location Platform to support you Project Sponsor • Helps you to discover, make, use and share maps • Any where, any time, any device!
    21. 21. Spatial, Data Open, BIG On And what I may mean to you
    22. 22. TRAINEE
    23. 23. Student meetups
    24. 24. open to the edu community Esri GIS Tech 8 april!
    25. 25. Spatial, Data Open, BIG On And what I may mean to you