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Lady gaga version

  1. 1. Lady GagaThe FameReleased - 19/8/2008
  2. 2. The Fame is the debutstudio album byAmerican recordingartist Lady Gaga.LabelIt was released on August19, 2008 throughInterscope Records.After joining Kon LiveDistribution andCherrytree Records in2008, Gaga beganworking on the albumwith producers,RedOne, MartinKierszenbaum and RobFusari.Interscope Records is an Americanrecord label owned by the Universal MusicGroup. Interscope Records operates as one third of UMGsInterscope GeffenA&M label group. Key Point: As major label they have worldwide distributionto promote their releases
  3. 3. Musically, The Fame is asynthpop and dance-popalbum that hasinfluences of pop musicfrom the 1980s.Lyrically, the albumvisualisesGagaslove offame in general whilstalso dealing withsubjects such as love,sex, money, drugs andsexual identity.Key Point: Popularaspirations for modernaudiences
  4. 4. Promotion: was primarilythrough The Fame Ball Tourand multiple televisionappearances. The Fame wasincluded as a bonus disc on thedeluxe edition of the extendedplay, The Fame Monster(2009).Key Point: High profilemarketing strategy
  5. 5. The album was a commercialsuccess, topping the charts indifferent countries worldwide,including the United Kingdom,Canada, Germany, Ireland,Poland and Switzerland.In the US, it peaked at no.2 onthe Billboard 200, while toppingthe Dance/Electronic Albumschart for 100 non-consecutiveweeks. The Fame has soldmore than 15 million copiesworldwide.Key Point: Sales/Chart Position
  6. 6. IndustryAudienceReleasesCRASH/Uses &GratsLabel/Internet/CD or Vinyl?Artists/Genre/Style/AO1 –Demonstrateknowledge &understanding ofmedia concepts,contexts andcritical debates= 20marks3 XKey pointsfor each Text
  7. 7. Meanings?Responses?AudienceSocial/Cultural/Political= 10marksAO2 –Apply knowledge &understanding ofhow meanings andresponses arecreated
  8. 8. B4. How global is the appeal of your three main texts? (30)Some chosen texts may not have global appeal – candidatesmay argue that they are essentially British in theme, tone,distribution etc – this is wholly acceptable and must bemarked on merit. Many texts, however, do have globalappeal and points covered may include:• Type of product• Theme, narrative, genre• Use of stars, celebrities• Distribution and marketing• Internet• Audience factors – links to theory (e.g. Uses andGratifications, audience pleasures).
  9. 9. The first two singles from The Fame, "Just Dance" and"Poker Face", gained international success, topping thecharts in several countries worldwide, including the UnitedStates, United Kingdom and Australia.
  10. 10. While its third single, "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)",experienced less commercial success, the next two singles,"LoveGame" and "Paparazzi", were a commercial successas well, charting within the top ten of more than ten countriesworldwide.
  11. 11. • Lady Gaga’s video for Paparazzi wasreleased in July 2009. It was written byGaga and Rob Fusari, an Americanmusic producer and songwriter and isabout Gaga’s struggled journey to findfame. The Paparazzi video wasdirected by Jonas Akerlund, a Swedishdirector has worked on music videos forMadonna and U2.• “Paparazzi” is an eight minute musicvideo which Lady Gaga called a mini-movie and stars the Swedish actorAlexander Skarsgård as Gaga’s on-screen lover.‘Paparazzi’Video Analysis
  12. 12. • Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi begins wiping in slowly from a circle from thecentre. This establishing shot reveals a number of palm treesshaded in front of the sun. The next scene is an extreme long shot ofa white mansion with a circle balcony on the top floor in the centre.There is a gate around the mansion with plants and flowerssurrounding it. These two scenes reveal mise-en-scene that isexpensive and luxurious, therefore encoding an aspirationalperspective.• The first thing that the audience hears in these opening shots arethe sound of waves, which lets the audience know that this video islocated near by the sea creating the mise-en-scene of a peaceful,happy home.
  13. 13. A close up of an exotic pink flower with “Starring LadyGaga” written in bold white font next to it. This issignificant because most women see flowers as sourcesof power and they can also be compared to femalegenitalia and sexuality. During the time when this videowas filmed, there was uproar in the media about LadyGaga’s gender caused by rumours that she was ahermaphrodite. The use of the pink flower next to LadyGaga’s name makes her appear feminine.The next shot is a wide shot of a pile of Americandollars on a wooden floor next to a bed. There are alsostacks of dollars on the bed. Next to the money on thefloor are two gold bars/ingots and what appears to be abowl of jewellery.The scene cuts to an extreme long shot of a bedroomwith money scattered across the floor. Across the top ina white/grey colour, “Lady Gaga in Paparazzi” is writtenin large font, informing the audience of the song and theartist.
  14. 14. Exam Guidance & QuestionsPOINT: Make points that directly answer the question(regarding key music industry issues).EXAMPLE: Refer in detail to examples of:releases/chart positions/videos/marketingstrategies/ways the audience access releases etc, thatsupport your points(be specific & detailed).EXPLAIN: Discuss/debate the key issues raised andreflect upon the implications for the music industry &the audience (give your own views also).
  15. 15. B3. How effectively were your three main textsmarketed?[30]Candidates have the option to argue either way on thisquestion and differently for all three texts. Please look forlogical argument with relevant points used to back-up ideas.Lower grade candidates may just discuss how their texts weremarketed. Higher grade candidates need to engage with theeffectivelypart of the question. For all candidates expect somedescription/factual knowledge of the campaigns. Evidence tosuggest texts were marketed effectively may include points on:• Style, frequency, scope/extent of campaign• Audience up-take (e.g. viewing figures, sales)• Audience discussion/feedback.Continued over:
  16. 16. The following are some generic points candidates might makein relation into how texts were marketed for each of theindustries. How effectively is for the candidates to discuss.The lists are not intended to be prescriptive.MUSIC:Band/performer websitesexposure –magazines, celebrity endorsement etcfan sitesmusic press articlessocial networking sitesVideos/Toursitunes etc.
