Twitter in the classroom


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Twitter in the classroom

  1. 1. By: Jennifer Wille
  2. 2. o What is Twitter? o How Twitter is Used o How Teacher’s are using Twitter o Benefits of Using Twitter in Schools o Twitter in the Future oWorks Cited
  3. 3.  Twitter is a 140 character blog site that asks the question “What are you Doing?”  Each post a user makes is called a “Tweet”  Twitter often times  Tweets can be followed breaks head line news. all over the world.  Twitter is a social network that can be used via the Internet or more popularly through cell Home phones.
  4. 4. Twitter’s Uses •Tweets can transmit personal information, http://www.readwriteweb.c breaking headline news, or advertisements om/enterprise/2009/03/4- for Organizations. ways-companies-use- •Twitter runs a constant news feed, whenever twitter-for-business.php you subscribe to a person, or organizations Tweets you will get a news feed of their The above article states Tweets the 4 way Companies use •On a small level, Twitter’s main use is a Twitter! Social Networking site to keep friends and families in touch • On a larger level, Twitter can be used to publicize a person or an organization •With millions of people connected on Twitter the opportunities are huge for an individual or organization. Home
  5. 5.  The site below is a story of a University Teacher, Dr. Rankin of the University of Texas- Dallas, who uses Twitter for her college aged class.  She uses Twitter as a way for students to comment on readings, instead of having to share in front of the entire classroom  She created a Twitter Classroom which allows learners to respond to her questions. Dr. Rankin then used a TweetDeck, a feature of Twitter, to project her students response during class  The second site, is different ways in which elementary teachers can include Twitter in their classroom  One of the most interesting ideas is to send Tweets as reminders of events occurring at the school. Home
  6. 6. Incorporating Twitter in the Classroom can keeps students connected, and attentive Enable collaboration in a different type of setting Twitter can help keep Students accountable for their work Give all different types of learners the chance to excel Also you can keep a log of your classroom’s ideas and opinions Home
  7. 7.  Twitter has become one of  As Twitter expands, there will the largest Internet sites for be more ways for Schools to real time data. also use the benefits of this  As Twitter continues to grow site to their advantage more and more companies  Twitter is a unique way to will begin to use it to build pool resources, bring their brands technology into the  As the following Time Article classroom, and allow learners says Twitter is going to to share their thoughts. change the face of business  With the opportunities as we know it seemingly endless, Twitter can be a great fit for any age ecials/packages/article/0,288 classroom. 04,1901188_1901207,00.html Home
  8. 8. Home •ReadWrite Press. (n.d.). Retrieved May 2010, from 4 Ways Companies Use Twitter for Business: twitter-for-business.php •St., 2. W. (n.d.). Time Magazine. Retrieved May 2010, from THe Future of Twitter:,28804,1901188_1901207,00.html •Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved May 2010, from Twitter: •Twitter in the Classroom. (n.d.). Retrieved May 2010, from What are some ways elementary teachers might use Twitter in their classrooms?: •YouTube. (n.d.). Retrieved May 2010, from The Twitter Experiment- UT Dallas: