Week without wall reflection


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Week without wall reflection

  1. 1. Week Without WallTHE JOURNEY<br />By: Jung woo Park<br />DRAGONFLY<br />TO QING YUAN<br />
  2. 2. DiScOmBoBuLaTeRs<br />
  3. 3. aCtIvItIeS<br />Biking<br />Rock Climbing<br />Catapult<br />First Aid<br />Teaching<br />Caving<br />Camping<br />Pan Family House<br />
  4. 4. ReFlEcTiOn<br />
  5. 5. rOcK cLiMbInG<br />First time Rock Climbing <br />Reached top<br />Happy<br />Nervous<br />High FIVE ㅋㅋ<br />Coming Down<br />ㅋㅋHappy (Awesome)<br />WOW; YHH!!~<br />
  6. 6. BiKiNg<br />Fallen victim<br />The Best Activity during WWW<br />The best bike riding that I had ever done<br />Adventure<br />Fallen victim<br />
  7. 7. cAtApUlT<br />New Experience<br />
  8. 8. IT’S 10:30<br />THE BEST PART OF <br />CAMPINGIS <br />SLEEPING<br />!!!!!!!!!<br />cAmPiNg<br />Go to Sleeeee-------<br />------------------p<br />
  9. 9. DAY1 (MONDAY)LEAVING HOME, CATAPULT<br />I woke up at 6’oclock in the morning because I was in Futian. Hee Jae, Michael, and I took a taxi at 6:30 and came to school. We hopped on the bus and had a long bus ride. After about 5 hours later, we arrived to Qing Yuan. We met all the dragonfly staffs and had lunch time. After lunch, We had a first activity which was catapult. Before that we had some games that we played during beach retreat. Maddy, Saige, Andrew, and I were team. Making Catapult took a long time. Andrew and I had nickname. Andrew’s nickname was string boy, my nickname was a stranger. We thought our catapult was a failure, but after testing, we knew that our catapult was the best of discombobulaters. We had a dinner after this, and then night walk. Jason and I were going to scare some girls during night walk, but we failed to do this because of Christina. We wrote our journal when we got back to our hotel and we had a free time until 10’o clock. Then I fell a sleep.<br />
  10. 10. DAY 2 (TUESDAY)BIKING, ROCK CLIMBING<br />On the second day, I woke up at 7:30 in the hotel. I ate breakfast. Then I went for rock climbing. Discombobulaters were divided into two groups. My group went up rock climbing first and the other group stayed down to do first aid. This was my first experience of climbing rock. First I did the left one which was easier. Then I tried the right one and I felt more comfortable and I went up faster. After rock climbing, I ate lunch and head back to hotel. This was biking time, we wore helmets and chose bikes. This biking was the best bike riding that I had ever done. When we were at the returning point we used different way to go back to our hotel that other group had never tried. After biking my teaching group members and I practiced for next day’s teaching. Then we had dinner, wrote a journal, and went to sleep.<br />
  11. 11. Day 3, the third day I woke up at 7’o clock. I had breakfast at 7:30. After breakfast, we went to Chinese school to teach 5th grade students in that school. When we got in to school, we did some exercise (?). Then we got in to class room. My group had to go room 5-4. All of my group members had hard time teaching them English. After 40 minutes of English class, we changed groups. 4 of us stayed there to each games and other 3 came in. We had really hard time teaching them games. After another 40 minutes, we went to room 5-2 to teach other students. They were better than room 5-4, but it was still hard. After teaching we had lunch. Then I went for caving. For caving I had to find 8 different questions and solve it, but it was really hard to find and my group only found 5.Next thing we did was camping. I went to camping area and build own shelter. My group had hard time building shelter. After building a shelter we are dinner and talent show in from of the fire. Next thing I had to do was sleeping, but I had really hard time sleeping because it was really noisy because of the other groups.<br />DAY 3 (WEDENSDAY)TEACHING, CAVING, CAMPING<br />
  12. 12. DAY4 (THURSDAY)Last Day – Pan Family House ,Going Home<br />This was the last day of WWW. I woke up at 5’o clock and head back to hotel. I had breakfast, after break fast I went to Pan Family House to see the Qing Yuan’s culture. I had a lot of new experience and we used our 5 senses to draw map and other things. After visiting Pan Family House we hopped on the bus and had back to school. During bus ride I slept the whole time. I was nice bus riding and I had lots of good memory.<br />