  17. 17. Postmodernism - HomageMimicking the way the music video begins with the wiped incircle, this scene shows Lady Gaga against a black andwhite swirled background. The way that the colours swirlagainst one another and the way that Lady Gaga movesslowly gives the illusion that she is falling. The hypnoticbackground is a homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s psychologicalthriller, Vertigo. The background draws the audience’s focustowards Lady Gaga because she is in the middle,showcasing what she looks like so they know that she is thesinger.As she falls, the audience can hear her ragged breathing andthe sound of a heartbeat. These sounds would have beenadded in at post production, making them non-diegeticsounds.
  18. 18. As the singing begins, there is a cut to Lady Gaga dressed in a revealing blackleather outfit who is sitting on a large golden couch. She also has on long blackleather gloves. Up until now, the music video has been narrative, but thissection is purely performance as she is lip syncing to the song. The first twoshots that the audience see’s of Lady Gaga are her making the shape of a gunwith her hand and the other, covering her eyes.
  19. 19. Editing StyleLady Gaga’s Paparazzi uses quick cuts because it is a music video andthe shots need to be cut to the beat to make it flow. The editing of theshots looks seamless as they cut to one shot of Lady Gaga to anotherone whilst she is singing the same line of the song.
  20. 20. Lady Gaga & Social MediaLady Gaga is the definition of an influencer offline and online; her music,fashion sense, and passion for social causes have spread around theworld in only a few short years.Social Media is Going Gaga Lady Gaga Facebook Fan Page Followers – 46,608,220 @Lady Gaga Twitter Followers – 18,198,577 Lady Gaga Google+ Followers – 20,852 (only 4 days after signingup)
  21. 21. Lady Gaga & Media
  22. 22. B3. How successful have your chosen texts been fortheir industry? (30)Responses may be dependent on how the candidate definessuccess. Please be open-minded here and engage withcandidates definitions – success does not necessarily implycommercial success. Some candidates may suggest that(some of) their chosen texts were not successful - this isacceptable but please look for coherence in the argument.Points covered may make reference to such general pointsas:• commercial/financial success• awards• critical reviews• audience appreciation – e.g. niche, fans etcContinued over:
  23. 23. Responses to this question are likely to be heavily dependent onthe texts selected – and need to be linked closely to them. Thefollowing are some generic points candidates might make for eachof the industries.The lists are not intended to be prescriptive.MUSIC:• sales• downloads• concert sales• awards• critical reviews• influence
  24. 24. Awards"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" was releasedin the form of a promotional single.The Fame has won multiple awardssince its release. It was nominatedfor a total of six Grammy Awards atthe 52nd Grammy Awards, includingthe Grammy Award for Album of theYear. It won the Grammy Award forBest Electronic/Dance Album andthe Best Dance Recording for thesingle "Poker Face".It also won Best International Albumat the 2010 BRIT Awards.In 2013, Rolling Stone named TheFame as one of the "100 GreatestDebut Albums of All-Time".
  25. 25. How does Lady Gaga embrace technology to enhance her Fame?Bad Romance has 360 millionYoutube viewsLady Gaga is the mostdownloaded artist ever20 million singles downloaded54000 questions asked on a 3and a half day opportunity viaher YouTube channelLady Gaga embracestechnology to form a relationshipwith fans.
  26. 26. Marketing experts reckon Born This Waystar makes a third of her cash through socialmedia site.Lady Gaga earns $30 million (£18.9 million)through her Twitter account.The Wall Street Journal claims that the BornThis Way star has built up such a strongrelationship with her followers on the socialmedia site that it is worth one third of thereported $90 million (£56.9 million) that shemade last year.Marketing manager John Bonini, who worksfor Impact Branding & Design, claimed thatthe publicity and direct connection the singerhas developed with her admirers through thesite helps boost her earning potential, as wellas ensuring that her fanbase purchase hermusic rather than download it illegally. Headded"She really engages them and re-tweets stuffthey say as if she was one of them".
  27. 27. Parasocial interaction (or para-socialrelationship) is a term used by socialscientists to describe one-sided,"parasocial" interpersonal relationships inwhich one party knows a great deal aboutthe other, but the other does not. Themost common form of such relationshipsare one-sided relations betweencelebrities and audience or fans.A Parasocial interaction seems to berequired to enable a singer to turn into apop star. Us as an audience with our ondemand, instant technology want accessinto anything, whenever we want. Showslike the X factor pay attention to thisdesire and provide 12-14 weeks of usgetting to know the winner. We need togain aspiration and self esteem from anexotic lifestyle.
  28. 28. 5.) How has this fan/artist relationship evolved over the past few years?Its much more personal, intimate and revealing. Fans know so much about
their idols. The interesting thing is that it doesnt seem to have spoiled 
thefantasy or dampened their fanaticism. If anything, it seems to only 
fan theflames of their passion for the celebs. As they say, information 
is power, andI think fans feel empowered to know so much and become that much moreinterested in their favorite stars.9.) How important is a celebs social media to their overall image andcareer?We saw Miley Cyrus quit Twitter, only to return a year later. Why? If you

  29. 29. Singles from The Fame"Just Dance"
Released: April 8,2008"Poker Face"
Released:September 23, 2008"Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I CanSay)"
Released: January 10,2009"LoveGame"
Released: March24, 2009"Paparazzi"
Released: July 6,2009
  30. 30. Total= 30 marks‘A’ GradeExam Response