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Solutions for Printing, Copying and Faxing
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Solutions for Printing, Copying and Faxing


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Solutions for Printing, Copying and Faxing

Solutions for Printing, Copying and Faxing

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Solutions for Printing, Copying & Faxing Jim Locke, Principal ResultWorx Technology Group
  • 2. Agenda
    • Purchasing Considerations
    • Determine Your Cost of Printing
    • Do You Need Color?
    • Advantages of Multifunction Printers
    • Managing Multiple Printers
    • Questions
  • 3. Purchasing Considerations
    • Printer Features
      • Essential vs. Nice
    • Printer Type – Inkjet vs. Laser
    • Do you need color?
      • How often?
    • Cost of the printer and consumables
    • How many pages do you print per month?
    • How long do you want the printer to last?
  • 4. Inkjet vs. Laser
    • Inkjet
    • Laser
    • Low cost hardware
    • Consumables
      • High Cost
      • Short shelf-life
    • Shorter Hardware Life
      • Consider replacement vs. warranty
    • Higher cost hardware
    • Consumables
      • Low Cost
      • Long shelf-life
    • Longer Hardware Life
      • Consider warranty vs. replacement
  • 5. Calculate Your Break Even Point Inkjet Laser Difference Printer Cost $99.00 $299.00 $200 Consumables (Cost per page) $0.08 $0.03 $0.05 Hardware Break-Even 4000 pgs Tricks of the Trade If you buy an inkjet printer, you may consider refilling cartridges to recover the cost difference.
  • 6. Determine your Total Cost Inkjet Laser Printer Cost $99.00 $299.00 Consumables (Cost per page) $0.08 $0.03 Pages Printed per Year 12000 pgs 12000 pgs Expected Life of Printer 2 yrs 3 yrs Total Printing Cost $2019 $1379 Tricks of the Trade Vendors sometimes manipulate consumption figures by altering the definition of a “printed page.” It is usually 5% coverage.
  • 7. Do You Need Color?
    • Most business printing is done in black & white
    • Consider how often you print color?
    • What alternatives do you have?
      • Low volume color
        • Use a print shop
        • Purchase one color printer for office use
      • High volume color
        • Consider color laser vs. ink jet
        • Share a color printer for office use
  • 8. Multifunction Printers
    • In addition to printing, MFP’s offer features like
      • Copying
      • Scanning
      • Faxing
    • Can significantly reduce your printing costs by increasing the amount of pages printed on a single device
    • Reduce hardware, consumable and power costs.
    • Models for all office sizes and budgets
  • 9. Managing Multiple Printers
    • Purchasing Considerations
      • Share network printers among small groups
      • Share a color network printer
      • Purchase devices with a 3 yr warranty
    • Standardize
      • Single brand of printers; specific models, if possible
    • Consider Managed Print Services
      • Lower your cost of consumables.
      • Eliminate inventory, purchasing costs
  • 10.
    • Please feel free to contact us:
    • Jim Locke
    • (626) 689-4491
    • [email_address]