Toyoda family business


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Toyoda family business

  1. 1. The Toyoda Family Business By: John O’Dwyer
  2. 2. Sakichi Toyoda • Sakichi was the first to invent the “Japanese-style” power loom in 1897 • Founded Toyoda Automatic Loomworks in 1926 • Sakichi later on sold the patents of his loomworks for $250,000, and used the money to help his son Kiichiro Toyoda on his quest to start his own auto industry
  3. 3. Kiichiro Toyoda • Kiichiro Toyoda founded the Toyota Motor Company in 1937 • He changed the name from “Toyoda” to “Toyota”. Although there is no official reason to why the name was changed, one of the more known stories was that “Toyoda” has ten calligraphic strokes, while “Toyota” has eight. The number eight was considered an “auspicious” number • Died before the company released their first car in the U.S.
  4. 4. Eiji Toyoda The Toyopet Crown From 1957 • After his cousin Kiichiro died in the early 50’s, Eiji helped to get the Toyota Motor Company running the production of vehicles in the U.S. • The first car, the Toyopet Crown, was released in the US in 1957. However, it did not sell for various reasons. One was that it was $500 more than the more popular Volkswagen Beetle. Another was that it was not fast enough for American highways
  5. 5. Later Success by Toyota • In 1965, Eiji Toyoda released the Toyota Corona. The success of the Corona was seen as a stepping stone that evolved in to many different models of Toyota such as the Tercel, Supra, and the Land Cruiser (today known as FJ Cruiser)
  6. 6. Another successful release by Toyota was the Corolla in 1968. The Corolla was popular with “baby boomers” because it was An inexpensive and reliable car.
  7. 7. Introduction of the Lexus • In 1983, Eiji Toyoda decided that the time was right for Toyota to produce a luxury car, that car is Lexus • In the August of 1989, Lexus sold its first car, the LS 400, a luxury sedan that sported a V8 engine, along with many luxuries. (LS 400 pictured in background from 1989)
  8. 8. The Success of Lexus • In 1991, Lexus had a successful year in sales, selling 71,206 luxury cars. That same year, Lexus outsold the other luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, and BMW • Lexus has received high rankings in product quality, ranking first several times in J.D. Power and Associates
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