La haine


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La haine

  1. 1. La Haine Notes by Roy Stafford
  2. 2. 2 La Haine France 1995 director: Mathieu Kassovitz producer: Christophe Rossignon script: Mathieu Kassovitz director of photography: Pierre Aïm video documentary: Armelle Bayle editors: Mathieu Kassovitz, Scott Stevenson art director: Giuseppe Ponturo sound/sound design: Vincent Tulli running time: 90 mins cast Vincent Cassel Vinz Hubert Kounde Hubert Saïd Taghmaoui SaïdSaïdSaïd Karim Belkhadra SamirSamirSamir Edwarde Montoute Darty François Levantal Astérix Solo Santo Marc Duret Inspector ‘Notre Dame’ Heloïse Rauth Sarah Rywka Wajsbrot Vinz's Grandmother Synopsis A public housing estate outside Paris has been shaken by rioting for 24 hours because of injuries suffered by Abdel, a youth from the estate, while in police custody.Vinz, Hubert and Saïd, three local friends, have all been involved. Hubert, a boxer, discovers his training area has been wrecked.Vinz tells the others that he has the pistol lost by a police officer during the rioting and that he intends to avenge Abdel if he dies from his injuries.The youths spend the day hanging out as the tension mounts. Towards evening they go to Paris to visit a dealer known as Astérix, who owes Saïd money. Vinz endangers the deal by provoking Astérix with the gun. Leaving hurriedly, Hubert and Saïd are grabbed by the police, whileVinz gets away. Hubert and Saïd get a brutal going-over at the police station.They are released and miss the last train back to the estate, but meetVinz again at the station.The trio walk around the city and unsuccessfully attempt to steal a car.They sleep in a shopping mall and wake to a news broadcast informing them that Abdel is dead. Hubert and Saïd restrainVinz from threatening a traffic warden.Angry withVinz, the other two leave him but they are attacked by National Front skinheads.Vinz arrives and threatens the skinheads with the gun and they run off. Vinz is nearly out of control, but when the trio arrive back at their estate he hands Hubert the gun to get rid of it.A car draws up and a plainclothes police officer gets out. Vinz and the cop tussle and the cop's gun goes off, shootingVinz in the head. Hubert advances on the cop, and they face each other with guns drawn. Saïd looks on in horror as gunfire is heard.
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